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Apr 3, 2015
Jun 13, 2007



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Apr 3, 2015
    1. SirBlank
      So what ever happened to the standalone tkok
    2. keko4321
      any chance your bringing TKok to dota2 ?
    3. bowser499
      You have nothing to worry about since now.
      Let it be like that. I will stick with my OaD.
    4. HappyTauren
      Hey, it's a shame you scoop your guitar so much, a lot of picking nuances get lost because of it, you should try going less scooped :D Scoop works good with 'ultra brootal' bands but when you're doing an instrumental it's advisable to leave more low mids to get some additional harmony/note definition. Aside from that, I like your composition :D
    5. EternaLife
      when I cast a spell with Paladin, the "Hero stats / Sub stats / Ability Data" keeps popping up, its really annoying.
      How do I stop it doing that???
    6. fakedrake
      Hello Vexen.X :)

      Me and my friends like your map TKoK very much, it's the best map ever!! So we decide to translate ur map into Chinese so more people in China can play. Can we get ur permission for this?
    7. Jake Command Wolf
      Jake Command Wolf
      Hey, I saw you where viewing my thread about TKoK having useing the normal Save/Load of Warcraft III but you never posted a reply? I hope I didn't offend you or any of the other Devs.

      Starting to feel kinda of left out here on the Hive, everyone is looking at my posts but no one is replying... :hohum:
    8. Cweener
      You know, if you were to resubmit TKoK it'd still be DC'd, because even after all this time, it's still the best rpg on wc3, IMO.
    9. Wolfe
      Just saying, in the hero selection part, the pyromancer is still known as the pyrotechnician. Considering that you've changed the hero to pyromancer, I don't think it should be like that.

      Just something I thought I'd inform you on. ^.^
    10. night...fade
      1 question I realy liked TKoK but i would like to play whit the druid and barbarian (those are my 2 favorite clases in diablo 2 and many games) would yo make them able to play with in the next version???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    11. CloudMax
      In TKoK, when you load a character, it says "Welcome to back to TKoK, LTGH".
      And i think that it shouldent be like that. :)
    12. Pyritie
      I moved your news announcement back to your forum because it has problems.
    13. burner06
      Will you have my babies?
    14. daqan
      hi u there?
    15. Huurka
      Umm. How do I get the quests from the NPCs?
    16. Craka_J
      TKoK is the best ORPG ever made. :grin:

    17. NinjasDontFight
      Just saying you got a awesome RPG their.
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