TNT Catapult

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TNT catapult intended to be used under the Goblin race. Comes with icons and TNT projectile.

  • Replaced the model and icon.

TNT Catapult (Model)

TNT Catapult Icons (Icon)

TNT Catapult Projectile (Model)

General Frank
A very well edited and nifty model. Good use of textures and interesting design. Great job. :)
Nice model, pretty original.

A couple of things that could be improved:
-At the start and end of the death animation, there's a geoset that suddenly reappears (it's not in the decay animation either)
-When the TNT barrel is reloaded, it starts out small and then increases in size. I think it would look better if it just appears at full size (just my opinion).
-The textures are a bit bland to me, try using two or three different metallic textures or find one with a bit more shading/detail

A couple of things you could fix to polish it a bit (not very important):
In the main model there's an unused texture and material, and a geoset with two geoset animations. The portrait has a lot of unused sequence extents and unused frames, removing them could shave off some filesize. The projectile also has an unused material.
You can easily find small issues like these with Sanity Test | HIVE

Edit: BTW - according to submission rules you must include an ingame screenshot :)
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