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TKoK - Eastern Kingdom - 3.3.0f

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
3.3.0f - The Bringer of Tears
And so, our heroes are now standing victorious on the mighty Ancient Hydra. But not every secret of Outer Temple got uncovered by them. The last and the most powerful one, Ortakna, the Bringer of Tears, waits them for the challenge. Will Ortakna fail or the Heroes of Kaliron be banished forever by this ancient creature?

This project has been discontinued for work on a stand alone edition

Welcome to Kaliron!

  • What is TKoK? - TKoK (short for The Kingdom of Kaliron) is a multiplayer save/load RPG designed for 4 to 7 players that features many ground breaking systems to give you a whole new experience unlike most other RPGs for WarCraft 3.

    • Custom Hero Stat System - Each hero has 3 main stats (Power, Agility, Energy) and 8 sub stats (Strength, Constitution, Endurance, Dexterity, Reflexes, Intelligence, Wisdom, Spirit) which will effect all aspects of your hero. Each hero also has Attack Power, Attack Critical Chance, Attack Critical Power, Spell Power, Spell Critical Chance, Spell Critical Power, Dodge chance, and Block chance. All of these which are derived from your stats.

    • Playable Heroes - All heroes are playable now: Arcanist, Pyromancer, Hydromancer, Warrior, Cleric, Chaotic Knight, Phantom Stalker, Ranger, Paladin, Barbarian, Shadowblade, and the Druid

    • A Threat System - As seen in most RPG's that have an aggro/threat system, TKoK has something similar allowing the tanks to actually control the mobs and protect the rest of the party from damage.

    • Equipment System - TKoK has a full screen GUI inventory system for holding and equipping items for your hero

    • Talent Tree System - TKoK also has a full screen GUI talent tree system to teach your hero new abilities, improve the effects of the abilities, or improve the abilities directly.

    • Enemy Ability System - A dynamic enemy ability system that allows monsters to have completely custom scripted abilities that are dynamic

    • Scripted Mini bosses & Bosses - All monsters deemed a mini boss are now scripted events with boss like abilities that you will have to think and react to. This is a huge improvement from the 2.0 versions where mini bosses just hit harder and had more HP than normal monsters. Many new bosses have been added and even more to come

    • Bonus optional challenges - Something that we are calling VX mode (short for Vexcellent mode) offers extra hard challenges to players that seek them, with the rewards of bonus loot that normally wouldn't drop off that boss.
      • Broodmother - 'Ahh!! Spiders!' - Defeat the Broodmother without killing any of the eggs in phase 2
      • Narith the Fallen - 'Elemental Chaos' - Defeat Narith the Fallen after invoking VX mode (attack the shade until it is at 75% HP while not killing any of the containers)
      • Sand Golem - 'Snack Attack' - Defeat the Sand Golem without killing any of the Rock Shards that spawn.
      • Karrix - 'Baby Killer' - Defeat Karrix after you kill all 5 baby scorpions causing him to enrage.
      • Avnos - 'Die In a Fire' - Defeat Avnos after spawning the Flame Orb
      • Karnos - 'Frostbitten' - Defeat Karnos while he has 50 or more stacks of Frostbite
      • Karavnos - 'A Tale of Frost and Fire' - Defeat Karavnos after becoming imbued with Fire or Frost in phase1
      • Muarki - 'A Big Brawl!' - Defeat Muarki with all 4 adds still alive after they resurrect
      • Vjaier - 'Supercharger' - Allow 90% or more of all the pulses to reach Vjaier
      • Crueltis - 'Tunnel Vision the Boss!' - Let Darkness kill every Centaur Add. Players cannot kill any of them.
      • Tal'Navi - 'Rollin Rollin Rollin' - Never kill a Living Boulder during the fight.
      • M'Karsa - 'Holy Crab!' - Insert the rune into the fiery brazier before M'Karsa destroys it (Hint: The rune is located near by, but not inside his battle area)
      • Ancient Hydra - 'Bullet Hell!' - Charge the Dark Pedestal first, then charge the other 3 (Ignore the Dark Pedestal to skip VX mode)
      • Ortakna - Always VX mode. This boss is super hard and truly difficult to be mastered fully but he guards powerful artifacts.

      Saving / Loading - Like any Warcraft 3 multi-player map, this supports saving and loading via a password system.

      Chat Commands - Some in game chat commands you may not know exist:
      • -rewards - displays and pings the map of all turn in points for finished quests you have not claimed
      • -qitems - displays which player has what quest items
      • -clear or z (no dash) - clears all chat text
      • -rm - resets the damage meters for your hero
      • -suicide - kills your hero instantly (in case you are stuck or something)
      • -fog - toggle on/off the fog (requires entering a new zone when turning back on)
      • -music - toggle on/off the music (requires entering a new zone when turning back on)
      • -cview - cycle through camera viewing options
      • -cdist - cycle through camera distance to target options
      • -m1 -m2 -mc - 3 new commands for the target marking system, Red, Blue, Clear
      • -inv - shortcut to open inventory
      • -tt - shortcut to open talent tree
      • -totals - display all damage and healing totals
      • -status - dump display of all hero status effect counters (helps with debugging / bug reporting)
      • -cct - displays current time left in combat
      • -timerdump - player Red only - displays all currently in use timers (helps with debugging)
      • -sab - shows or hides aggro bars for player.

3.3.0f Patch Notes - 2013/08/14
General Changes
  • Loading Screen must be fine with all graphic cards now!

  • Added the requirement of Knock Knock quest: to open the gates of Vormur, you must first complete the Knock Knock quest (slay Crizzy).
  • New secret quest after Ortakna's death. Kill Ortakna and find out what it is!
  • Two brand new quests are available! Meet the dragon that lost her baby and the ancient puzzle after Treasure Hunt quest!

  • Pounce skill will now prevent if something is wrong: if caster is disabled, entangled, ensnared or something is blocking the caster's way to the target unit, Pounce will stop and jump will stop too.
  • Fixed the Agility rounding errors in Pack Leader.
  • Natural Mastery talent now also mentions the increased damage reduction and move speed for allies from wolf's Pounce ability.
  • Corrected the Frenzy's buff description.
  • Added stack texttag from Bite.

Chaotic Knight
  • Fixed the Agility rounding errors in Improved Hasten.

  • Corrected the Bladestorm's buff description.

  • Corrected the Watery Grave's buff description for allied units.

  • Crypt Fiend won't oneshot you in Vormur Catacombs library from now on. He will be nice and behave till 3.3.1. ;)
  • Ortakna's Phase 2 HP table was slightly adjusted for better balance.
  • Added Astral Shield buff to Ortakna's bossfight: the hero that will pass through the portal to dark realm will get this buff that will make the owner immune to the damage of dark hands.
  • Hands are restored during Purify of Ortakna Light Aspect.
  • Corrected Ancient Hydra's phase 2 orb speed, now it's alright.
  • Fixed the bug with Lord Naztar that spawned bear form of druid caster that had ranged attack as the illusion. Now, if attacked by caster, it spawns caster illusion.
  • Fixed the bug with Avnos's VX Mode: if you will kill Avnos while the flame orbs are pulling to him then the lightning rays will now destroy correctly.
  • Fixed the bug with Karavnos's VX Mode: the stack imbue graphic will now stay even after hero's death.
  • Fixed the bug with not disappearing aggro bar when Avnos is resetted.
  • Fixed the bug with not disappearing aggro bar when Karnos is resetted.
  • The void zones (sand traps) of Sand Golem will end instantly if he will die or be resetted.
  • Fixed the bug with Karrix: he now will switch the impale target if the current one is outside the arena. Previously he followed the same target even out of his arena.
  • The void zones (sand traps) of Karrix will end instantly if he will die or be resetted.
  • Every Light Orb that will be spawned during Ortakna's Phase 2 can now be reached and seen by melee attackers.
  • Corrected Singe Flesh's buff description in Karavnos's bossfight.
  • The void zones (fires) of Ancient Hydra will end instantly if she will die.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the compatibility of Vjaier the Conjurer and Warlord Crueltis quests with Ancient Valley - Crueltis Ambush special teleport. According to the fix, you have some options: you can go slay Vjaier, then Valley mobs, then Crueltis and complete the quest without much problem. You can also use the special teleport and kill Crueltis first. If you will fail on Tal'navi, you will have two options: you can spend your gold to teleport to the valley again or you can come all the way through the valley without getting any mob on your way(since you have already killed Crueltis). The energy barrier blocking the valley entrance will be removed after Crueltis's death (same after killing Vjaier). If Vjaier is not killed and someone who haven't paid for the teleport will try to go into the valley, the error message will appear for him, saying that it is needed to pay for the appropriate teleport or kill Vjaier to gain access to the valley.
  • Fixed some typos for a couple of talents of Arcanist, Chaotic Knight and Ranger.
  • Fixed -hyb command that haven't displayed Hybrid Critical Chance correctly.
  • Fixed the bug with -fog omni command that disabled the fog along with changing it to omni fog version and players needed to type -fog twice to disable omni fog.
  • Fixed some NULL text messages while talking to Guardian Statues, Ancient Hydra and Warlord Crueltis.
  • Fixed the mode selector picking, corrected the loop so it won't be stuck.
  • Fixed the bug that haven't put healer in combat if he heals the in-combat unit.
  • Fixed the bug with -qitems command: the command showed two messages for the identical item in different bags. Now it's only one message counting the same items in every bag.
  • Fixed the bug with Royal Guard in Tol'Calm that wandered through the whole map.
  • Fixed the bug with -load command: the loading mode will now trigger only if you will enter -load. Any other case will be interpreted as an attempt to initially load your hero.
  • Fixed the bug with Projectile System: every projectile now turns instantly to the correct angle.
  • The void zones (sand traps) of Guardian Statues will end instantly if he will die or be resetted.
  • Fixed the bug with Guardian Statues that gave permanent stun during Power Slam as the result.
  • Various changes were made in TKoK's string file by Belyndor (OMG.H4X), many thanks to him for making TKoK tooltip text better!

3.3.0e Patch Notes - 2013/07/19
  • Fixed Ortakna's rare bug that allowed heroes to be invulnerable.
  • Fixed Ortakna's bug that continued Phase 1 along with Phase 2.
  • Fixed the bug that kept heroes in combat for a long time after Ortakna's death.
  • Both Ortakna Light Aspect and Ortakna Dark Aspect are now showing the message after the banish.
  • Damage from Ortakna Light Aspect's Blinding Light is buffed from 300 to 375.
  • Fixed the bug with Ortakna's switch to Phase 2: the camera haven't updated after the teleport previously.
  • The hand traps and light traps won't spawn under Ortakna anymore.
  • Ortakna's autoattack at final realm is lowered from 3712 to 3375.
  • Ortakna's Shadow Orb spawn interval is now slower.
  • Ortakna Dark Aspect's Focus Beam damage now increases only up to 25 ticks.
  • Ortakna's phase 1 won't continue on the middle-phase time.
  • The lights for heroes to hide won't be in Warlord Crueltis's cleave zone.
  • Every boss now locks the number of players that were in-game in the moment when the fight with the boss has started, so no one will get less item drops when someone will leave or die.
  • Ortakna Dark Aspect's aggro is resetted now after Light Aspect starts to cast Purify.
  • Ortakna Light Aspect's Searing Light orbs now always shoot the missiles on death in full 360 degrees circle.
  • Ortakna Dark Aspect's Shadowy Depths spell is now disabled during Ortakna Light Aspect's Purify spell.
  • Ortakna received some new loot and some new warning phrases.

  • Fixed the bug with Pounce's manacost: when the spell gave the ensnare error or out of sight error, the mana was spent.
  • Fixed the bug with Pounce that had a codename 'flying wolf'. It allowed to abuse Pounce to get to the areas where ones of the heroes can teleport and others can't.
  • Fixed the collision bugs with Pounce.

Phantom Stalker
  • Removed male namepool, added female namepool: Luma, Zaria, Rama, Ruthia, Avrilka, Ulma, Waim, Perma.

  • Fixed the bug with Charge's manacost: when the spell gave the ensnare error or out of sight error, the mana was spent if caster has maximal mana amount.

  • Fixed the lamest bug ever with Improved Water Bolt that required to get Ice Nova instead of Water Bolt.
  • Fixed the swapped hotkeys of Hydromancer's Water Bolt and Watery Bubble, according to talent tree they were wrongly assigned.

  • Lowered Arcanic Missile and Arcanic Blast's damage scale per level.

  • Empowered Divine Touch's heal bonus is buffed from 8% to 12%.
  • Area of Effect healing of Improved Divine Touch is lowered from 15% to 12%.

Bug Fixes
  • Prevented the bug of possible cheating with maximal health of any unit (the bug was connected with PreventDamage library in TKoK, but it is now fixed).
  • Corrected really huge amount of typos in Hero Selection screen.
  • Fixed the bug with Training Grounds teleport which allowed to enter this location without completing Restoring the Portal quest. Same bug was also with Training Grounds quest: it must appear only after Restoring the Portal is completed. It acts as intended now.
  • Corrected the Treasure Hunt quest that haven't included the optional question to Aguwak that was intended.
  • Filled the phrases for two Priest Trainees in Training Grounds. There were NULL text messages before.
  • Fixed the Treasure Hunt's rewards that had no Soul Bound status in a rare situations.
  • Fixed the bug at game start before players pick their heroes: if players enter -fog command to turn the default fog off then it said that the fog is on and it was needed to enter this command again.
  • Reset DPS / HPS Meters button in Game Options menu is now working correctly.
  • Toggle Fog button in Game Options menu is now working correctly.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed people to abuse Bonus GP to get more gold from item selling.

3.3.0d Patch Notes - 2013/06/22
  • Corrected the talent description of Shadowblade's Empowered Dark Blast.
  • Extended the mouse selection bounds for Ortakna Light Aspect's Searing Light orb.
  • Extended the mouse selection bounds for Ancient Orc Tomb's Frost Puzzle shards.
  • Ortakna Light Aspect's light beams speed is lowered a bit.

3.3.0c Patch Notes - 2013/06/20
General Changes
  • Treasure Hunt quest received two more spots.
  • Experience from Treasure Hunt quest lowered by 30%.
  • Solved this nasty disappearing texttag bug.
  • Training Grounds quest level lowered from 8 to 3.
  • Ruined Temple fog changed to gray.
  • Game starting fog changed to black.
  • Fixed the problem with incorrect behaviour of Ortakna Light Aspect's Light Beams.

3.3.0b Patch Notes - 2013/06/18
General Changes
  • Treasure Hunt quest improved: now you can also get the hints for the glowing places on your Quests menu.
  • Fledermaus renamed to Selemader because of too many complains about his name.
  • Priest Trainee in bottom central area of Training Grounds now gives mana regeneration to the heroes.
  • Fixed the leak in the Talent Tree system while initializing and setupping the texttags.
  • Fixed the bug with HP scaling of Ortakna. It now scales as needed.
  • Fixed the rare bug with portal not teleporting the heroes from Dark to Light realm of Ortakna.
  • Ortakna Dark Aspect's maximal life is increased by 15%.
  • Ortakna Light Aspect's Searing Light missiles will now also go through the Dark Realm aswell.
  • Ortakna Dark Aspect's Shadowy Depths now will not stop spawning the hands on the floor during the phase of Light Aspect.
  • Fixed the issue that provoked Ancient Hydra to start the fight if the projectile or dummy will touch any book area.
  • Ortakna Dark Aspect now keeps attacking during the Focus Beam.
  • Ortakna Light Aspect now keeps attacking during the Light Beams.
  • Fixed the bug allowing heroes to become invulnerable permanently after Ortakna's entering.

3.3.0 Patch Notes - 2013/06/16
New Boss: Ortakna
  • Introducing Ortakna - bringer of tears. This fight is a new optional fight located in the western section of the outer temple. Because this fight is optional, it is set to super hard mode all the time. There is no VX mode. The fight mechanics will be hard to learn/control, but you will find if done right, they are very fair.
  • A new item has been placed in the ruins called Life Stone of Ortakna. Find this stone and insert it into the statue to begin the fight. Good luck!

New Zone: Training Grounds
  • Introducing Training Grounds - the new big dungeon zone that became the replacement for the single Practice Dummy that was in Vormur. Find many new characters, various DPS tests and quests with worthy rewards in there!
  • Practice Dummies in Training Grounds have different formations that will allow you to test your hero's single target DPS and different types of AOE DPS.
  • Receive the assistance on how to kill every boss in the map with activated VX mode from Fledermaus and Nakram.

System Improvements
  • Combat System is remade: there is no need in -ctfix command from now because the system that is implemented currently in the map fixed the in-combat stuck issues.
  • The terrain in the Ancient Orc Tomb, Centaur Valley and Tal'navi area got changed a lot. Be sure to visit those places and share your opinions about the terrain with me or SSrunX!

General Changes
  • New Loading Screen from Sevenix featuring new content. See it here!
  • Meet the new user interface done by [DUOS] and Sevenix from MiniMage's sketch! We hope that you will love the new one!
  • Every buff in game got recolored: the names of buffs are colored in green and the names of debuffs are colored in red.
  • Fixed Traversing the Depths quest blocking the correct initialization of Defeating the Guardians quest.
  • The damage from many tank spells is increased.
  • Aggro gain from Block increased by 50%.
  • Aggro gain from regular (white) attacks is lowered by 33%.
  • Armor of some enemies got adjusted: lowered it on many high level enemies and raised it on some low level enemies.
  • Adjusted cleave size on some enemies.
  • The maximal amount of critical chances and block that hero has is now lowered to 70 from 75.
  • The hero that will receive 39 level or more will get the extra Bonus GP added.
  • Adjusted the quest Centaur Lords: it will now give a hint about who must get the fragments.
  • Added the sounds on mode selections: Normal is a fanfare, Legendary is a fanfare with the drums and Heartcore is the creepy laughing.

Item Changes
  • Elixir of Rage and Elixir of Caution effects are nerfed.
  • Deepsea Pauldrons now gives Bonus XP.
  • Boar Tusk Armor now gives more Armor.
  • Painful Gloves now also give Block bonus.
  • Blessing of Mind now gives more Armor.
  • Many Life Per Second and Armor item bonuses got lowered.
  • Jorneyman's Belt now gives less Armor.

Chaotic Knight
  • Fixed Armor Break tooltip that told that the cooldown of the skill is 8 seconds but it was (and it still is!) 4 seconds.
  • The hero is buffed in general.
  • Empowered Chaotic Grasp is buffed a lot.

  • Fixed the bug with wrong hybrid critical stats from Nature's Diversity passive ability.
  • Fixed the bug with Rejuvenation skill connected with wrong spell event.
  • Fixed the bug with Shapeshift giving 10000 HP permanently for Druid.
  • Fixed the bug with Shapeshift making the druid permanently stuck sometimes.
  • Fixed the bug with Power and Agility items giving wrong stat amounts on Druid.
  • Fixed the wrong calculation of base attack power of level 1 Druid.
  • Nature's Diversity bonuses got buffed.
  • Empowered Moonfire now does less single target damage.
  • Barkskin ability damage reduction and armor now scale with Spell Power (and Attack Power for hybrid builds).
  • Tranquility is now more based on Spell Power and less on level.
  • Frenzy buff now also gives 5% bonus block.
  • Fixed a bug with Enrage that allowed to get permanent health after death.

  • Fixed the bug of Dark Blast that made the buff duration extension a lot more than it was intended.
  • The hero is buffed in general.
  • Unholy Embrace's graphic is changed.
  • Shadow Form buff duration is lowered to 120 seconds.
  • Shadow Form cooldown is raised to 45 seconds.
  • Soul Drain's damage and healing are buffed.

  • The Avoidance passive is nerfed a bit.
  • Battle Orders skill's buff duration is lowered to 60 seconds with 30 seconds cooldown.
  • Intimidating Bellow skill received a nerf.
  • Fixed a bug with Intimidating Bellow giving 32% of damage reduction in total.
  • Fixed a bug with Battle Orders that allowed to get permanent health after death.

  • Inner Power buff duration is lowered to 120 seconds.
  • Inner Power cooldown is raised to 45 seconds.
  • Improved Divine Protection is received a nerf.
  • Empowered Inner Power is buffed.
  • Empowered Holy Fire is buffed.

  • Fire Form's mana drain now scales with hero level.
  • Fixed a bug with Fire Form buff not disappearing on retalenting.
  • Burning Desire buff duration is lowered to 120 seconds.
  • Burning Desire cooldown is raised to 45 seconds.

  • Warcry buff duration is lowered to 120 seconds.
  • Warcry cooldown is raised to 45 seconds.
  • Cleave bug with disappearing critical strikes is now fixed.

  • Arcanic Missile's damage got buffed.
  • Arcanic Explosion's damage got buffed.
  • Arcanic Disruption's damage got buffed.
  • Arcanic Blast's damage got buffed.
  • Empowered Arcanic Missile is now buffed a lot.
  • Empowered Arcanic Blast is now buffed a lot.
  • The base range of Arcanic Explosion is now increased.
  • The spell combinations of the hero will no longer consume the Arcanic Missile buff.
  • Empowered Drain Spirit bonus lowered from 8% to 7%.
  • Drain Spirit's healing per tick is increased by 15%.
  • Fixed the Drain Spirit bug that provoked 8 ticks instead of 9 on 39 level and after it.
  • Fixed the Arcanic Blast bug allowing arcanist to get overpowered crits.
  • Unstable Power's duration is now 10 seconds with 16.67 second cooldown.

  • Damage and attack speed bonuses from the Empowered Aspect of the Hawk are increased from 15% to 25%.
  • Damage bonues from the Improved Aspect of the Hawk
  • The manacost of the Aspect of the Hawk ability got increased from 15 to 20.
  • Aspect of the Hawk's duration do not scale with level now.
  • Fully improved and empowered Explosive Arrow now has 1.50 second cooldown instead of 2 second cooldown.
  • Multi-shot's cooldown is reduced from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Improved Frost Trap now deals damage equal to the untalented Fire Trap.
  • Frost Arrow's damage coefficient is buffed from 1.35 to 1.6.

  • Thick Ice's HP bonus for barrier is increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Piercing Ice now gives 10% Spell Critical Power and 10% Spell Critical Chance instead of 20% of Spell Critical Power.

  • Fixed the Flamestrike in phase 1 of Karavnos: now it deals appropriate damage.
  • Fixed the Living Boulder of Tal'navi that knocked back wrong targets.
  • Fixed the blizzard effects not disappearing after Karavnos's death.
  • If the last person in the boss's arena will die with Death Ward active, the fight will not reset.
  • Fixed many desynchronizations connected with Vjaier's elementals and M'Karsa watery minions.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the tornado of Vjaier to kick the hero out of the arena and probably provoke the reset of the fight.
  • Ancient Hydra now shoots extra poison bullets in the corner to make the fight harder.
  • Fixed the bug with Karavnos's global fire cast bug: your hero burned if Karavnos was active and it's wasn't needed for that to enter his arena.
  • Fixed the bug with Ancient Hydra's barrier that haven't disappeared when entering her arena for the first time.
  • Guardian Statue's damage from Mark of Death is now multiplied by 5.
  • All the ingame bosses now got different HP scaling that makes the fight more balanced.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the multi-loading bug.
  • Fixed the bug with heroes walking into the forest from Tol'Calm after respawn.
  • Fixed the bug with Savage Murloc Flesheater following you and damaging you for a few seconds after his death.

3.2.2e Patch Notes - 10/07/12

System Improvements
  • Finally got a working system inplace for recycling projectile units. Less unit creation in the long run
  • curi helped me trackdown a system flaw in the projectile system that was causing an excess 'leak' of data over long periods of time (most noticeable with the hydra) Projectile spam will no longer cause massive slow downs over long periods of time

  • The Pyro has rejoined the fight to save Kaliron and no longer harms her allies with Dragon's Breath

3.2.2d Patch Notes - 10/06/12

System Improvements
  • Aggro system has had an engine tuneup. I removed the private global SystemUnits group and all of the ForGroup() methods attached to it. The loops for updating aggro, attacking targets, and the aggro bar X,Y,Z loc now use a new system of integer array lookups. The end result is a near instant lookup of the units to process commands on. Less trigger and function calls, less data look ups overall, and faster performance.
  • Projectile system optimizations on the cleanup/destroy end of projectiles to lessen the CPU load. Next up will be optimizations on the create end, but that will most likely be for another patch as that will require some major work.
  • Fixed random pointer leaks throughout the map. Several functions leaked some unit variables (not nulled at the end) and some (not commonly repeated or used) functions leaked group variables (not destroyed). All in all, approx 20 small minor leaks fixed

Even more System Improvements - By Duos
  • Special thanks to Duos for taking time in Stage 1 of Project Cleanup Kaliron! Over time Duos will be helping out by going through old code and functions, as well as newer stuff, to help optimize performance, help avoid small handleID leaks that wc3 has naturally, and various other things to improve the overall quality of TKoK's performance.

Generic Fixes
  • Corrected a bug with LifePercent values on damage event triggers with some of the older events that were not using the proper Life values (considering the incoming damage). Related mainly to Naztar, and some other events
  • Possible fix for the save/load code corruption (where a valid code will still load but screw everything up about the hero. The corrupted codes CANNOT be fixed. Once the data is corrupted, there is no reverting it. Sorry.
  • Possible fix of an array overflow inside a struct returning data that does not belong to that set. This is kind of hard to test specifically because it doesn't happen 100% of the time.
  • Now, to use the waypoint in the Outer Cloister, 1 of 2 conditions must be met: A - you paid the 20k for the Special Teleport, or B - the actual door to the Outer Cloister has been opened by completing the quest line
  • Corrected some math and hardcap issues with Hybrid Crit (effects SB/CK/Druid). Included in this fix is a Natures Mastery talent fix for the druid.

  • Increased range bonus from Arcanic Outreach talent.

  • The druid now conforms to the laws of physics when 'gripped'. Thanks to Fled for helping me figure this wc3 bug out and the work around.

  • Mark of Replenishment's graphic has been changed to the 2.xx graphic of Blessing of Wisdom

  • Buffed improved fireball and empowered fireball talents, and improved fireball aoe size.

Ancient Hydra
  • Picking up a book now triggers the wave to spawn, rather than the wave being on a timer. The faster you kill a wave, and pick up books, the faster you get through phase1
  • Adjusted the Hit Box Radius of all projectiles and explosions to be more visually accurate
  • Arcane Orbs now show a warning graphic for 2.5s before spawning for damage / beam connections
  • Fixed Rain of Fire void zone spawns so it cannot hit and tick at almost the same instance
  • Increased the range of all projectiles so they cover the entire room
  • Adjusted the delay between each poison casts in general as well as adjusting the start up warning pattern timers. More space/time overall.
  • Adjusted the 2nd pattern of Poison Volley to be easier to dodge (if you understand the pattern, and the pattern did not change). The break is now longer to allow a more visible dodge area and to allow larger parties to make use of the break without screwing each other over from pathing issues.
  • Fixed a bug that caused white damage to not always work in phase4
  • Phase1 and Phase2 arcing projectiles (that spawn other projectiles or adds) have been slowed to 1/2 of normal speed
  • Fixed a full inventory bug with the VX book that would cause it to become 'stuck' for the rest of the fight until reset

3.2.2c Patch Notes - 8/29/12

General Fixes
  • Fixed just a few minor things and made a few minor adjustments, no need to go into the detail
  • Fixed 1 last Init issue with the Outer Temple warp just in case people do not pick up all the quests first

  • 3.2.2b Patch Notes - 8/27/12

    General Fixes
    • Reworked the Outer Cloister Skip/warp and readded the Waypoint (it is now near the Side entrance to the Inner Temple)
    • Fixed a decimal point error with the threat system that caused an insane amount of threat on high level tanks
    • Fixed a reference error with Hydra items, he will no longer drop M'Karsa loot

    3.2.2 Patch Notes - 8/27/12

    New Content Available
    • Some new quests + quest item rewards
    • The Ancient Hydra boss + VX mode - To activate VX - charge the Black obelisk first
    • The follow up quest after the Hydra to update your game distance

    Generic Fixes / Improvements
    • Added a new text command '-sab' - This toggles on and off the visibility of ALL aggro bars for that player. (Will help with framerate improvements on those with lesser computers, all threat calculations for the visuals do not function while bars are hidden.)
    • Added hotkeys to all the Waypoint system destinations - Q W E R A S D F are now in use for the current spots. All special waypoint destinations (paid ones) continue to have no hot key to help prevent accidental usage.
    • There is no minimum on hero level for saving anymore
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a second -load 'password' if the first one was incorrect
    • Removed a destructible from the hider system that could cause a desync if hidden
    • Created a new system based on the theory of the Destructable Hider that can safely hide invisible platforms, elevators, and interactable objects to boost performance gain even further
    • Reworked all of the 'behind the sceens' UnitAddBuffs and UnitDamageTargetEx to be .execute() functions to run in their own threads. This is an attempt to fix desyncs on fights with lots of adds/heroes/AoE with tons of data execution in 1 function loop.
    • Fixed a bug with Hardcaps that would cause you to perm lose a stat rating if a buff pushed you over, then the buff wore off.
    • Increased the UnitBonusMod system to handle more than +512 to a stat (mainly for Damage/Armor)

    • Fixed an exploit with TP scrolls that caused them not to be consumed
    • Fixed a reference error that caused rank3 healing wards to use rank2s healing aura

    • Corrected Improved Bladestorm to properly work for both talents, giving the 10% bonus it should with the 2nd point
    • Bladestorm changes: Improved bladestorm now provides 10% damage reduction per point. Empowered Bladestorm now reduces the movement speed penalty to 10% (40% without Empowered)

    • Due to the changes, all Pyros will receive a free respec!
    • 1 Point removed from Improved Dragon's Breath, values unchanged (this yes this a slight nerf)
    • 1 Point removed from Pyromaniac, values unchanged (yes, nerf)
    • Burning Desire no longer increases mana regen or +damage. Instead it now increases all ability damage by 5%
    • Added Improved Burning Desire, this re-adds the mana regen effect of 0.25 (0.75 to the Pyro)
    • Fire Form no longer increases critical bonus damage.
    • Added Improved Fire Form. This will re-add the Critical Bonus Damage but 25% instead of 22%

    • Poison trap now applies a debuff to the target and uses the Buff System's Damage over time effect for dealing it's damage. (End result is this debuff no longer stacks with itself)

    • Changed the damage debuff on Intimidating Shout. It was not working as intended and only reducing 20% of the bonus damage a unit had (+green number). The ability is now a damage event that will reduce the targets 'white damage' by 10%

    • Fixed a rare crash bug with the Vjaier Water Elemental. He can no longer die while 'hidden' and cause a crash.

    3.2.1 Patch Notes - 08/01/12

    Big list of fixes / balance changes and so on. The Hydra is being tested and will be released soon, that's a promise. Ortakna (the Obsidian Statue) is still being designed on paper.

    • Added a new DestructableHider by Zwiebelchen. This helps improve Wc3's performance when dealing with destructables and can/should improve overall performance of TKoK. (Link here for the system: Click me!)

    Generic Fixes
    • -load 'code' is now an acceptable form of loading (the older method still works)
    • Moved the loading text messages so they actually appear now before the Clear screen call is made.
    • Fixed a bug that was not properly giving the Blocked damage reduction
    • Fixed a bug that was not properly reducing damage taken by 5% from the 'threat stance' talents with the warrior and CK
    • Made the Game Masta's model size larger and gave him a glow so he is more noticeable. Remember, he has lots of info on game mechanics and other useful TKoK Related info!
    • Using the Digging Tools for the Visions quest now notifies all players when you begin digging, not just after you finish.
    • Fixed lots of typos (missing spaces before colored words) in the text for many quests.
    • Fixed a bug with Leg/HC mode and quest level requirements. The intent was for quests to count as higher level to increase the amount of experience you gain, but in reality it was making the quest level requirement higher as well. The proper quest level is now counted and you still gain +1 or +2 levels worth of base exp from the quest.

    • Fixed a condition error with Potion of Battle, will now function properly

    • Reduced the overall mana efficiency of the Arcanist
    • Slightly lowered the AoE Damage combo from Arcanic Missile / Arcanic Blast

    C. Knight
    • Fixed a bug that caused you to not respawn if you died from CotC's dot effect (could also cause a double free of type buff)
    • Fixed a bug with Armor Break if it was active on a unit when the unit reset. It was gaining the lost armor when the debuff wore off after its total armor was reset back to normal

    • Increased Empowered Bark Skin's bonuses
    • Made bear form attack a little slower (2.1 from 2.0)
    • Tranquility aura now has a heal effect when it ticks.
    • The stats multiboard now displays all aura/passive information
    • Leveling up while not in human form properly gives you your stat gains. If you experienced this bug personally, no worries. Every time you -load your hero, the stats will be auto corrected if there are any errors.
    • Fixed a bug that could occur if you spammed a shapeshift button as fast as you can that resulted in the druid dying.
    • The druid's life percent is now properly carried over to the new form in all situations (works properly with gaining or losing
      HP now)
    • Fixed a bug that caused you to not respawn if you died from Enrage's dot effect (could also cause a double free of type buff)
    • Fixed a shifting penalty bug that was only restoring 4 of the 5 ticks of lost SP/AP/HP
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent caster aura from starting if learned in Caster form

    • Increased Imp Light Infusion bonuses
    • Increased healing from Divine Light

    Phantom Stalker
    • Bladefurry now increases your armor by 30 for the duration
    • Improved Bladefurry now adds 10% movement speed for the duration
    • Increase damage of some abilities.

    Shadow Blade
    • Fixed a struct data leak with Time Strike. Could be very well responsible for game desyncs in the long run.

    • Improved base attack speed from 2.2 to 2.1
    • Increase life regen from warcry

    • Increased whirlslash damage

    • Lowered armor on many enemies, both regular and bosses. Some enemies lost a lot of armor. This will help physical damage classes the most, especially PS and barb.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Tidal Makrura's to cast their cleave/stun way too often
    • Fixed a bug with the AoE size of the Tidal Makrura's stun being too wide
    • Adjusted some 'camp' sizes and max units in the Ruined Temple area
    • Increased the respawn timers on the Ruined Temple 'trash' mobs.

    Mini / Bosses
    • Increased Avnos's attack range so he will no longer move
    • Fixed the lightning offsets during Karavnos fight so they work properly with our new LightningSystem
    • Corrected a bug that could happen if you take too long to clear a Crueltis 'trash wave' under certain conditions, that would cause the next wave not to spawn.
    • Fixed a bug with 'Power Slam' on the guardian statues that would cause it to warp to 0,0 on the map.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Fire of the Ancients to not be removed when M'Karsa dies
    • Vjaier's elemental pillars are now properly hidden until the quest is discovered
    • The fire orbs from the Phantasmal Spirit properly cleanup themselves once again
    • Adjusted several timing issues with M'Karsa, mainly related to Living Water Growth, Delay for Rock Throw, and Tidal Wave's first spawn. Should flow smoother now.

    3.2.0 Patch Notes - 06/29/12

    Generic Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that locked out additional hero load attempts if you tried to load a single player code into multiplayer
    • Items dropped into the AOT entrance pillar are no longer lost forever!
    • Fixed calculation errors on damage events with the Magic Resist stat. Working as intended now.
    • Changed damage reduction numbers to only display if the value is greater than 10 (technically, less than -10)
    • Fixed the Random 1 aggro function for freshly spawned boss adds to work properly with the Aggro max range reset function
    • Fixed Caution and Rage elixirs to work with healing threat
    • Fixed a bug in conditions with the Talk command. Under certain circumstances, the function would ignore all the checks for special units resulting in NULL text errors or other incorrect messages
    • Talk has a new icon!
    • Fixed a visual display issue with text tags for abilities that are physical damage. The value displayed was BEFORE armor was taken into effect. Auto attack damage was not effected by this bug.
    • Adjusted quest rewards. quests now give xp as if they are 1 level higher on leg, 2 on hc. quest base xp scales up per level a bit less now. quest default gold reward scales up per level a lot more now. also set custom xp on specific quests in the new zone.
    • Empowered flash of light, holy fire and divine touch now increase the damage in addition to the healing.
    • Fixed a bug that was making block overpowered.
    • Adjusted threat (aggro) generation numbers.
    • You can now buy talent or substat respec tomes at the Vormur Gardens

    • Reflex: increased ACP from reflexes substat by 50%, lowered agi slightly. This is an overall buff to the stat.

    • Enchanted and epic items: nerfed ap and sp amounts by 5%. in return, gave 5% buffs to: hp, block, crits, main stats, gold gain. not intended as a buff or nerf overall, just trying to balance ap/sp compared to other stats. Also buffed magic resist.
    • Wisdom elixir price changed from 500 to 375
    • Spirit elixir had a bug and was giving extra mana (2 different tick patterns). It now restores 2% of your mana pool plus 2, every 3s. (New design mechanic)
    • Raised cooldown on smoke to 45 seconds
    • Added cooldowns to item tooltips for smoke, heal wards, mana wards, campfires
    • Stackable items (like heal potions and elixirs) can now stack to 99 max instead of 5.
    • Town portal scrolls are now a stackable item.
    • Buffed a large number of the weaker stats for blue items, too many to list (this applies to the base and level coef of ALL blue items. It was a change to the affix type)
    • Adjusted armor on all enchanted and epic items. Reduced default armor amount on chain items and increased on cloth. Also slightly reduced the amount of block and armor found on items with a bonus to those stats. This is intended to make cloth a little less squishy, and make enemies need to hit a little less hard to hurt the tank.
    • Raised base white damage on enchanted and epic weapons a little.

    New Consumables
    • Quickness Potion
    • Speed Scroll
    • Battle Potion
    • Stoneskin Potion
    • Small Rejuvenation Potion
    • Greater Mana Potion
    • Greater Health Potion
    • Rank 3 healing wards
    • Healing Scroll
    • Death Ward
    • Regeneration Elixir
    • Wealth Elixir

    Boss Bugs/Balance

    • Naztar
      • Fixed visual issues if his 10% or less health trigger fired in the middle of a channeled mana drain

      • Fixed aggro bars on adds that could become permanently hidden

      • Fixed an issue where you can get thrown out and run back in before the fight can actually start once the elementals die
      • Fixed an issue that allowed you to start the fight without actually entering the battle zone
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent his portals from spawning in phase2

      • Fixed a move speed issue with VX boulders. Not regaining all of their speed after they get healed

    Hero Fixes / Changes

    General Healer changes: increased some healer emp talents to make up for their sp loss with only hp/ene in return. emp mos, emp flash heal and emp divine touch to 8%, and buffed emp holy fire too. they were weak talents and the sp change hurt healers a little.

    • Druid
      • Raised range on Pounce from 500 to 625
      • Fixed a aura related bugs with respecs/loads/talents
      • Fixed an issue where the Weaken buff would not restore all of your health sometimes
      • Fixed an issue that had the caster form spells being reduced by armor.

      • Lowered Ice Nova coefficient to 1.0 from 1.15
      • Increased Purify's cooldown from 5 to 6, if you max the emp purify talent it goes back down to 5. Also increased mana cost from 20 to 25
      • Raised Ice Barrier mana cost from 25 to 30

      Phantom Stalker
      • Lowered some spell cooldowns
      • Increased Hail of Blades coefficient from 0.85 to 1.0 and base damage from 11 to 17

      • Lowered some spell cooldowns

      • Lowered Dragon's Breath cooldown from 6 to 5

      • Poison trap now lasts 30 seconds instead of 10 seconds. total damage increased, but damage per second lowered. this is to make it more different from fire trap.
      • The freeze AOE effect on water arrow can no longer proc on Mini/Bosses
      • Lowered some spell cooldowns
      • Water Arrow's cooldown drops to 5s (from 6s) with max level Empowered Water Arrow


    • Click to review content, minis, boss names and a short description without revealing any fight mechanics or how to's

    • Ruined Temple enemies: Here, we took a new route than the usual. There are no "packs" this time around, but there are camps. Camps are just a bunch of enemies grouped up in an area, they can patrol within that area, but do not patrol out of that area. On top of this, there are normal zone patroling mobs. As these mobs die and respawn, there is a chance a Brutal version of these mobs will spawn. Brutals have a lot more HP, hit a lot harder, and have different abilities. Brutals always drop good loot. Camp mobs that respawn have a chance to spawn a Super version of that unit, which acts like a hard mini boss. Think V'jaier Elementals hard and in the middle of a zone with lots of other enemies around.
    • Ruined Temple Powers: Every unit (except the 2 bosses + the optional boss) can gain a Ruined Temple Power upon spawning. There are several powers, each unit can only get one. These powers make that mob harder and more of a threat in some way. Be it reduced damage taken, bonus damage dealt, healing abilities, AOE damage auras, and so on.
    • Guardian Statues - the original guards of the temple gates once again make their return from 2.xx. They have 7 abilities in total. One of the abilities they always have, and 2 others are chosen at random for a total of 3 abilities per statue. They also can get the random temple power buff. Good luck with this though, if they random one of the nastier buffs it will make the fight harder!
    • M'Karsa - One of 2 temple guardians. For those who remember Clamps mini boss from 2.xx. Good news, he is back and much stronger (and a new name!)
    • Obsidian Statue - an optional mini boss that will be extremely hard, hence why it is optional! The rewards shall be good!
    • Ancient Hydra - the 2nd temple guardian. Like Clamps, he has been upgraded to boss like status, and the fight shall be epic! This fight will be long and slightly complex, not to mention hard to execute. It will not be the original Karavnos hard, but it will take practice to get down.

    3.1.5 Patch Notes - 03/05/12

    General Bug Fixes / General Changes
    • Fixed a few minor exploits and 1 major exploit
    • Fixed a bug that made Stave weapons considered Mithril Armor type
    • Fixed a bug with Mouse Over display on main stats (apparently wc3 doesn't like commas in the tooltips for that area)
    • Added '-stats' command, which displays Power, Agility, Energy to the local player unrounded
    • Added '-hcmb' command, Hide Combat Multiboard, toggles the display of this multiboard off/on
    • Added a target dummy in the Vormur Temple just inside the actual gate across from Captain Renolds - It is a red tinted large footman that you can beat up to test your DPS and rotations. Use the command '-td x' where x is the amount of armor you want the dummy to have. Its default armor is 0
    • Aggro reduction on damage over time spells lowered from 30% to 20%
    • Wisdom elixir mana gain nerfed from 150 to 100, ap/sp percent gains nerfed from 5/10% to 3/6%, and price raised from 150 to 500 gold
    • Increased cooldown on all elixirs from 5s to 15s
    • Fixed issue where adding 1 aggro to a random nearby hero was not random. This affected Crueltis' minions.
    • Fixed issue where the centaur waves before Crueltis' could be split up. They now will aggro random players.

    • Pounce is no longer usable while entangled or ensnared
    • Respecing while Shapeshift is on cooldown no longer gives back the ability when the cooldown is finished (it now checks for the talent each time)
    • Corrected a logical error that would cause a spammable Double Free of Type Buff when dying with Enrage active
    • Corrected a bug that allowed maul to receive bonus damage from Enrage without the talent
    • The rejuve talent that allows it to bounce will now function if you shift out of tree form

    • Charge is no longer usable while entangled or ensnared and now properly checks pathing to the unit

    • Improved ignition no longer consumes your burning buffs. It combos with them for free like empowered water bolt combos. It's damage bonus is now 15/30% instead of 20/40.

    • Corrected yet another error with his death conditions. I swear, he will work this time, unless he doesn't and I'll have to do something else.

    • Updated Avnos' and Karnos' damage functions to still trigger from dot damage. They still do not apply stacks from DoT ticks to the heroes. This prevents them from going below 50% and possibly dying from pure DoT damage

    • For 3 or less players on VX Mode, the number of boulders is capped at 1, and when the second boulder fails to drop then it will get a speed bonus. 4+ players still get up to 2 boulders, no speed bonus.

    3.1.4 Patch Notes - 02/27/12

    Generic Info / Bugs
    • All save files now goto the 3.1.4 folder
    • Clarification: Over heals do not apply full aggro. Only the amount healed will apply aggro. A 100% overheal applies 1 threat (before any mods)
    • Raised the aggro multiplyer for when you block an attack by 50%
    • Corrected a bunch of mobs that should be immune to knockback
    • If the AOT Grunt is knockbacked during Bladespin, his X,Y void area is now updated as well as the graphic
    • Fixed Guardian Angel's damage type to properly be AOE
    • Redid Naztar's death event... 1 more time! It is now fully optimized and bug free
    • Corrected an exploit with the -suicide command on certain fights
    • Corrected a few various other minor exploits
    • Corrected more Tooltips / Talent Tips
    • Deleted now unused enemies from the struct database of enemy info
    • Fixed the descriptions when you mouse over your primary stat on wc3's default UI
    • Fixed the bug with Drain Spirit as well as recoded when/how/why it stops early
    • Added a delay when Crueltis switches to his final phase directly after a darkness so the adds do not spawn right on the players that just took the darkness damage
    • Fixed ALL of the NULL Release lightning displays (this did not cause any problems, it was my added message to help me track them all down an prevent them from attempting release). This includes the 100% display with Narith, Avnos, Karnos, Karavnos, Vjaier, Crueltis, etc.
    • Adjusted some under the hood mechanics and calculations with the new Aggro system and the 15% buffer for pulling threat vs displays
    • Fixed a bug with my "echo" function for certain debug displays where some players would not see the results
    • Fixed a bug with players leaving the game without selecting a hero and screwing up game scaling
    • Block damage reduction to increased to 50% for all tanks (CK requires shield training to get to 50%)

    • Moved the reset force move spot for Karavnos so if you force reset after buying a warp, it is not wasted
    • Offset the Fire and Frost waves in Karavnos Phase1 so they cannot appear in/on the walls but go right up agains the walls (messes with the visibility of the graphics)
    • Fixed a bug with the new lightning system that prevented the graphics from the phase switch in Karavnos to display properly

    • Changed the way Muarkis adds 'die' in phase1 and added new code to all of their spells for this new death detection. It prevents a few rare cases when the hidden units would become unpaused and start attacking you while hidden and when they should not be. This also fixes the problem with seeing their threat bars sometimes while hidden

    • Fixed a bug that could sometimes make Vjaiers tornado graphics not vanish on a reset
    • Fixed an issue that could Double Free a Timer with Vjaier's reset
    • Vjaier's death removes the stacks from the orbs.

    • Added a new Fog type to Tal'navi's room. Should also make visibility with the higher camera angles better.
    • Adjusted when/how/where Tal'navi's forced exit/enter when the fight is active.
    • If you are standing on the spot where Tal'navi's force wall appears when it does, you are moved out of the way instead of being stuck
    • Tal'navis Dust Storm (dust rings) now properly stops when the fight resets instead of finishing the sequence out
    • Adjusted the graphics for the warning with Tal'navis Cyclones. It should be easier to see now.
    • Tal'navi's HP and living boulder hp has been reduced by 5%
    • Added a short delay after Tal'navi's burn phase knockback and the start of the cyclones
    • Lowered the flying speed of Tal'navi's minions projectiles by 5%
    • A few minor and various adjustments to the fight (consider them slight nerfs)

    • Corrected the druid shapeshift bug with wc3's system and unit swapping + spell books. No longer will you shift and have to click off your unit then back on to gain control again.
    • Raised damage of Crush to help bear's AoE aggro.
    • Fixed bugs where Crush were benefiting from improved talents you didn't actually have
    • The bonus to crush from emp maul was never coded, it only existed in the talent tree description. and it sounded too strong. it's removed. empowered wild might is strong enough without it.
    • Fixed a bug that miscalculated the Bears block by not including the Base Block value

    • You can no longer talent Empowered Heroic Should before getting Improved
    • Fixed a bug that made the warrior charge "hidden" units that got moved to Heaven when they die (more specifically, Tal'navi's golems)
    • Charge now has a distance offset for the same reason as pounce.
    • Added a 'stop' command when charge finishes to regain control of your hero right away instead of waiting for the wc3 casting system to finish the spell
    • Increased the casting range of Charge to 750
    • Mana gain on Battle Orders was reduced to 40% of HP gain.

    3.1.3 Patch Notes - 02/08/12

    Generic Info
    • New save system. Your save code will now be written to a text file in a tkok saves folder in you war3 folder. You can also save in the old way. The path is: x:\pathtowarcraft\TKoK_Save_Files\TKoK_3.1.3\ each version will have its own sub folder. The heroes are saved in this format: HeroType-ExpTotal-Goldtotal.txt to help prevent overwriting data. You will have to manually manage the different copies. This also helps makes backups.. just in case! When in doubt, just sort the folder by date for the latest copies. Inside the text file will be stored more info besides just your password.
    • New lightning system. The chain lightning spell is no longer used in the map. This is intended to fix some crashes (like at narith, muarki, and vj's air elemental) releated to the possibility of double DestroyLightning calls and wc3's special indexing of lightning.
    • Passwords for 3.1.3 will not be backwards compatible because of the talent system changes.
    • Warriors, C. Knights, and Rangers will get a free talent respec due to the edits to their trees.
    • All 3 Naga units within the Temple of Sanctity (beyond the Trails area) have been weathered by the heat of the desert (HP reduced by 15%)
    • Lady Myren multishot spell is now physical damage and reduced by armor. Increased base damage. This is a nerf.
    • The saved inventory items was increased to 15
    • The inventory is now 2 colors. The first 15 slots (saved ones) are gold like usual, the non saved slots are now gray
    • Crit text tags now move upward at 1/2 the speed of normal text tags
    • Added a new Target Mark system:
      • -m1 to mark your selected unit with a Red mark
      • -m2 to mark your selected units with a Blue mark
      • -mclear to clear all marks
    • Endurance now gives more block
    • The -1 level of xp penalty, for normal mode only, now applies to enemies level 27+ instead of 28+
    • Respec price formula changed. Now cheaper at lower levels. Also now available at Tol Calm Front Gate. This is intended to help newer players who mess up their stats.
    • +Gold items now effect gold earned from selling to vendors
    • Magic resist has a hard cap of 50%
    • Vials of Blood for both Barrens quests now have a unique model (easier to see them now)
    • Waypoints now require the proper quests to be completed to use them
    • Added a second elixir merchant at Grom'Gol so you can do all your shopping in one place.
    • Replaced hard/medium/easy difficulty text at hero selection with a new Tip that may be a little more helpful
    • Enrage and Curse of the Chaotic will no longer put you in combat, do less damage (.7 per level from 1 per level), and cannot be reduced by damage prevention

    Threat System
    • The aggro bars now fill from empty (white) towards full (now orange). If you have aggro the bar will instead empty from red to black as someone catches up, instead of staying solid red.
    • The Threat Calc system has undergone a complete rehaul. Individual spells no longer have aggro bonuses (except taunts put you to 120% of leader: chaotic grasp and charge). Tanks now have a multiplier to damage and healing aggro of: (3 + (level * 0.05))
    • The aggro system changes will make it easier to off-tank. For example you now gain some aggro when enemies attack you. The increased ability to off-tank can be considered a buff to the barbarian and some other classes.
    • You now gain aggro for the following things:
      • Dealing damage gives aggro
      • Dots have a 30% aggro reduction for non-tanks
      • AoEs have a 50% aggro reduction for non-tanks
      • Crits have a 60% aggro reduction to the bonus damage from critting, for non-tanks
      • Heals give aggro in 675 aoe. It had a 25% reduction.
      • Dodging, blocking and being hit gives aggro

    Generic Bug Fixes
    • Fixed item drops from Crueltis and Tal'Navi to properly always drop the loot they should (fixed items that had a chance not to drop as well)
    • Fixed an "Issued Order" command that could fire the incorrect trigger. (Most commonly seen with the Arcanists Blast spell triggering the -lastpass command)
    • Fixed an issue with -tt and spending talents outside of the Actions Menu
    • Implemented a new TerrainPathability system (by Rising_Dusk) to help with pathing for Knockbacks, Tossing, Grips, Pullins, Pounce, and the new Charge ability
    • Lord Naztar properly rewards exp/gold again
    • All "Pack" mobs now auto gen 1 threat on near by party members when first pulled if they have no threat on them at all
    • Fixed an issue with Narith's Frozen ability that can break the buff system and cause other issues down the road
    • Fixed an issue with Narith's Frozen ability that caused it to deal no damage
    • Many more talent / tooltip adjustments and fixes
    • Fixed some spellings of fierce and cutthroat, and the icon on a leather helm
    • Fixed elixir of spirit tooltip to match the numbers in code (no change to how good it is)
    • Mark of Replenishment, mana ward and ranger's Viper talent can restore fractional mana but only display a whole number in blue. Changed the displayed number to round to the closest number instead of rounding down.
    • Fixed an overflow recalc issue with the HeroAbility struct. Full recalcs could wipe out hero data from the wrong column causing the "1" damage or healing bug until your hero gets recalced.
    • Fixed what could possibly have caused the Vjaier Air Elemental random crash
    • Removed the threat system/bars from a bunch of units that did not need it (stationary objects to attack, portals, Centaur Ranger vipers, etc.)

    • Damage increase for arcanic blast

    • Damage increases for deep slice, blade storm and berserker rage spell damage
    • Cleave spell now correctly affected by armor

    Chaotic Knight
    • Empowered Chaotic Grasp is now a 2 point talent for 35/70% (was 3 points 25/50/75)
    • Increased aoe range for mindblade
    • Added Chaotic Stance to the talent list: 1 point talent that adds bonus threat generation to the Knight and reduces all damage taken by 5%
    • Fixed chaotic grasp to do damage *after* putting you on top of the aggro list, not before
    • Changed chaotic attacks. mindblade no longer has a debuff. it now makes mind blade have a 50% stun chance on main target, and 20% on splash targets. it used to only be able to stun main target. if you roll stun on a boss, you get 20% dmg instead.

    • No talents are required for bear form tanking anymore. Just being in bear form adds bonus threat generation
    • Added Hero Glow to all forms
    • Pounce can now target allies for a quick easy escape. Targeting an ally will give both you and the target a Courage buff. The buff increases movement speed by 15% and reduces all damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. The buff will vanish if the 2 linked units move further than 400 units apart.
    • Fixed bug where wolf and bear damage skills were not being reduced by enemy armor. Re-balanced some ability coefs to lessen the nerf.
    • Druid now has a special stat calculation formula for Attack Power while in Tree/Caster form as to not gimp Strength / Dexterity builds in this form. Bear and Wolf forms remain unchanged in the way Attack Power is calculated
    • Frenzy duration increased from 5s to 8s
    • Empowered Moonfire changed. Less splash damage, but now has a single target damage bonus. Also fixed bug with moonfire splash damage
    • Increased power gain from Enrage

    • Damage increases for tsunami and ice nova single target
    • Buffed thick ice
    • Buffed purity of water (note: i just found out it doesn't multiply with talents like emp purify or emp tsunami, they both increase from the base value)

    • Changed armor/dodge talent to scale less at higher levels
    • Changed paladin +dmg talent. better at low levels, about the same now, won't scale up as much in the future
    • Mark of Sanctuary AoE can now crit heal
    • Divine Touch with Light Infusion AoE can now crit heal
    • Imp Light Infusion now heals more with larger range

    Phantom Stalker
    • Hail of Blades has a new animation
    • AoE Radius on Bladefurry increased from 300 (from 250)
    • Gash and Puncture cooldowns lowered from 4 to 3

    • Nerfed sniper training and deadeye to normal values
    • Increased damage of multishot a little. Note: its damage is reduced by armor (so is hail's)
    • Deleted imp poison trap (it never worked, btw!). Moved the point to deadeye
    • Buffed imp frost trap damage
    • Buffed emp hail of arrows
    • Nerfed emp explosive arrows single target bonus from 15% to 12%

    • Soul Drain no longer keeps ticking if the unit dies with the debuff still active
    • Imp Dark Blast now only increase a specific defbuffs duration 10 times. If the buff expires then is reapplied, the cap is reset.
    • Buffed time strike damage 10%
    • Nerfed unholy embrace heal amount
    • Adjusted unholy mastery and dark tap
    • Decreased dark blast buff duration additional increase per level

    • Defensive Stance removed from the game (along with all its talents and mods)
    • Counter-Attack removed from the game (along with all its talents and mods)
    • Armored to the Teeth talent removed from the game
    • Ignore the Pain talent removed from the game
    • Charge! Added to the warrior's ability list. Allows the warrior to charge to the selected target causing a knockback (if it can be) and dealing line damage to all units in the path. Improved Effect will make Charge! also taunt the target (the way Chaotic Grasp does)
    • Intimidating Shout renamed to Intimidating Bellow
    • Heroic Shout Added to the warrior's ability list. Grants you 55% damage reduction for 3 seconds and will increase your threat on all near by enemies by based on your level. Imp talent gives 35% damage reduction to near by allies. Emp adds 2/3 of a second duration
    • Added Defensive Stance (passive) to the talent list: 1 point talent that adds bonus threat generation to the warrior and reduces all damage taken by 5%
    • Added Natural Resistance to the talent list: 2 point talent that adds magic resist to the warrior
    • Changed warrior mitigation talents to use flat values
    • New Battle Orders formula and no more bonus effect on yourself
    • Imp shield slam deals 20% bonus dmg on targets it can't stun
    • Increased damage for shield slam a little, and reduced damage for intimidating shout a little

    • Lowered hp of his minions by 10-15%

    • Portal Spawned mobs now spawn with 1 threat on a random player in range of the fight
    • The exit X,Y loc for the Toss Out and generic forced exit was moved slightly more west to avoid walking back into the fight right before it resets and causing bugs

    • Crack the Sky (starfall) damage in phase3 reduce by 20%
    • Adjusted Shockwave, Hail of Arrows, Warrior's Cleave, and Crack the Ground (moving earthquakes) to properly be physical damage instead of spell

    • Shardling Minions melee damage reduced by 30%
    • During phase1 and phase3, the boulders now take 100% damage reduction from AoE classified spells (currently 75%)
    • Adjusted the damage types of the minion landing bolt, flying boulders, and boulder crush damage to properly be physical damage instead of spell.
    • Made a few adjustments to make the fight a little easier on legendary and HC mode
    • Lowered damage of rock throw 15% and made them slower

    Older Patch Notes

    3.1.2 Patch Notes - 12/17/11

    New Content
    • NEW BOSS: Tal'Navi - the Sand Lich: Located directly behind Crueltis. There is no trash or mini bosses between Crueltis and Tal'Navi. Defeat Crueltis and the path will unlock to proceed into the Orcs Tomb Chamber, where Tal'Navi has taken up residence... and he is pissed at you for killing his beloved Sand Golem.

    Generic Bug Fixes
    • Corrected timer utils to stop using Hash Tables and use array indexes once again for faster more efficient lookups
    • Fixed Hydro's bubble to properly deal damage if the initial tick kills a unit
    • Fixed Narith's death and reset fucntions so they no longer double release the towers and associated timers
    • Muarki can no longer Toss a rock trapped unit, and the visuals of the rock trap update new X/Y locations if a unit is knocked away
    • Muarki can no longer Double Rock Trap a unit
    • Adjusted pathing blockers in Muarki's room to prevent you from getting trapped in awkward places when thrown
    • Fixed the issue with Broodmother and phase2 (planting eggs and hiding in the shadows)
    • Fixed the issue with Lightning / Target Projectiles / Grips that can crash the game (Muarki/Vjaier/AirElemental)
    • Baby Scorpions from Karrix no longer leave corpses when they burrow at 90% hp
    • Vjaier's Reset/Death properly removes all buffs/debuff from the fight
    • Fixed visual hero issues with dying while mid Knockback/Grip/Pullin/Cyclone Flying
    • Fixed a buff/timer system leak with players leaving while they still had buffs/debufs on them
    • Fixed issues with Crueltis Event/Gauntlet/Trash and resets that can seldom occur causing double waves to spawn
    • Optimized Ithan's (IsUnitFacingUnit) function for turning away from Blinding Light
    • Paladin's Divine Light no longer has an AoE target area, this is a temp adjustment for some testing, it will return to normal later
    • Fixed a few game distance warp exploits as well as boss cheezing exploits (I will NOT go into detail as to how)
    • Shapeshifting has a random / seldom wc3 bug where sometimes you lose a huge chunk of your mana pool. I coded protection against this, shifting now properly restores your current mana % to your new form.
    • Fixed an issue with Karnos' VX stack removal on resets
    • When the Frost Puzzle in AOT is complete and the mini boss spawns, The orb in the center is now removed
    • Lots of other various minor optimizations and bug fixes that arn't worth going into detail

    Generic Hero Fixes
    • Adjusted normal attack range, and acquisition range, on all heros. this is a ranged hero nerf and melee hero buff.
    • Small increases to spell damage for: dark blast, berserker rage, bladestorm, gash, puncture, shuriken, hail of blades

    Chaotic Knight
    • Aggro bug fixed and AoE aggro multipliers were increased
    • Mindblade AoE damage improved (30/60 from 43/43 with 1/2 points of imp mind blade)
    • Aggro modifiers for Mindblade and Imp Chaotic Grasp increased

    • Passive aggro in Bear Form increased
    • Small nerf to wolf imp shifting crit bonus, but scales less at higher level, and now gives spell crits too so that it's better for hybrids
    • Caster form buffed and serenity now gives some AP (only to the druid, enough to cancel out hybrid)
    • Added emp pounce's debuff added to the game (was missing). You must have it talented to receive the damage bonus. You cannot gain the bonus from another druid's debuff

    • All spells base damage altered to be similar to pyro and arc (give or take a few points)

    • lowered divine wrath radius from 475 to 445

    • Dragon breath and meteor dots fixed/nerfed (were doing significantly more damage than intended)
    • Dragon breath mana cost lowered and damage slightly lowered
    • Imp fireball splash damage lowered slightly

    • Multishot now has 1s less cd with imp
    • Slightly increased damage of ice arrow

    Items & Stats
    • lowered life regen on items
    • nerfed crit chance on blue weapons
    • very small crit power nerf for intelligence


      • Karavnos
      • Slightly lower base HP
      • Vjaier
      • Vjaier now has 50% damage reduction in the portal spawning phase and some minor buffs
      • Crueltis
      • Lowered Crueltis' hp and armor a little
      • Lowered earthquake, starfall and dark beams damage slightly
      • Changed the order of special abilities based on life %: Earth quakes start sooner and stop when the starfall phase begins (which happens sooner as well)
      • Adds can now only get 3 stacks of the damage buff instead of 5

    3.1.1 Patch Notes - 12/17/11

    Note: there was over 400 things that the TKoK team has found and I corrected for this 3.1.1 patch. No way I am going to list them all, here are just the major things.

    Generic Bug Fixes
    • Camp Fire no longer shares a cooldown with wards
    • Terrain changed around VJ's air and earth elementals to prevent luring them out without starting the fight.
    • Found issue with VJ air elemental code that could explain the fatal reported and some other random problems. Fixed it.
    • Using Save & Quit, Dying on HC, and Leaving the game now all share one common 'cleanup' function for undoing the hero setups and removing quest items and so on. This also fixes the issue of leaving/dying with buffs on and causing an issue (HC/Save & Quit)
    • Fixed an issue with the logic behind Time Strike's multiple hits and unit death events
    • Changed the way Muarki's add's death events function (fixes an exploit also is a game play improvement)
    • Karnos' visual attachment for him becoming Empowered for hardmode now properly is removed on reset or death
    • Fixed a logical flaw in all boss death cleanup functions that may cause some errors over long games (with multiple boss kills per game)
    • Removed the "ID==0 on 'unit name'" debug message. You would really only see this message in the Frost Side of the temple, not a bug, just letting me know a unit died that wasn't in the indexing system, which in this case was just a hidden dummy caster with a timed life. No cause for alarm people, move along now.
    • Corrected an issue with spawn events that didn't properly init a much needed variable for some damage event conditions. The most noticeable bug fixed was Naztar's instant death.
    • Fixed an issue with HC deaths that caused a game to goto single player mode.
    • Corrected a few unit death cleanup events that could result in a Double Free of Aggro type
    • Altered the AggroBar text tag system to use 1 variable and client side edits. This corrects the 'dead threat bar' issue
    • Fixed a few issues with Muarki and altered the way the adds 'die' in phase1. Helps prevent some pathing exploits, revival code, death event issues and some other things I won't go into
    • Fixed an issue with Tank Toss with Muarki that causes the fight to reset if the tank is the only player left in the box at the moment.
    • Fresh level 1 characters now properly get their first talent point again at level 1. Don't worry, if you save and reload into a fresh game, TKoK detects you are missing a talent point and rewards it back to you.
    • Fixed a few issues with boss cleanups, dummy units, and other things that would cause a Double Free or an ID==0 bug on several fights
    • Revamp of every Ability tooltip in the game (Thank you Hally for taking the time to do this) and edits to a lot of Talent Tooltips to fix errors, mis-data, and other things of the sort

    • Inner Power is now an AoE buff instead of single target. Cooldown and mana cost adjusted

    • Burning Desire is now an AoE buff instead of single target. Cooldown and mana cost adjusted
    • Adjusted the offset of Dragons Breath to be able to hit point blank targets better
    • Adjusted meteors explosive timer to be more visually correct with the graphic of it landing

    • Fixed an issue that can cause the Hydro's Nova to sometimes do 1 damage to surrounding enemies, but not always.
    • Hydro's Tsunami now always leave a 'frost' debuff even if you do not have it improved. The improved still adds the slow as usual.
    • Adjusted the offset of Purify to be able to hit point blank targets better

    • Fixed an issue that caused Starfall to do what seemed to be random damage. Starfall will now do its true damage all the time
    • Fixed issues with the multiboard and the druid along with the broken icons.
    • Changed the shapeshift cooldown to the proper shapeshift icon
    • Fixed a the respec issues with the Druid and his auras
    • Fixed the bug with Serenity aura's magic resist along with the bear form and abilities magic resist. They will now add the proper values
    • Fixed bug with mending touch and rejuvenation. And you can now get a double heal with mending if they have rejuv and lesser rejuv both.
    • Fixed bug with emp barkskin + peaceful mind or mending touch
    • Fixed tooltips for ignition, bark skin, mending touch and arcanic missile
    • Fixed bug with moon fire buff being instantly confused by the moonfire's own damage
    • Fixed issue with bear block
    • Fixed an issue with Shape shifting during several abilities that last over a period of time
    • If you cast Hibernate while you have enrage on, enrage recasts itself the moment Hibernate ends
    • Adjusted the offset of Fury Swipes to be able to hit point blank targets better

    Vjaier Related:
    • The Fire Elemental can no longer knock people into the side walls or barrier and get them stuck in certain spots
    • The pulse counter no longer counts pulses mid-air when Vjaier dies (Can screw up a VX mode since it technically cannot hit Vjaier if he dies mid flight)
    • It is possible in some situations that a Tornado spawned by Vjaier will not do a 'Pull In' at the end of its path. Won't go into details, but I found the issue and corrected it. Doesn't happen with every tornado, only under certain circumstances.
    • Vjaier now has a proper stats display when the fight ends letting you know how many pulse there were, how many hit Vjaier, and the %. (90% or more required for VX)

    Crueltis Related:
    • Larthils Spears now drop from a players inventory if they die during the fight
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Ithan and Larthil's threat to not reset when you reset the waves
    • If during Crueltis' opening speech everybody exits the area and does not re-enter before the speech finishes, Crueltis will reset at the last chat message. This is correct, however, Crueltis will not change from a friendly mob into an enemy mob if reset in this manor. Thus when the fight is started a 2nd time, the opening speech does not trigger and he remains owned by Player 10 (Citizens). To avoid this for now, if you choose to reset the fight as he is spawning to re-group, heal, or whatever. Wait until he actually begins the fight before running out to reset.
    • Fixed an exploit with Crueltis' adds (spawned centaurs)
    • Fixed issue that caused Crueltis not to do his Dark Beams ability sub 20% hp
    • The Light Beams for protection from Crueltis now last 3s after Darkness happens. Also to clarify something: A Light beam protects against ALL forms of Crueltis spell damage. This includes Crack The Ground (the moving earthquakes), Power Wave (the ability he uses on the chief), etc.
    • Crueltis Adds stop using abilities once darkness begins to fall
    • General Crueltis adjustments to his damage output, VX mode, several bug fixes and other adjustments with his buffs. VX mode buffs nerfed a bit, healing Cruel receives remains the same
    • Fixed a few different exploits regarding darkness and the adds
    • Fixed an issue that could sometimes crash Crueltis during phase3, the last stand

    Generic Balance Edits:
    • Cruel Nerfed
    • Karav and VJ nerfed a bit too
    • PS base attack speed is 1.7 (from 2). Barb, SB and ranger now 2.2 (from 2.5, 2, 2.25 respectively)
    • PS spell damage coefs increased (especially remorseless) and some cool downs lowered, but some mana costs increased
    • Barb increased spell damage part of Berserker Rage and bladestorm. also buffed battle lust.
    • Damage increased on some PS spells, especially Remorseless Strikes
    • Fireform adjusted (in between 3.0.4 and 3.1.0 versions, plus less scaling in future)
    • Meteor cool down increased
    • Paladin armor/dodge talent nerfed
    • Drain spirit damage gain per tick buffed
    • Arcanic disruption debuff duration to 4s (from 2)
    • Druid adjusted
    • Cruel base hp lowered 44k to 42k and his level is fixed (should be 29), moonbeams now start at 25% life (from 15%), and lowered the hail of arrows
    • damage from his summoned centaur from 45 to 40.
    • Randomized XP and Gold rewards (+/- 20%) and fixed rounding issues with gold/xp gain items. Randomizing avoids breakpoints with certain xp/gold gain percent bonuses against certain enemies. Quest rewards are not randomized.
    • wisdom sp is .7 from .75, ene sp is .5 from .4
    • Enemies level 28+ on normal now count as one level lower for XP
    • Halved the mana bonus from Battle Orders but increased damage from counter attack

    3.1.0 Patch Notes - 11/17/11

    The wait / delay is finally over. Now that we have located / resolved the issue that held this patch up for a solid 3 months. I can explain what was happening. Unit Death events / Buff system / Unclean Up were all tied together to cause broken aggro bars (ones that appeared detached from the unit after it died), random Double Free of Type Buffs, incorrect buff timers, broken struct references, and several other things that didn't happen often, but it pretty much happened every game and caused a lot of problems. Thanks to lots of monotonousness testing editing, code rewriting and patience, we tracked down the source of the issue the corrected the logic.

    So without further ado:

    • Unit recycling system removed. We felt that the bonus of saving 1 unit event vs the whole recycling process, the code, events, and everything that goes on with preventing a unit death then faking it with triggers is more troublesome and problematic than dealing with the extremely small event memory leak.
    • Re-coded the entire UnitStatus function. UnitStatus library handles events like: Freeze, Stun, Silence, Disable, Root. The overall improvements protect against those 'permastun' or 'permaroot' bugs we have seen in the past.
    • Projectile system altered to guard against long code loops with MANY projectiles on the screen at once (7 players + Karavnos phase2, or 7 players and Muarki). Each loop iteration is now run in its own separate trigger execution instead of every projectile in 1 big loop. While this may have no been a problem, it definitely won't be one ever now.
    • Altered the buff system to reset its private global buff before every .execute() call to ensure that with all the other triggers running, that the proper buff is always being referenced. In moments of extremely intense processing with lots of buffs and debuffs flying around, I had a strong feeling from past experiences that a wrong buff was being returned at some point to a function call.
    • Fixed fatal errors with Muarki and Frostmaster.
    • Finally tracked down the elusive Double Free of type Buff bug. This one took MONTHS of debugging to figure out what was happening.
    • Rewrote the entire unit death event system and clean up system to streamline and optimize the process

    Many, Many, Many other bug fixes

    • Reduced the power gap between epic and enchanted items
    • Reduced how much higher level items scale up
    • Items can now have Magic Resist, bonus gold gain percent, and bonus xp gain percent
    • Leather and Chain items now get bonus magic resist instead of bonus hp
    • There's new items from the new bosses, of course!
    • FYI blue items only go up to level 24. The item system has been changed so you can no longer see the level/prefix/suffix of blue items without picking them up. This will help improve map load times and fix some problems. In the next zone (ruined temple) regular enemies will start dropping enchanted items (repeats of old enchanteds, plus two full sets of new weapons).

    Boss Balance / Skips
    • Karavnos Phase1 made slightly easier and more forgiving. Timers between graphic warnings and actual ability cast slightly increased and overall damage on heroes has been reduced slightly (normal game mode). The boss is easier to tank and deal with Threatening and Insignificance in phase2. The mechanics behind these abilities changed from removal of total threat to reduction in dealt threat. These stacks still need to be managed and cleared.
    • Several balance changes and bug fixes on Muarki along with an exploit. Muarki's mechanics have been altered code wise and you should see a lot of improvement and the spells should flow better.

    • Saving now has a cooldown. 10/25/40 minutes for normal/legendary/heartcore
    • New "Save & Quit" option. Ignores the save cooldown. Permanently removes your hero from the game so it no longer scales enemies (you can still watch).

    Hero Balance
    Some general changes. A few specific ones listed for individual heros below.
    • Standardized based attack speed of all heros to 2s. Except ranger is 2.25 and cleric and barbarian are 2.5
    • Reduced damage and attack crit chance bonuses on items
    • ACC elixer reduced to 11% from 15%

    Hero Fixes / Changes
    Where to begin with this one...
    • Arcanic Blast is now based off the ability Channel, it will no longer have some hardcoded targeting issues against certain mobs
    • Drain spirit re-coded in some spots to help guard against faulty EventEnds of the channel (dealing with monster death, or effects spawning on the player)

    • Holy Fire is now based off the ability Channel, it can now target heroes already at full HP.

    Chaotic Knight
    • Cleanse is now based off the ability Channel, it can now target heroes already at full HP.
    • Re-coded Chaotic Grasp and altered it's order of events. This spell is much more efficient in processing and will no longer randomly crash the game when it is the killing blow

    • Divine Touch is now based off the ability Channel, it can now target heroes already at full HP.
    • Re-coded Divine Light, this ability will no longer randomly crash the game
    • Fixed a bug with Mark of Sanctuary that would cause improper healing to be done with the improved effect
    • Fixed a bug with Divine Touch and Light Infusion that would cause improper AoE healing

    • Corrected target checks / buff / debuff code for Unholy Embrace.
    • Corrected the bug with Time Strike, it now functions properly all the time with no leak
    • Corrected a buff bug with Shadow Bind
    • Time Strike stacking debuff and bug that could cause a double free corrected

    • Fireform buffed.
    • Dragon's Breath now has more range/aoe (to match purify).

    • Lowered damage from watery bubble explosion when it ends.

    Introducing the druid... which had TONS of bug fixes and wc3 limit work arounds to deal with. That was fun, not even going to mention all the bull s*** we had to deal with on this one... The point is he works now and he's the most complicated hero and he's awesome.
    The Druid has 4 forms: Caster, Treant, Bear, Wolf. Each form comes with its own set of abilities / rule sets / aura / and fun
    • Caster Form contains the following:
      • Moonfire
      • Earthen Grasp
      • Starfall
      • Essence of Water
      • Serenity Aura
    • Wolf Form contains the following:
      • Bite
      • Fury Swipes
      • Howl
      • Pounce
      • Pack Leader Aura
    • Bear Form contains the following:
      • Maul
      • Crush
      • Enrange
      • Hibernate
      • Frenzy
    • Treant Form contains the following:
      • Rejuvenation
      • Barkskin
      • Mending Touch
      • Peaceful Mind
      • Tranquility Aura

    The druid can do the following: Melee DPS, Caster DPS, Healer, Tank
    While the druid can do all of the following with 1 gear set, keep in mind that the druid is a Jack of All Trades, not the Master of All Trades. You will be able to fill a need in a party, but you will not be the best for the need. The druid will start in caster form and each ability learned in the talent tree will unlock an ability in all forms. You learn shapeshifting at level 4 so you can visit the other forms.


    • Click to review boss names and a short description without revealing any fight mechanics or how to's
    • Vjaier, The Centaur Conjurer. Begin the next step to uncovering the mystery and darknes surrounding Kaliron as you dabble into Vjaier's dark secrets and the mysterious energy barrier cutting Nebu Harbor off from Tol'Calm and Vormur. Defeat his 4 elemental guards to bring down Vjaier's defenses so you can take on the Conjurer of Storms. He has a new mechanic not seen before in TKoK that you will have to learn and understand to prevent him from absorbing power from his Energy Orbs.
    • Crueltis, The Centaur Warlord. For those that remember TKoK2.0, Defense of Grom'Gol. This new event, mini bosses, trash waves, and boss replaces that old event. After Vjaier is defeated, the centaur make their counter attack. Travel through the narrow valley into a centaur ambush. Deal with the minions while avoiding the archers high above raining arrows down onto you while you battle through the valley to find Crueltis and his 2 commanders, Ithan and Larthil. Survive the onslaught of centaur, defeat Ithan and Larthil to bring forth Cruelti's full reign of power. This fight also has new mechanics never before seen in TKoK. There are no buff or debuff descriptions to read to help you with this one, but once you see it, you will understand it or you will be destroyed instantly. Protect the Tauren Chieftain from Crueltis as they battle each other.
    • Vjaier VX Mode - 90% or more of all the pulses must reach Vjaier
    • Crueltis VX Mode - Let Darkness kill every Centaur Add. Players cannot kill any of them.
    • To be included in 3.1.1 - After Crueltis is defeated, you can venture forth into the sacred shrine of the Orcs, buried under the sand. Seek the wisdom of their Ancient Elders passed for clues how to remove the energy barrier from Nebu to free the town... but be prepared for what lurks in the sand below, reaching the elders will be no easy task[/spoil]
    • There are no new zones in this patch but do not let this fool you. There are 6 new super mini bosses that are actually boss fights, but shorter. There are 3 new intense bosses with new mechanics and VX modes. There are new quests to complete, and new gear to be had.
    • There are 2 new segments attached onto the Trials area in Grom'gol, a new valley entrance has been build that leads into the valley and down to their Shrine below the sand. I am not calling this a new zone due to it's small size, but it does provide a new area to explore and battle through.

    3.0.4 Patch Notes - 12/15/10 - Final Copy of 3.0.4!

    • Fixed a bunch of bugs! (Including the original bug that haunted TKoK for a long time, Thanks to RaiN` for discovering the cause)
    • Several ranger balance changes, overall a buff
    • Reduced bonus damage from armor break, empowered curse of the chaotic, and bladestorm
    • Raised damage from mindblade and berserker rage
    • Balance changes to karavnos to make the fight shorter but more intense
    • Changed quiver and orb offhands to have crits (if you want the old way back, get a book or dagger)
    • Increase xp gain in some zones (does not change level cap, just rate of leveling up)
    • Spells that give extra bonuses on yourself (BO, BD, WB) now give bonus for anyone of your class

    3.0.4beta920 Patch Notes - 11/27/10 - Public Beta Copy
    This is a beta version. It is NOT bug free. But it's looking a lot better.

    System Changes
    • fixed timer leak with unit statuses -- this was the main bug in 910
    • fixed bug with unit reycling
    • fixed bug with damage bonus and reduction
    • watery grave tick bonus nerfed to 3% from 5%
    • ice barrier now affected by 20% of spell power. but 12 hp per level from 15. not a buff.
    • nerfed drain spirit mana/hp regen, now costs 20 mana, and lowered its bonus damage per tick from 12% to 10%
    • dodge and crit elixirs buffed to 15% from 9.25% and aggro elixirs to 40% from 33%.
    • fire and ice wing teleports now cost 500 gold per player per use
    • new portals to naztar and karavnos at the end of the orc trials. price is 10,000 gold. consider them optional.
    • increased gold drops from naga and AoT packs, and some bosses
    • many minor bug fixes and balance adjustments
    • If you didn't see yet, 910 added a bank. That means the top 2 rows of your equipment screen (10 items max) are saved in your save code, so you can store alternative gear. That's why save codes got longer. It also means the save codes cannot load in older versions before the bank.

    3.0.4beta910 Patch Notes - 11/24/10 - Public Beta Copy
    Please keep in mind - THIS IS BETA - We have fixed a lot of things and made the map very stable, it is still not flawless, but we are working on it. The issues are not cut and dry.

    System Changes
    • Damage system has been totally deleted and replaced with a brand new system. This system now prevents any normal attacks from dealing damage, then processes all the damage and damage events (bonus, reduction, absorbs, whatver) before ever dealing a single piece of damage to the target. This system is now highly efficient and flawless for our recycling system.
    • Buff system has undergone a few internal changes and some order of events for calling buffs has been altered. The end result is, no unit that is going to 'die' from a hit will ever be attempted to be given a buff. There is a whole list of reasons why I needed to do this, and I'm not going to explain it all
    • Damage Event system has also been updated to have 2 types of damage events, I won't go into the details for players will never see this, but the end result is pretty awesome by wc3 standards.
    • Unit status system has been deleted and recoded from scratch, much cleaner, neater, and efficient. Unit Statuses are things like: Silence, Disable, Snare, Freeze, Stun, etc.

    Hero Stats / Balance
    • Every player has been given a free stat respec. Please READ THE DAMN TOOLTIPS before spending your new stats. Lots of little changes. There will be some more changes and some of the stats will be renamed to better fit their new roles, but I am saving that for 3.1.0 (the next big patch)

    3.0.4beta801 Patch Notes - 11/15/10 - Public Beta Copy
    Please keep in mind - THIS IS BETA - There will be some issues we are still trying to clean up. These are not new bugs, but as we clean up the systems, the bugs become more clear and obvious. We are getting close to resolving the rest of these, bare with us.

    • DamageEvent system has been totally modified and optimized. Greatly reduces the processing required upon each damage event as well as fixes the order of events for +/- damage mods. This should also resolve some issues with death events and recycling events
    • Modified the max number of timers to a much lower number. While it shouldn't effect anything, no reason for the number to be so high.
    • Optimized a few things with damage events and making better use of In-lining variables

    • Boss debuffs properly stack once again
    • Several issues were resolved in the Muarki fight as well as improved balance
    • Altered a few mechanics to some of the abilities with Muarki
    • Fixed some possible leaks with Serpent and Nether Wards in the Muarki fight
    • Muarki VX mode epics are now active

    • Adjusted his talents to not have 4 levels which exceeds the save system's limit currently. (This is what is screwing up on loads)

    curi's list
    moved Scared of the Dark ring reward to shamanistic magic quest
    there is now a -inv command. use this if your mana goes below 0 for taking off gear.
    type -check [password] to see if you typed it in correctly
    new command -totals (shows total damage/heals since last -rm)
    new command -showheaven (for debugging)
    fixed buffs not stacking
    imp dark blast is now 15% duration increase
    shadow bind now can only stack 5 times and some values tweaked
    IP, BD, WC +dmg slightly nerfed
    block and dodge caps from 60/60 to 75/50
    block now prevents 40% damage on warr (from 30) and ck now 40 (from 37) when fully talented
    mindblade, cleanse, curse dmg raised
    avoidance to 9/18 from 10/20
    hybrids now use 60% of each crit type instead of 50% of each
    nerfed MoR mana leech (note: it displayed rounded numbers but actually adds fractions)
    fixed bug with Unholy Embrace
    fixed bug with improved Time Strike
    fixed bug with improved hasten
    fixed watery bubble and time strike tooltips
    Time Strike now has 3 hits base (from 5)
    Changed Time Strike graphics to look cooler (more black tinted)
    Balance Changes to Muarki
    Changed elixir pricing and availability
    Fixed bugs with which heals cleric's IP and DP can boost. Also any heal that's a percentage of a heal that could crit, now cannot crit (no double crits).
    Holy fire now displays the heal per tick in the multiboard for the HoT
    reduced armor break dmg reduction to 7/14 from 10/20
    emp curse now amplifies dmg 10% on enemies instead of yourself
    moved 4th point out of cleric sp talent, added it as third point for emp angel
    fixed damage bonus bugs with fireform, armor break, emp curse
    fixed karnos enchanted drops (can no longer drop hp shoulders)
    several substat tweaks (see tooltips)
    some item formula balance adjustments
    added 0.6 hp per item level to all leather epics and enchanteds
    added 1 hp per item level to all chain epics and enchanteds
    fixed bug with displayed damage to karav phase 1 enemies
    fixed some bugs with damage events
    fixed math with bonus and reduced damage
    swap bags bug fixed
    buffed arcane disruption and meteor damage
    fixed karavnos damage reduction
    fixed unstable power to do 15/30 damage boost instead of 0/15
    improved muarki balance
    nerfed bladestorm damage

    3.0.4beta7 Patch Notes - 10/27/10 - Public Beta Copy

    Note from Vexsin: Special thanks goes out to curi for this patch. As some know, but most don't, I have been out of the TKoK loop only working on it maybe 2 times a week. I have a lot going on in real life, I won't go into the details, but I am sad to say it has really grinded progress with TKoK to a halt. Curi stepped in to pick up the slack, learn the workings of TKoK and apply his/mine/the teams ideas to TKoK that you see below. While I helped out with some of the major things in this patch, 90% of the work and credit goes to curi. If it wasnt for him, TKoK might have died... again... Anywho, lets look forward to more content soon! Enjoy!

    This is a very big patch with many balance and talent changes, and bug fixes. This list isn't totally complete.

    • New Save Codes: You will get free stat and talent respecs the first time you load in the new version. When you save, you will get a version 2 code. Version 2 codes will not be loadable in older maps, and won't get the free respecs anymore.
    • Substats: reworked spirit and wisdom. Did balance changes. Added much better tooltips to substats and main stats, so read what they do!
    • Items: All boss drops regenerated from updated formulas to be more balanced. New epic drops added to Karavnos.
    • Consumables: Raised prices on elixirs, rebalanced some elixers and potions.
    • Difficulty modes: epic drops by mode from .5/1/2 to .2/1.2/3
    • respecs: changed back to 250 per level, but lowered base cost to 1000 from 2500
    • New elixers Rage and Caution give more/less aggro gain.
    • added -suicide command
    • Fixed some bugs with respecs
    • fixed aot shaman bloodlust which wasn't adding attack speed, only removing it when it expired
    • removed scaling advantage for tanks and healers over dpsers. and removed advantage for large parties (6+).
    • some new gear has penalties: it will lower some of your stats. be careful not to lower your hp or mana below 1 or you will have serious problems. for other stats it should be ok to go negative.
    • enabled a few druid item drops that were disabled
    • the broodmother quest rewards (your first offhands) may have been bugged. they should all be correct now.
    • added extra 20 second respawn delay on leg.
    • haste elixer now uses your base movement speed. and simplified some movement speed code.
    • catacomb pack killing quest should now work again (3 packs were removed so i lowered the number of packs you need to kill for it)
    • fixed hp and mana regen display on multiboard.
    • changed all boss drops and skills to give mana per second instead of percentage mana regen.
    • fixed bug where mana per second stats on items were not displayed when inspecting them in your inventory
    • fixed shadow blade overhealing and his HPS should show up on multiboard correctly now
    • fixed pala mana regen numbers all showing up on pala's screen instead of the player getting mana back
    • increased hc gold gain from 135% to 140%
    • quest gold and xp is now modified by game mode
    • vx mode bosses now worth flat 20 xp extra (if you would gain any xp). also 150 bonus gold.
    • changed xp decay to 18% per level difference. this lowers the level cap by 1.
    • improved the levels of some quests. also lowered karav to 26 and muarki to 27. (from 27/28). for reference av/ka are 25.
    • fixed purify and cleave offsets so the cone starts at the back of the hero
    • set icons for a bunch of new items. found/added tons of icons for future equipment
    • added new item tooltip display in inventory for decimal but no percent for mana per second
    • fixed karavnos portal to muarki fight not to spawn on top of his item drops
    • fixed ooc regen bug
    • fixed several spells being incorrectly effected by armor
    • spirit no longer affects OOC regen. you just get 10% regen per 3s.
    • recycle system fixed. this should greatly improve performance in long games.

    • Muarki is now available but epic drops are disabled for him until he's balanced more. He's not totally ready, fight him at your own risk.

    Generic Class Changes
    • Balance summary: DPS classes buffed, except SB. CK and SB nerfed. Warrior buffed a bit. Biggest buffs to Ranger and PS, then arc.
    • Equipment changes: warriors can use swords, shields, axes, offhand axes, offhand daggers, maces, and leather armor. warriors are masters of fighting effectively with many different weapons.
    • ck can use swords, shields, axes and offhand axes
    • pyro,hydro,arc,clr can now use offhand books in addition to staffs and orbs.
    • ranger can now use offhand daggers besides bows and quivers.
    • sb can no longer use axes or offhand axes (just swords and daggers). very sorry if you had one.
    • Heal Crits: All cleric and paladin heals can now crit except for MoR leech. No heals from other classes can crit.
    • New Heal Spells: Watery Grave, Frost Arrows, and Drain Spirit can now heal.
    • Hero Changes: All characters were changed to have the right number of talent points (31). Many weak talents were buffed, especially passive talents. Substat gain on level up was changed for a few classes when it was bad. A few spells now gain a lower cooldown when talented. And the damage on a lot of spells was balanced better.
    • CK and SB now use a 50/50 mix of attack and spell crits for their spells.

    Generic Class Talent Changes
    • pala: buffed divine guardian, divine hammer, and path of the divine. added a second talent point to emp light infusion. small nerfs to imp and emp light infusion. some spells now have lower cooldowns, usually triggered by talenting them. MoS aoe heal no longer hits the main target, only people around him. Mark of Replenishment now gives a lot more healing when you attack the target and it triggers. the mana gain is slightly lowered. MoR now counts on hps meters
    • pyro: buffed some weak talents like fire power, burning soul, boiling point, no mercy, pyromaniac. buffed meteor, buffed burning desire mana regen. burning desire now gives triple mana regen when cast on yourself
    • hydro: lowed some aoe damage but raised some single target damage. fixed issues with tsunami and watery grave effects not matching tooltips. ice nova now does 25% extra damage if it procs root on a target it can't root (boss or mini boss). watery grave is now watery bubble and can heal
    • ranger: explosive arrow cd to 3 from 6. emp aspect of hawk buff. emp frost arrow dmg buff. viper nerf. emp hail dmg bonus doubled. lowered hawk cd. significantly increased hawkeye and sniper training. tripled emp explosive arrow single target dmg increase. lowered imp frost arrow level requirement to 18 from 24. buffed imp multishot dmg. emp explosive arrow has a third point available now. frost arrows is now water arrows and can heal
    • barb: double emp deep slice. raise deep slice dmg a little and lower cd when talented (if you put a dot on someone twice, it will just refresh the duration). buffed warcry. nerfed his bonus to crits. buffed imp rage ias. fixed some typos on barb and made warcry gain damage from AP. also emp warcry has 2 points now. emp deepslice reduced to 2 points max (also buffed a little). improved emp cleave talent description and nerfed cleave amount to 70%
    • cleric: buff emp ip, nerf blind faith
    • arc: lowered unstable power cd, buffed emp arcane missle, emp drain spirit, emp arcanic blast. buffed passives. small increases to drain spirit, arc disruption, arc explo coefs. drain spirit now drains life for the arc too
    • ps: buff gash, puncture, shuriken coefs, emp gash, gash and puncture cd a little, and passives
    • warr: buffed some passives, slightly dmg on shield slam and intim shout. BO is based on AP not power in the code. fixed tooltip. warrior defensive stance buffs (magic resist to 10% from 5%, more block from talent). bo now gives double life gain to the warrior who cast it
    • ck: nerfed cleanse heal, buffed cleanse dmg, nerfed mindblade coef but buffed emp mindblade. buffed shattered armor, imp hasten, emp hasten. nerfed shield training. buffed curse damage. buffed emp grasp. raised imp cleanse duration to 5s. nerfed cleanse cast range. hasten now gives dodge instead of attack speed
    • sb: nerfed time strike damage and raised mana cost to 15 from 10, buffed dark blast damage but heavily nerfed imp dark blast until an exploit is fixed. nerfed unholy mastery. fixed emp dark blast tooltip (it's actually twice as good as it said) and buffed it a little after. fixed dark tap tooltip and nerfed a little. buffed nether touched and unholy desire. shadow form is now stronger on hybrid classes.

    • Karavnos: improved balance.
    • Avnos: increased attack damage and meteor damage.
    • Karrix: increased poison lob damage.

    3.0.4beta6 Patch Notes - 8/25/10 - Public Beta Copy - FIXES

    • Added the long overdue '-clear' command to clear the screen of text messages

    General Bug Fixes
    • FINALLY found the cause for the random system breakage with timers. It is now corrected and things are functioning as intended again.
    • Fixed an issue with the new TimerUtils and OOC regen and the InCombatTimer. They will function as intended again
    • Fixed an incorrect index on Narith's VX loot table that could cause him not to drop an epic sometimes.
    • Finally fixed the Null Talk errors with some quest mobs that are not currently in use until later on
    • Fixed the item level requirement tooltip on the Broodmother items from level 10 to the proper level 8
    • Re-worked a few things and added checks for null variables with destructables and units for the Talking library (NPC interactions)
    • Fixed an unintentional bug with Talents and pre-reqs. If an ability requires 2 or more points and is a pre-req to another talent, you must now spent all points in that talent to get the other. (Basically an Improved Talent that requires 2 points now must have 2 points to get the Empowered talent)

    • If you are in the presence of a boss and the boss is Active, you are now always in combat
    • Karnos' Blizzard was not functioning as intended, making VX much harder (due to buff time out) and making the blizzard tick 2x as strong, this is corrected. You should now see overlapping blizzards as intended
    • Karavnos's complete buff list is now instantly cleared from players when you reset the fight or kill Karavnos

    • Upon dying, your Teleport Scroll location is now cleared.

    • The catacombs has been tweaked to reduce 'lag' even more. The catacombs now follows suit with the TOS and AOT in the respect that mobs do not spawn until you get near their spawn point. All spawn points are marked on the map with a ground effect.

    • Added Camp Fire to the game. Costs 75g for a stack of 3, lasts 25s. Can be placed at any time. The aura will restore 15% of your max health and mana pool every 3s to all those within 500 units of the Camp Fire and ONLY while out of combat.

    • Fixed a order of operations error with Watery Grave that caused the AOE explosion not to be calculated properly.
    • Watery Grave is now a base of 5s duration with a cooldown of 11s (up from 4s and 9s). Empowered now adds 2.5s to the duration (making the ability last 10s in total up from its old 8s)
    • Changes to Watery Grave: Base is now 8 with a coefficient of 30% (Up from 7 and 25%). On application it now ticks instantly (instead of waiting 1s for the first tick). Watery Grave now gains 5% more of its tick damage per tick (this extra damage does not stack with itself, its 5% more of the base tick not the last tick).
    • Watery Grave now properly explodes on unit death for the total damage it dealt up to that point as intended.

    • Fixed an issue with Soul Drain that caused it to heal the enemy for every ally in range instead of healing all the allies.
    • Reduced the healing effect of Soul Drain to a base of 2 with a 4% coefficient (down from 3 and 10%)
    • Reduced the damage of Timestrike to a base of 12 with a 20% coefficient (down from 15 and 35%)

    3.0.4beta5 Patch Notes - 7/22/10 - Public Beta Copy - NEW CONTENT

    • Added a new Equipment vendor that sells level 24 blue gear to the AOT Camp
    • Added one new boss available after defeating Avnos and Karnos
    • Added AOT wing skips - After defeating the new boss, the 2 waypoints in the AOT will be useable and saved to your character. You can only access these two new waypoints from the AOT Portal Master. They will take you to the inner Fire and inner Frost teleporters upon use. This allows you to skip a bunch of trash to get to Avnos, Karnos faster.

    • Arcanist Drain Spirit is now a channeled Damage Over Time ability that does it's damage every tick. The tick is based on the spells duration, which gets shorter as you level up making the ticks faster. The ability can be channeled to a maximum of 2x it's duration (if uninterrupted). The longer the ability channels, the stronger each tick gets.

    Chaotic Knight
    • Cleanse Cooldown increased to 5s from 4s
    • Corrected Empowered Hasten to properly reward the bonus and buffed it to 20% to all aspects.

    • Reduced Guardian Angel's heal base from 150 to 85, coefficient remains at 60%

    • Corrected conditions with Ice Barrier to properly prevent death in appropriate situations if the barrier had enough HP to absorb the damage or reduce it to below lethal levels.

    • Divine Touch Cooldown reduced to 4s from 5s

    Shadow Blade
    • Corrected some visuals with Soul Drain to not be so clutterly and processor intensive

    • Fixed 2 more timer leaks and accidental timer destruction. Should resolve many issues with systems that weren't actually broken
    • Fixed an issue with dummy casters that prevented negative effects to effect players in some cases (e.g. Spirit Shroud on the Frost Side)

    • Changed how VX mode is activated. Touching one of the 4 flame rects now spawns an add rather than just give Combustion debuff. The combustion debuff no longer has anything to do with starting VX mode, but is just a side effect of spawning the required adds. Killing the adds spawn the flame orb shard. Once all 4 shards spawn, VX mode will begin
    • Flamestrike's casted by the Flame orb now come every 6s (was 10s).
    • The Flame orb now has a charge ability. It will pick a random player, channel a red beam to that spot for 2s, then charge doing damage to everything in its path.

    • Adjusted some timers with Karnos to make abilities not line up so well (technically a nerf)
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Karnos not to count his death as VX if VX was enabled
    • Karnos's Frostbite now adds +4 damage and reduces attack speed by 1.10% (was 3 and 1.25%)
    • Path of Frost damage increased from 145 to 160

    3.0.4beta4.5 Patch Notes - 6/29/10 - Public Beta Copy

    Fixed the following game breaking issues:
    • Reverted to an older TimerUtils library (resolved quite a few issues with timers and attached data references becoming mixed up). This change resolved so many issues, it's not even funny.
    • Fixed 2 timer leaks with hero abilities and several group leaks on Karnos/Avnos
    • Fixed an issue with the paladin that could cause a desync or a crash (dual boxing tests showed this to be fixed, but there is a possibility the bug is still there, if we can get any detailed info on how to reproduce it if it exists, please contact Vexsin)

    Other things fixed
    • Fixed Karnos's movespeed debuff and the way it was applied/removed under certain conditions (caused some issues, I won't go into details)
    • Fixed the scaling damage bonus debuff on Improved Whirlwind for the Barbarian
    • Optimized several more damage events to only load and register if that hero is present
    • Optimized several hero abilities to store their proper effects in the attached buff instead of recalcing on every damage event with the buff. (if you dont understand this, don't worry about it, it just improves overall game performance by making it less taxing on the CPU)
    • Fixed some issues with roots/snares on some abilities vs Mini Bosses and Bosses that are meant to be immune
    • Fixed an issue with a unit dying mid air while under the effects of Chaotic Grasp
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a unit effected by Chaotic Grasp to not return to 0 fly hight at the end
    • Tweaked a few things in Avnos VX mode
    • Smoke Cloud was finally nerfed (% miss and move speed reduction are much lower)
    • Fixed the scaling % bonus threat of the Warrior's Defensive Stance (it was scaling +5% per level when it was meant to scale 0.5% per level).

    3.0.4beta3.8 Patch Notes - 6/17/10 - Public Beta Copy

    Corrected an unexpected error with the Widgetizer (load and lobby lag) and fixed some very odd issue with unit death & recycle events. Map is in working order again.

    3.0.4beta3.7 Patch Notes - 6/17/10 - Public Beta Copy

    The Frost Wing is now unlocked and Karnos is now available for testing

    Note: this patch should be stable enough to play (I wanted to get a stable patch out to fix the HP scaling issue), however there are a few known issues that are unresolved as of yet.

    Generic Bugs
    • Catacombs Ghoul - Should no longer see left over ghouls invulnerable and without pathing lying around.
    • Catacombs Skeleton Warrior - Should no longer see left over skellies invulnerable and without pathing lying around.
    • Timer leak with the new OOC regen system has been fixed. This leak over time would lead to many issues (this includes the random out of control HP scaling with mobs.)
    • Corrected an issue with Force Recycled mobs (boss adds, etc) that would cause them to be double scaled every time they were re-used
    • Corrected 2 crash bugs in the AOT Fire Pack mobs
    • Removed Hex from the Ancient Troll Witch Doctors in the AOT
    • Chaotic Attacks and Mindblade now properly work with each other
    • Corrected a bug with Dead heroe's still being counted as alive under some conditions with boss targeting for abilities (mainly this only effected Karrix's Spikes when chasing a player from what I have seen)
    • Per the correction above, Karrix's spikes can no longer target players that died and respawned in town.
    • Corrected the priority on Karrix's adds on VX mode so the MT will not ignore the boss and run off after them
    • Adjusted Karrix's Tail Lash Void zones (VX only) so they appear further behind him for better visual effect. These void zone's also had their range adjusted to fix the graphic better
    • Karrix's Poison Lob now favors people at 500+ range while still targeting anybody 400+. The rule remains that he will ignore melee as long as somebody is at least 400+, but if there are multiple players, the further players will be chosen first.
    • Corrected the duration of Curse of the Chaotic so it actually functions now
    • The AOT Waypoint now has access to Grom'Gol
    • Fixed several hero ability tooltips that displayed the ability code for cooldown instead of the actual text
    • Hasten's agility bonus now properly updates Attack Power, Dodge, and Crit Chance based on the bonus agility
    • Starting a certain quest no longer updates your teleporter access to a zone when not intended
    • Fixed a massive struct leak issue related to anything that used the JumpCode (Ghoul Leap, Chaotic Grasp, Renolds Death with Haggart, etc)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Unstable Power from applying the buff
    • Mobs inside the AOT camp can no longer move
    • Both waypoints before the 2 waygates now function properly inside the AOT
    • Fixed a few spelling/grammar errors
    • Corrected some issues with the Fire Side packs that may have been the source of some Desyncs/crashes
    • The general merchant in the AOT camp now sells the proper AOT portal scroll

    3.0.4b2 Patch Notes - 6/1/10 - Public Beta Copy

    Note: Several people have reported that the barrier on th frost wing does not dissipate at any time. This is CORRECT. The current beta only allows access to the Fire wing. At one point I will switch the wings and close off the fire wing and open the frost wing.

    • Corrected a struct error that resulted an a continuous loop of 'destroy', which caused multiple system failures that used timers that were being free'd by this incorrect loop
    • Ranger Snare Trap now properly displays the missile graphic
    • Corrected a few visuals with the Shadowblade's Soul Drain
    • Centaur Multishot & Multisnare no longer directs all the group missiles at a single target, it now properly targets everybody in range
    • Fixed a possible infinite loop bug with Lord Myren (Naga Mini Boss on the North Path) when he casts Boil Water or Destroy Land

    3.0.4b1 Patch Notes - 6/1/10 - Public Beta Copy

    Note: In this public beta you are able to unlock the AOT (Ancient Orc Tomb), fight Karrix, the Tomb Guardian, Unlock a new waypoint inside the tomb, clear the Fire Wing and face Avnos the Fire Lord. The frost wing is currently blocked off and not accessible in this beta. There is NO password wipe, and all passwords given in this version will be valid in the official non-beta release of 3.0.4 when it launches.

    • Added some optimization to the damage event conditions array to improve performance overall. This includes the similar setup to the hero spell events, all hero damage events are now only registered and setup when a hero is present.
    • Fixed several multiboard displays when dealing with real numbers and rounding
    • System overhaul
      • A buff system has been installed to allow full control over all buffs, debuffs. This allows us to have stacking buffs/debuffs, control their duration mid stream, categorize the effects and many many more things I will not go into in this post. All spells have been converted (both player and enemy) to use this system. This will fix all issues with different buffs not stacking due to baseID's being the same on some abilities, as well as other issues.
      • A projectile system has been installed to allow full control over all missiles. All spells have been converted (both player and enemy) to use this system.
      • Many changes / code rewrites have occurred to all player spells to improve the dynamic effects of the abilities as well as optimize the code better to support any talent changes / fixes in future builds
      • Many base abilities have been recoded to use different base abilities to work better with the above mentioned systems

    New Content
    • The Ancient Orc Temple - a new zone is now unlocked which is beneath the Jaharra barrens. Once you recovered the keyfragment and rid the temple of sanctity of the naga, you can take the keystone to the entrance and use it to open the portal within. This new zone is an instance like place with monster packs that pull / reset as a group. There are 5 bosses inside split between the 2 sides of the temple: The Fire side, and the Frost side. Each boss will have a VX mode. There will be 1 orc camp inside after the first boss that you can teleport too in a fresh game to bypass the trials, ToS and go right to the AOT. Completing the first quest for the AOT will be a requirement to use this portal.
    • New Bosses
      • Karrix - The Scorpion King - First boss you will encounter before you can actually begin your journey through the AOT. In a fresh game, to get to this boss you must re-clear the Temple of Sanctity. VX Mode: Baby Killer! - Slay all 5 baby scorpions before they burrow.
      • Avnos - The Fire Lord - This is the boss of the fire side of the AOT. In a fresh game, you can warp to the AOT and begin clearing the packs to him. VX Mode: Die In A Fire! - Spawn the Fire Orb before defeating Avnos.
      • Karnos - The Frost Lord - This is boss of the frost side of the AOT. In a fresh game, you can warp to the AOT and begin clearing the packs to him. VX Mode: Frost Bitten - Defeat Karnos with 50 or more stacks of Frostbite on him.
      • ????? - ????? - The 4th boss of the AOT. Accessible after Avnos and Karnos are defeated and their seals are removed from the central chamber door. VX Mode ????? - ??????
      • ????? - ????? - The 5th and final boss of the AOT. Accessible after the previous boss is defeated and the magical seal to the final tomb is removed. VX Mode ????? - ??????
    • Many new Enchanted and Epic items added

    New Hero - Shadowblade
    • A Damage/Support hybrid Agility/Energy Hero based around the dark arts of shadow magic and power stealing / draining
    • Features 6 abilities and 21 talents

    • Monster reset (Evading) has been altered. Now when mobs hit a reset point, they vanish into a cloud of dust and teleport back instantly.
    • Mobs that die that are part of a pack can no longer respawn as part of another pack while their original pack is still active (fixes several issues in the Temple of Sanctity and the new Ancient Orc Tomb)

    Monster Balance
    • Vormur Gardens
      • Black Spirits - increased aura damage slightly
      • Green Spirits - heal is now 20% of max hp instead of flat amount (so the heal works better with player scaling)
    • Risen Zombies - Are now level 14 (up from 12) and Give 10 exp 15 gold (up from 7 and 4)
    • Vormur Catacombs
      • Skeleton Warriors - Whirlslash has been re-designed to new mechanics, same spell, more deadly to non-tank melee
      • Catacombs Priest - heal is now 25% of max hp (same reason as the Green Spirits)
      • Ghoul - leap is now a 2s stun (down from 3), the DoT has been removed, base damage of the ability has been increased
    • Heartcore Game Mode
      • All ability damage increased by an additional 5%
      • Monster scaling gains an additional 1.0 Player Scale (for those that do not understand how my player scaling works... well to bad =P)

    • Corrected the Teleport Scroll tooltips and error messages to display the proper quests you need to complete before they can be used by a Hero.

    Generic Hero Threat
    • Threat from Dodge increase to 145% up from 115%
    • Threat from Blocking increases to 225% up from 175%
    • Threat from Block Value increased to 575% up from 425%

    C. Knight
    • C. Knight's can now use 1h Main Hand Axes
    • Mindblade now does 45% of it's damage as AoE (up from 35%)
    • Threat Changes
      • Hasten now increases threat by 180% (up from 160%)
      • Mindblade now generates 175% threat (up from 140%)

    • Corrected a bug with Ice Barrier that would cause a unit to die if they took more damage than they had current HP regardless of how much damage the Ice Barrier can prevent

    • Burning Desire now increases damage by 6 + 7% of your spell power and increases mana regen by 30%
    • Fireform has been altered - Now increases all spell damage by 10% + 3% of your Spell Power (the old was 15% and a flat amount per level), bonus spell crit damage remains at 15%

    • Warriors can now use 1h Main Hand Axes
    • Corrected a bug with Ignore the Pain that caused it to not heal properly when blocking
    • Threat Changes
      • Defensive Stance - Passive threat gain increased to 75% from 60%. You also gain 0.6% more threat per level
      • Shield Slam - Threat increased to 175% up from 160% - Improved now adds 30% up from 25%
      • Intimidating Shout - Threat increased to 240% up from 200% - Improved now adds 40% up from 35%
      • Whirlslash - Threat increased to 190% up from 175%

    3.0.3d Patch Notes - 2/10/10

    • Corrected the crash bug in 3.0.3c
    • Fixed several minor things not worth mentioning

    3.0.3c Patch Notes - 2/5/10

    • Corrected Endurance's tooltip to display +0.20 to power
    • Corrected the starting info for the Cleric
    • Corrected the Mana Regen display in the multiboard. While it was being calculated correctly, the display value was not accurate.
    • Re-worked some of the order of events / mechanics / and messed with the global converting them into local variables for some of the functions that deal with recycling / respawning units. While I can't say for certain if this will fix some of the rare / weird issues, it couldn't hurt.

    Generic Enemy Abilities
    • Fixed an issue that could still cause a Frontal Wave to double hit.
    • All DoT effects can no longer stack on a player (of the same exact ability). Instead it will just refresh the duration. This will prevent 2-3 mobs randomly targeting 1 player and them dying way to fast due to stacking DoT effects.
      • Naga Cleave had its damage reduced a bit
      • Naga Warstomp stun now only lasts 0.75s (down from 2s)
      • Naga Shockwave stun now only lasts 0.75s (down from 2s)
      • Naga Impale stun now only lasts 1.5s (down from 3s) and had a small initial damage decrease

    • Gaining access to the Valley of Trials via the Fragment turn in's is no longer required. Gaining access to the Teleporter in the first place still requires turning in the fragments then completing the trials. Once you do this, you can start a new game, teleport to Grom'Gol and go right into the trials bypassing the barrens.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause some NPC's to drop 'null' item placeholders when you complete the quest

    • Both Tome of Re-Training and Re-Spec now cost 0g to purchase. What the item does when you pick it up is now run a formula based on hero level to calculate a gold cost. If you do not have enough gold, it says so. This makes the items cost scale with your hero level. The formula is as follows: 2500g + (HeroLevel * 200). A level 25 hero would now cost 7500g to respec.

    • Corrected an issue with the Sand Golem and his new reduced stun duration Boulder Barrage

    Mini Bosses
    • Corrected an issue that prevented items from spawning and exp gained if you kill the mini boss first before the adds.
    • Upon reset, Lord Naztar now properly resets mana to 0 and clears the mana shield buff
    • Lord Naztar's damage reflection is now only 25% on normal (down from 35%) and up to 40% on Leg/HC.

    • Deep Slice base damage is now 17 and coefficient is now 90% (up from 14 and 80%)
    • Warcry base damage is now 4 and damage per level is now 0.65 (up from 3 and 0.6)
    • Berserker rage now adds +3 damage per hit (with a round down value of 0.05 per level) with the final hit now doing a base of 20 with a coefficient of 95% (up from +2 / 0.05 and 14 / 85%)
    • Battle Lust now heals a base of 7 with + 0.45 per level (up from 6 and 0.40) and now adds 10% crit base (up from 5%). The + 0.15% crit per level is unchanged
    • Bladestorm base damage is now 16 and coefficient is now 35% (up from 14 and 30%)
    • Fixed an issue with the attack speed bonus from Improved Berserker Rage

    C. Knight
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the AoE damage from procing if Mindblade did the killing blow on a unit.
    • Fixed an issue with Improved Hasten and the +Agility bonus
    • Empowered Hasten now works as intended.

    • Fixed an issue with Empowered Purify

    • Fixed a different issue with Dragon's Breath that caused Imp Ignition not to function
    • Fixed an issue that prevented No Mercy from reaching level 2 damage. It always counted as level 1 (10% more)
    • Ignition base damage is now 18 and coefficient is now 90% (down from 20 and 95%), cooldown is now 2s (up from 1s)
    • Dragon's Breath base damage is now 15 and coefficient is now 75% (down from 18 and 80%)

    • Improved Light Infusion works now... serious this time.... seriously

    Phantom Stalker
    • Puncture debuff no longer stuns bosses when used with Remorseless Strike (still counts for the mana restore, however)

    • Empowered Frost Arrows now properly roots units as stated in the talent. Also reduced the proc chance to 15%/30% and duration to 1.5s (it is the same as Improved Ice Nova from the Hydro)

    • Shield slam will now leave a debuff on targets that it could not stun for use with the whirlslash combo.

    3.0.3b Patch Notes - 1/29/10

    • Fixed the (null) error with the Medicinal Purposes quest
    • Fixed an issue that prevented incorrect items from being dropped when handed in on quests that were already completed.
    • Fixed an issue with Beyond Our Gates that interferes with The Betrayal quest
    • Recoded the second area of the Trial of Agility a bit (The part with the spawning fire bombs). The fire bombs now last 1.75s (up from 1.25s) giving a bit more time to dodge considering WC3 delays / lag. They now spawn slightly faster though, 0.6s instead of 0.8s. The fire bombs can now also only spawn in the assigned regions, making the 2 safe spots actually safe spots. Bombs stop spawning for those heroes when standing in the area and now the bombs can never spawn in that area randomly.
    • The Trial of Agility fire damage was incorrectly using hero armor to reduce the damage. This has been corrected. All heroes will now take the same amounts of damage.

    Enemy Abilities
    • Recoded the Frontal Wave ability which is used for: Flamewave, Firewave, Waterwave, etc. Once hit, you are now put in a group so you cannot get hit again by the same wave. Since you will not get hit 2,3,4 times from the same wave, the damage on each wave has been increased approx 240%
    • The following edits are for NORMAL MODE ONLY
      • Naga in the Temple of Sanctity now have reduced damage by about 15-25% with their abilities
      • Naga in the Temple of Sanctity now have reduced stun durations on their abilities

    • Corrected an issue with the Haggart mini boss fight. He now does his 2nd ability as intended instead of just announcing it and doing nothing.
    • Altered the way Lord Naztar casts his abilities a bit. This is all 'under the hood' mechanic stuff, but should improve the smoothness of his fight and fix some issues.
    • The following edits are for NORMAL MODE ONLY
      • Naga in the Temple of Sanctity now have reduced damage by about 15-25% with their abilities
      • Naga in the Temple of Sanctity now have reduced stun durations on their abilities
      • Lord Myron's damage ticks on the water / sand are now 1.5s apart (up from 1s)
      • Lady Varlyn has reduced multishot damage and range
      • Lord Naztar's Mana shield explosion's damage has been reduced
      • Lord Naztar's Mana drain's damage has been reduced and only burns 7% of the hero's mana (down from 14%)

    • Corrected a reset issue with BM and the eggs/spiders that spawn. They will properly be cleaned up now
    • Sand Wave from the Sand Golem now adds your hero to a hidden group watch list putting you on the safe list for 4s after getting hit. This will block any double hits from the sand wave which are unintentional.
    • The following edits are for NORMAL MODE ONLY
      • Narith Frozen now ticks every 2.5s (up from 1.75s) and tick damage is reduced by 15%
      • Narith Poison Sparks void zones now last 5s (down from 8s)
      • Narith Poison Volley base and tick damage reduced by 15%
      • Sand Golem Boulder Volley stun duration reduced to 1s (down from 3s) and damage reduced by 15%
      • Sand Golem Dust Tornado move speed reduced to 125 (down from 135)
      • Sand Golem Sand Wave cast time increased to 2.75s (up from 2.5s)

    • Fixed an issue with Bladestorm

    • Improved Ice Barrier will now only shield adjacent targets for 45% of the HP the shield gives to the target (instead of the full 100% sheild HP)

    • Improved Frost Arrow now properly does it's AoE radius damage

    • Improved Ignition now works as intended for a 25%/50% damage bonus on targets on fire from Dragon's Breath

    3.0.3a Patch Notes - 1/21/10

    Generic Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the Widgetizing bug that causes lobby / game create / loading lag.

    • Fixed a name reference that results in a fatal error with the Save the Fallen quest. The front left gunner in the Vormur Gardens

    • The Broodmother quest now properly gives the Barbarian his offhand axe, instead of the druid Idol. If you repeat the quest in a new game, you will get the proper item if you are missing it.

    Generic Monster Related
    • Re-programmed the spell/ability damage scaling for Leg/HC modes only. It now scales difference % values depending on the base damage of the spell. The lower the base damage, the higher % it will scale, so the higher values scaling will not out scale the players HP scaling on Leg/HC modes.

    • Narith VX mode now properly starts phase 2 with Narith at 75% HP as intended instead of full 100%
    • Narith's passive damage aura will no longer tick once the death sequence has started.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented Improved Arcanic Disruption from working

    • Fixed a visual display bug with cleave showing incorrect damage values

    • Possibly fixed the problem with Improved Light Infusion not procing the AoE heal effect on targets that was not the paladin

    • Added HCL Bot support. Using the bot commands will automatically bypass the game mode selection and go right into selecting/loading a hero. The commands are:
      • -n or -nm for Normal mode
      • -l or -lg for Legendary mode
      • -h or -hc for Heartcore mode

    3.0.3 Patch Notes - 1/20/10

    • Catacombs terrain has been morphed by the evil presence within and has a totally new look to it.
    • A new Tol'Calm Front Gate camp has been added. It includes generic shops for potions, clouds, wards, etc and a teleporter waypoint. Completing the quest: Beyond Our Gates, which you can now take after Narith is dead will allow you to use this new waypoint. 8 New quests so far have been added to this new camp.
    • The Jaharra Barrens is now open for exploration but has been taken over by the Centaur Clans who seem to have it out to destroy all Humans that enter the desert. Also spotted are Scorpions and Coyotes.
    • The city of Grom'Gol is now open with changes and expansion. Behind the city is a new valley, The Valley of Trials along with a temple and attached caves that is now part of the main story quest line.

    • Centaur Vagabond - The warrior of the clans, melee unit. Has the ability to Toss his axe at a player doing initial damage and leaving a bleed over time effect.
    • Centaur Ranger - The hunter of the clans, ranged unit. Has the ability to throw a bola trap ensnaring the target for initial damage and damage over time. Also has the ability to use Spread Shot, which fires 1 arrow at every player close by the Centaur Ranger
    • Centaur Stormchaser - The caster of the clans, ranged unit. Has the ability to cast chain lightning that will bounce 3 times. (No damage reduction between the bounces)

    • Along with the ranks of the centaur in the clans comes the dreaded Centaur Lords. There are 4 lords that you will face. Nature Caster, Wind Caster, Ranger, Warrior. Each lord has a high amount of HP and high basic attack damage, paired up with 2 or 3 unique abilities for each lord which makes them tricky.

    • There is now a quest chain you have to complete to unlock the Orc City of Grom'Gol instead of just walking up to the city like you could in 2.xx. Completing the main story quests (Including the Valley of Trials) will unlock use of the teleporter in that city.

    • Naga Protector - The warrior of the naga, melee unit. Has Shockwave that is a frontal cone damage/stun ability and Warstomp which is a 360 AoE damage/stun.
    • Naga Ravager - The strong fighter of the naga, melee unit. Has Impale which is a direct damage attack that will stun and apply a bleed effect. It also has a casted cleave that will do damage in a frontal arc area.
    • Naga Wraithguard - The caster of the naga, ranged unit. Has a 15% direct heal and can cast Water Wave, which is a frontal wave of water damage.

    • There are also 3 new mini bosses to fight inside the Temple of Sanctity. As usual with the super mini bosses, they have very unique abilities and should pose quite a challenge. These is no end of the patch Boss like there was with Narith. The sand golem is the 1 new major boss in this patch.

    • The Sand Golem mini boss concept has been turned into an actual boss. He is guarding the entrance to Grom'Gol and must be defeated before you can enter the city, but to spawn him, you need to complete some tasks and solve a little mystery.

    • There is a new item type: Enchanted. It is a step up from Magical and a step down from Epic. All Bosses will drop Enchanted items from normal modes.
    • Epic items will now only be found from VX mode bosses
    • New Elixirs:
      • Elixir of Resilience: Reduces all ability damage taken by 12%
      • Elixir of Haste: Increases attack speed by 25% and move speed by 7%
      • Elixir of Fortification: Increases max HP by 12% and dodge by 4%
      • Elixir of Wisdom: Increases max MP by 24% and spell power by 5%
      • Elixir of Spirit: restores 1.25% of your max mana every 3s

    Stat Changes
    • Constitution: Now gives +3 HP and +0.20 Power per point (up from +2 HP and 0.15 Power)
    • Reflexes:
      • Now gives 0.060 dodge per point (up from 0.050)
      • Now gives 0.275 attack power per point (agility heroes only) (up from 0.175)
      • Now gives 0.032 attack crit power per point (up from 0.023)
    • Intelligence
      • Now gives 0.675 Spell Power per point (up from 0.550)
      • Now gives 0.115 Spell Crit Bonus (up from 0)
      • No longer gives Spell Crit Chance
    • Wisdom
      • Now gives 0.525 Spell Power per point (up from 0)
      • Mana per point is unchained (still +1 per point)
    • Energy
      • Now gives 0.525 Spell Power per point (down from 0.625)
      • Now gives 0.050 Spell Crit Chance per point (down from 0.055)
      • Mana per point is unchained (still +1 per point)

    Generic Bug fixes
    • Wisps in the Vormur Gardens now function as intended and are the proper colors
    • Narith - corrected a bug with the Lightning Phase (Normal Mode). If you end the Lightning Phase while the Timer for Stormcloud is counting, the timer will not be paused and Stormcloud / Endless Lightning cycle will continue for the rest of the fight. If Stormcloud has just gone off and you end the phase before Endless Lightning goes off, it will function properly.

    Generic Monster Related
    • Redid and optomized several things with the aggro system and aggro bars to cut back on the overall processing load.
    • Properly destroy and clean up all units that do not need to be recycled (boss adds, catacombs packs, etc)
    • Catacombs now spawns in 3 groups instead of all at once. This reduces the number of units the aggro system needs to keep track of and also fixes a few exploits with doors and them not being LoS blockers
      (Note: People that experienced bad FPS in the catacombs should now see a HUGE improvement from the above 3 optimizations)
    • Monster that go into reset mode will no longer have pathing to prevent bottlenecking and some exploits.

    Generic Hero Related
    • All improved abilities now update the tooltips for the abilities to display their bonus effects
    • Healing Spells are now capable of crits. HoT's are still not.
    • Added a new function that will fix the issue with damage absorption abilities (including Dodge), which was: if the amount of damage taken + current life was greater than max life, you would still take damage.

    New Hero - Barbarian
    • The Barbarian is a physical DPS dealer that relies on sheer brute force to cut down his enemies. The Barbarian also brings several party buffs to the table besides his DPS abilities.
    • His abilities are:
      • Cleave - Causes 75% of his auto attack damage to be split in a frontal radius around him (works with right click autocast). Costs 5 mana, 2s cooldown
      • Deep Slice - based off attack power, strikes a single target for physical damage. Costs 10 mana, 6s cooldown. Improved effect adds a physical damage bleed based on Deep Slices damage.
      • Warcry - buffs the players around the Barbarian adding damage. Costs 5 mana, 35s cooldown. Improved effect also increases the passive HP regen rates of the players
      • Berserker Rage - the Barbarian goes into a frenzy causing every white attack to increase his base damage. This bonus damage stacks up to 8 times. After the 8th stack all the built up rage will unleash on the target hit for a strike based off attack power. Costs 10 mana, lasts 22s
      • Battle Lust - buffs the players around the Barbarian causing them to regain health with each attack. Costs 15 mana, 50s cooldown. Improved effect also increases Attack & Spell Critical Strike Chance
      • Bladestorm - The Barbarian goes into a spinning frenzy reducing his movement speed by 40%, disables his abilities and attacks and deals damage to all near by enemies with each spin. Costs 20 mana, 30s cooldown. Improved effects apply a debuff to every mob hit that causes them to take additional damage from all sources for 8s.

    • Kinetic Shield removed from the game. New Ability: Arcanic Blast
      • Single target, direct nuke, 8s coodown, costs 20 mana. Base damage is 27, coefficient is 115%. An improved version will cause any unit with the Arcanic Missile debuff to explode upon impact doing 40% of the Blast's damage as a 375 radius AoE. Empowered versions increase damage of the blast by 10/20%

    • Heavenly Rain redone: No longer requires channeling, once casted the cleric is free to move around, it ticks every 1s from the clerics current position (not where casted). Base duration is now 8s with + 0.04s per level. Base heal is 10, coefficient is 15% per tick

    C. Knight
    • Mindblade reworked so the bonus damages from talents add correctly. Also added a constant 35% AoE damage to the Improved Mindblade talent.
    • Hasten is now an AoE buff instead of a single target buff. Threat mods for the CK with hasten active on him still apply the same way they did. (A CK with hasten will generate all the extra threat mods, no hasten buff active will be considered a DPS class and take the minus threat mods)
    • Adjusted the CK's base block percent value to be 25% (was 15% before the talents). The Shield Blocking talent will now make the CK's block percent value 5% more than the warriors.
    • Armor Break's base value is now 6 (up from 2.75), armor per level is now 0.45 (up from 0.25)
    • Soul Shatter removed from the game. The new C. Knight ability will be Chaotic Grip.
      • Forces the target to fly through the air at the CK moving the CK to the top of the threat list. Improved version will cause damage to the target. This ability will have a 20s cooldown. Does not effect threat if you are already the #1 target. The damage the ability deals will still add threat in this situation. This ability will still work on, but not pull any Mini bosses or Bosses

    • Water Bolt is now a 2s cooldown (up from 1.5s)
    • Overall she gained about 5% to all of her damage coefficients and +2 to all base damage
    • Purify base heal is now 24 (up from 17) and the coefficient is now 55% (up from 45%)
    • Ice Barrier base HP is now 120 (up from 90) and the HP per level is now 17 (up from 14)
    • Corrected some issues with Ice Barrier applications with the Improved talent
    • Corrected some issues with Watery Grave not procing the AoE properly when a unit died while it was active.
    • Improved Ice Nova roots can no longer proc on Mini bosses or bosses

    • Ensare Trap can no longer root Mini bosses or bosses in place

    Phantom Stalker
    • Bladefury now increases attack speed by 45% (up from 35%)
    • When RS is used, the PS now will restore 3% per debuff (9% in total) of her mana pool
    • Overall her damage output should now be sightly higher if your rotation with RS is performed properly. Coefficients were increased on the base abilities slightly and the scaling factor from RS was increased. Tooltips and talent info has been properly updated.

    • Corrected a bug with the DoT effect from Dragon's Breath and Meteor. It was doing about 5x as much damage as it was supposed to. In compensation of correcting this problem and nerfing the Pyro's damage, all of her abilities have been bumped in base and coefficients.
    • Fireball properly does it's AoE explosion if Fireball killed the unit.
    • Fire Form now properly increases Spell Crit Bonus damage by 25%

    • Improved Shield Slam talent now also increases Shield Slam threat by 20%
    • Improved Intimidating Shout now also increases Intimidating Shout threat by 35%

    Disclaimer: Every change / edit may not be reflected in the notes listed above. Things such as exploit fixes, edits, work arounds, and some hidden adjustments may be present.

    Older Patches

    3.0.2d Patch Notes

    Generic Bug fixes
    • Dragon's Breath & Purify no longer uses the blizzard code of Breath of Fire and looks for the debuffs - it now uses a special GroupEnumUnitsInCone function that works 1000x better
    • Fixed a minor bug with scaling and players that are currently not loaded. Unloaded heroes are considered a standard DPS instead of their normal class
    • Found a memory leak issue with Dragon's Breath
    • Found a memory leak issue with Snare Trap
    • Fixed a memory leak with the Mana Burn effect with the Undead Mage's Drain Spirit
    • Removed some global variables and converted them to local to help prevent sharing variable errors.
    • Corrected the tooltip for Divine Protection to display its effected by Hero Level
    • Corrected the hero unit name display when saving
    • Corrected all the of the PS's buff/debuff icons

    • Arcanic Explosion base damage is now 11 (down from 15)
    • Arcanic Explosion coefficient is now 55% (down from 60%)
    • Drain Spirit base channel time is now 2.75 (down from 3.02) (this is a buff)
    • Disruption Aura base damage is now 10 (down from 13)
    • Disruption Aura coefficient is now 14% (down from 17%)

    Chaotic Knight
    • Fixed an issue with mindblade that would cause it not to function properly for some players

    • AoE % of Explosive Arrows is now 20% (down from 30%) (empowered still brings it up by 16% to a total of 36% AoE damage)
    • Explosive Arrows coefficient is now 75% (down from 80%)
    • Fire Trap base damage is now 7 (down from 8)
    • Fire Trap coefficient is now 49% (down from 52%)
    • Frost Trap coefficient is now 40% (down from 50%) (to keep in line with Fire Trap)
    • Frost Arrow coefficient is now 60% (down from 65%)
    • Hail of Arrow coefficient is now 9% (down from 14%) (this is per arrow, the # of arrows fired is unchanged)

    Phantom Stalker
    • Due to the nature of the Phantom Stalkers high single target threat, she is now receiving a bonus 25% reduction in threat on top of the normal DPS threat reduction

    • Undead Mages now properly cancel their Drain Spirit when they die
    • Reworked a few monster abilities under the hood mechanics, while you will see no change in game play, it should resolve some possible issues and possibly some of the desync problems.
    • Haggart's Concussion Bomb is now base 90 damage (down from 120), the splash damage is now 65 (down from 90), the DoT is now 3 ticks of 21 (down from 5 ticks of 21), the silence effect now lasts 3 seconds (down from 5). Poor Haggart has been hit with the nerf bat.

    • Items in merchant windows don't appear as Soul Bound anymore
    • Healing Ward Rank 2 now gives the proper buff for Rank 2 heal ward (corrects the healing part of it as well)

    • Stormcloud ability has gone under a drastic change that should reduce visual lag and FPS issues. The end result is now the following: The cloud will spawn doing its lightning bolts inside for minor damage. After a short duration as it spawns, for 1s sparks will spawn every 0.05s as those sparks land, 1 giant spark above the cloud will explode causing everybody not under the cloud to take about 500 damage.
    • Bosses are no longer affected by triggered stuns on abilities (e.g. Warrior Shield Slam, the damage is still dealt, but no stun will be applied)
    • Bosses are no longer rootable by triggered abilities (e.g. Ranger Snare Trap)
      (Mini bosses are still affected by these)

    • Combat Multiboard no longer displays health and mana bars since the side hero icons also do this. The combat multiboard now only displays Hero Level, DPS, HPS and the game difficulty is now displayed in the title of this board.

    3.0.2c Patch Notes


    • Fixed some more tooltips
    • Passwords when displayed now show Hero Type and Level in the code for sorting passwords better with screen shots/GameCapture
    • Healing a target that is Out of Combat no longer puts you in combat. If the target is In Combat, you will be put in combat as well

    • Fixed a bug with Arcanic Disruption that would allow multiple hits to generate extra threat, or crit for more than intended bonus damage

    • Guardian Angel's cooldown decreased to 20 (down from 25)
    • Guardian Angel on the Multiboard no longer displays the healing factor without the talent

    • All coefficients lowered for all damage abilities by 5%
    • Most abilities base damage reduced by 1, 2, or 3 damage
    • Poison Trap now does it's damage over 4 seconds instead of 5. Damage is unchanged (0.8s per tick instead of 1)

    • Fixed the targets allowed for Divine Touch so it can target enemies for use as a damage ability
    • Divine Touch's base heal is now 80 (up from 75) and coefficient is now 115% (down from 130%)

    Phantom Stalker
    • All coefficients raised all damage abilities by 5%
    • Most abilities base damage increased by 1, 2, or 3 damage

    • Corrected a bug that prevented Meteor's DoT damage from working properly

    • Corrected the talent tree tooltip of Counter-Attack to its actual block value, which is now 10% (down from 20%)
    • Improved Defensive Stance now increases block chance by 3/6% (down from 4/8%)
    • Improved Battle Orders renamed to Master Commander. The talent now also causes the warrior to regain 3 mana with every critical strike
    • Counter Attack will now only return a strike on units within 250 range of the warrior
    • Lowered the Warriors damage output and AoE damage, but boosted the treat to compensate. You should notice no difference in threat, but more balanced DPS.


    • Reduced base Block rate to 0.5% (down from 4.725%)
    • Reduced base Dodge chance to 3.5% (down from 5.725%)
    • Reduced HP/s from spirit to 0.025 per point (down from 0.125)

    • Endurance now adds 0.15 Power per point (down from 0.25)
    • Now takes 3 points of Endurance to award 1 armor (up from 2)

    • Block chance from Endurance reduced to 0.045% (down from 0.075%)
    • Block chance from Dexterity reduced to 0.065% (down from 0.125%)
    • Block chance from Power reduced to 0.015% (down from 0.025%)

    • Dodge chance from Reflexes reduced to 0.055% (down from 0.070%)
    • Dodge chance from Agility reduced to 0.015% (down from 0.025%)

    • Spirit now increases base MP/s. 5 points in spirit = 0.02 to your 0.75 base.
    • Spirit still increases your % of base mana regen (0.175% per point)
    • Reduced the gain of HP/s from spirit to 0.025 (thats 0.025 HP/s per point)
    • Reduced the Energy gain from each spirit point to 0.15 (down from 0.25)
    • NOTE: Spirit is tricky to understand, but now should be a good stat. Each point will increase a regen rate by a % of your base, and every 5 points increases your base, making the scaling of the % even better. This will also help increase the effect from any mana regen percent items you have.

    • Vormur Storm Shield: +Block is now 3% (down from 6%)
    • Vormur Battle Shield: +Block is now 3% (down from 4%)
    • All rings: +Dodge is now base 2.25% (down from 3.25%) and per level bonus is now 0.12% (down from 0.20%)
    • All rings: +Block is now base 1.75% (down from 3.25%) and per level bonus is now 0.12% (down from 0.15%)
    • All amulets: +Dodge is now base 2.25% (down from 4.25%) and per level bonus is now 0.12% (down from 0.20%)
    • All amulets: +Block is now base 1.75% (down from 3.25%) and per level bonus is now 0.12% (down from 0.15%)

    • Soul bound items now say so in the item description multi-board


    • Narith now drops a Paladin mace as intended
    • Fixed some exploits that made things easier than intended

    3.0.2b Patch Notes


    • -Fixed several more tooltips, not going to list them all, its too minor
      -Power Heroes: Increased the AP gain from Strength to 0.775 (up from 0.650) and AP gain from Power to 0.950 (up from 0.725)

    • -Increased Drain Spirit's base damage from 33 to 42. Coefficient remains unchanged
      -Increased Arcanic Explosion's coefficient from 55% to 60% and decreased its cooldown from 4s to 3s
      -Decreased Arcanic Disruption's mana cost from 30 to 25

    C. Knight
    • -Increased threat gen while hasten is active on the C. Knight to 40% (up from 35%)
      -Increased threat gen from mindlblade to 40% (up from 30%)

    • -Changed the way the MoR effect heals. No longer do all the heals count for the Paladin's threat/HPS. The player doing the attacking is now considered the healer in terms of threat and HPS.
      -Corrected the visual display bug with Divine Light that showed stacking heals/damage. While only a visual bug, the visual figures also generated too much threat.
      -Mana cost of Mark of Replenishment increased to 10 (up from 5). Mana gain from MoR reduced by 2 (still percent based of the users max mana pool, but now that value is reduced by 2 before being added to your pool).
      -Mana cost of Divine Wrath increased to 20 (up from 15)
      -Mana cost of Light Infusion increase to 20 (up from 15)
      -Mana cost of Divine Light increase to 25 (up from 20)

    Phantom Stalker
    • -Corrected a target's allowed bug on Remorseless Strike that allowed players to target allies with this ability
      -Improved Gash is is now 7/14% of the base damage per tick (up from 6/12)
      -Improved Shuriken is now 10% of the base damage per tick (down from 14%)
      -Hail of Blades cooldown is now 7s (down from 12s), base damage is now 12 (up from 8) and Coefficient is now 55% (up from 45%)
      -Numerous changes to all of her abilities base and coefficient damage to bring her DPS more on par with the Ranger

    • -Increased Dragon's Breath base damage from 12 to 16
      -Increased Ignition's base damage from 16 to 18 and coefficient from 85% to 90%
      -Increased Meteor's base damage from 18 to 21 and decreased its coefficient from 84% to 80%

    • -Increased threat gen from all abilities by 5% and bonus base threat from defensive stance by 5%


    • -Corrected an order of events check that will prevent bosses from leaving their fight areas without forcing a reset.

    • -Moved the spawn point for egg #3 and #8 so they are more clearly visible

    • -Corrected an issue that would cause his reset to become permanent.
      -Corrected an issue that prevented a 2nd VX attempt from functioning properly


    • -Small Health Pot cost reduced to 15
      -Small Mana Pot cost reduced to 15
      -Medium Health Pot cost increased to 40
      -Medium Mana Pot now restores 110 mana

    3.0.2a Patch Notes

    Save load System:
    • Corrected a bug with the cleric's talent tree that was corrupting codes. Improved Divine Protection and Heavenly Rain share the same location in the talent tree overwriting each others data. This shortened the talent tree to 18 talents instead of the expected 19. Thus shifting everything in the load code off 1 digit, messing up the load, even though the code is valid

      Corrected a bug with the load portion of the Phantom Stalker's talent tree. The passwords generated should be fine, but upon loading there is a small bug that prevents the load from going through all the way.

    TKoK, Kaliron, Kingdom, RPG, ORPG, MMO, Warcraft, Role Playing Game

TKoK - Eastern Kingdom - 3.3.0f (Map)

17:09, 21st Dec 2009, by Rui: TKoK is, in my opinion, the best RPG out there for Warcraft III. Check my review here. Reviewed and rated 5/5 (Highly Recommended) with a Director's Choice award.




17:09, 21st Dec 2009, by Rui:
TKoK is, in my opinion, the best RPG out there for Warcraft III. Check my review here. Reviewed and rated 5/5 (Highly Recommended) with a Director's Choice award.
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Sep 27, 2009
Wow this is really impressive. Easily the best RPG I have played for war3. Much better than Nickba's and dare I say it, Dark Invasion 2.

I'd have to agree, though Dark Invasion II is unique, it is very complicated, I've had a freind turned away from its complexity and I get roflstomped so hard cause I have no clue what's going on.

Awesome map.
Level 4
Aug 1, 2009
hey guys.. can somone tell me 1 thing? in this beta can save from lvl 8.. i hosted this map wiuth my 3 friends... we played map.. all get 8 lvl.. bet than my 2 friends got d/c thna i was in server i am red and my friend was blue... he ot to saver click save he got code.. when i try do that i not saving.. first time i click nothing happen thna i click second time and its say only one per 10 minutes can save... so... is that a bug or only red cant save?... help..

oh now i read ur post.. thna u say over 10 digits name cant save?... damn lol i loose 3 chars 8 lvl.... oh yes.. this map for solo is mega imposible... i will tell why......

when u got lvl 9 u dont get any xp for gnolls/spiders/scorpions.... to get a new city where is higer monsters u need done all quests in first city ... there are 2 quests to kill 2 boses..... for solo its imposible... i try.... i taked bos 20% than i try kil all minions and than go.. but they respawn >.< so.. i am stuck in first city.... and i cant do nothing.... oh yes.. whne u try kill bos and if u die.. he got full hp instantly... sowhat can i do? nowon play this map in eurobattle.net all nobos leave cuz xp.. is to low.. i think so too.. but i still play and like rpg... but i cant get out... even my friends dont want play anymore... but this map is so cool i very want play it but for solo no chance...

Level 9 Chaotic Knight with all good items vs Broodmother = Impossible on EASY difficulty

Have to play on harder difficulty to level up my knight before going back to normal and take care of broodmother.
Annoying if I will have to do this for every hard boss there is

Oh well, besides hard difficulty, its the best RPG to wc3

So once again, make broodmother a bit easier; -1250 life and I think Im able to kill it, BARELY if I buy evasion elixir, potion & Healing wards.
Level 11
Jun 13, 2007
Game was not designed for single player and I am only allowing single player in the beta for people to mess around and explore.

Fighting bosses in single player is like trying to solo a Heroic dungeon in WoW, not possible
Level 4
Aug 1, 2009
but i cant play with many ppl this map.. i love this map this map is so cool.. but in eurobattle.net nowon want play.. what can i do about it????? i cant play with many players but i very want.... ;s.... this is bad.. i cant play awwwwwwwwsome map... cuz the players dont want play >.< ;( i dont know what to do ;s.....
Game was not designed for single player and I am only allowing single player in the beta for people to mess around and explore.

Fighting bosses in single player is like trying to solo a Heroic dungeon in WoW, not possible

I like to play single player, no arguing about items

But I get your point.. I guess..

I want to vote 4/5 for the single player thingy, but I just cant.. the map is to perfect.. So 5/5
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Level 12
Feb 11, 2008
found another bug:

when you load a character from then on when i pressed esc key it would display "sorry you cannot pick the chaotic mage at this time"

I tried to do it again but couldnt so im not shure whats causing this.



Level 1
Jul 22, 2009
ppl playin solo im ganna give u out a secret. it worked agains bosses who come 2 at once. Take rouge, n lvl his dodge abillity. BOSS shall miss most of atacks. worked before:)
but u have to play as a rouge :(
GJ vexx. oh the piromancers dragon breath has a lame range. i click on a creep,and she fires it, but only the closer creeps get dmged or sometimes none. saw u say u fixed the bolt but did u saw the breath problem????
Level 10
Mar 9, 2008
This RPG is truly a gem. It includes Great systems, such as the talent and equipment systems, solid gameplay, and great execution. TKoK is a map that can rival some Standalone RPG GAMES.

But the problem is: 80% of battlenet users aren't willing to devote a lot of time into these types of games. Battlenet users look for the quick "15-20 minutes of fun" in WC3. Which brings me into some memories about Dark Invasion II. When ever I host that, I get bombed with "omg this is gay /leave" type users. The confusion and complexity of well made RPG's isn't what masses are looking for.

On a personal level, I can't get into these games either. Its just the feel of them that turns me off somehow, although I know that TKoK is most likely the best made RPG yet.

All in all, TKoK brings me to one thought:

Why are RPGs like Twilights Eve and say Heroes and Empires being hosted over these well made maps?

Honestly, I believe that the players don't get into this far enough to give it a chance. The slow start in most RPG maps is usually the death sentence on battlenet. Why would someone play "Insert well made RPG here" over a game that gives you the world and more at the start?

(P.S. This is the Best RPG on Bnet)
Level 1
Jun 17, 2008
Me and my 2 friend played this yesterday( it was 3.0.2a) we were playing warrior/cleric/chaotic knight and all of a sudden we started doing damage of 2k-10k on cave monster (well not really but the text was saying that) and everytime we were missed or we were blocking we were geting fully healed. I didn't try it on 3.0.2b so im just saying...
Level 6
Feb 12, 2008
Vexen, yesterday i found a great bug. My bot wasn't saving the replay so i lost any trace of it (sorry!).
While i was attacking some mobs, the damage shown started to increase on every consequent hit i made. If i stopped attacking and started again, it just resetted and started again to increase. It shown sometimes some 4k+ critical dmg!!
At first it was only the ubersplat, but then the real damage become that hard! I mean, i killed the broodmother with 6 hits! (the last ones harder than the 1st)
Do you have any idea of this increasing damage bug?
PS: I was a ranger lvl 7, and was playing 3.0.2a just in case you already repaired it.
Level 4
Aug 1, 2009
its kinda...... no fair.. if only with rouge char can play solo this map ;s.. i dont like rouge... only in WoW rouge is realy cool and very OP..... :s.... i cant find anyone in wc3 eurobattle.net they all want maps where is fun only few minits like aren maps.. they want play maps what can done in 30 minutes... how can its be fun? ;s... thna with warior no chance kill solo bos.. for quest?

i still think its weird get minus karma.. for that i critique map... what tester need do than?.. lie to mapmaker? and tell map is awwsome 10/10.. or 5/5 ? and without any bugs... in beta map?
Level 3
Jun 14, 2008
wow... A lot of changes, but tbh, I don't really like the idea of getting all of the skills from talents. It would be cool if you had standard skills, and trough talents you could get better/change old ones.

I do hope that the new zones (gardens and catacombs) will be changed, cause they are at much lower lvl than everything else (gardens are just a one path... does not even look like zone, more like passage. And catacombs are just looking bad.

Btw, I had a problem with new reset system. Some packs would not return to the starting size after reset (Hagger pack 4 example) and in catacombs packs were reseting every time a mob in it was killed >_>

But I love the new cave and forest (apart from that look out point near Hagger, it looks... wrong).

Oh, and random item generator is kinda wrong... Like I had a lvl 1 ring that gave 1 power and 2 agi, and than I get lvl 8 ring that gives 1 power...
Level 1
Feb 9, 2008
This map, and it's predecessors, are some of the best I've ever seen, much less played. The gameplay, is, IMHO, awesome.
Level 6
Feb 12, 2008
i consider the post above mine SPAM.
Vexen did you read the bug i reported?
I think it should be fixed, i killed the broodmother in 6 hits!
Level 11
Jun 13, 2007
I do hope that the new zones (gardens and catacombs) will be changed, cause they are at much lower lvl than everything else (gardens are just a one path... does not even look like zone, more like passage. And catacombs are just looking bad.

Well the gardens is a passage to the Grave Yard and Catacombs, that's what it's supposed to be. And what do you mean by the catacombs looks bad, in what respect?
Level 3
Jun 14, 2008
Well the gardens is a passage to the Grave Yard and Catacombs, that's what it's supposed to be. And what do you mean by the catacombs looks bad, in what respect?

I mean that gardens are really a step back... Compare them even with the first forest >_> And 'bout the catacombs.. 'cmon plain gray squares instead of floor and walls? It does not fit fantasy game, more like sci-fi.
Level 12
Feb 11, 2008
I disagree on making it easier all you have to do is get 2 people who are level 10 doesnt really matter which classes but i used 2 warriors buy 1 elixier for both 2 health potions for both and a set of wards for both then just bang on him til hes dead :thumbs_up:
I disagree on making it easier all you have to do is get 2 people who are level 10 doesnt really matter which classes but i used 2 warriors buy 1 elixier for both 2 health potions for both and a set of wards for both then just bang on him til hes dead :thumbs_up:

I'll try that, but since 6 of my players got scared of new TKoK I have to look for another one..

Srsly, finding players is really annoying, you should atleast be able to finish world 1 alone, yet hard, but able..