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Tips For Leveling

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Level 9
Apr 11, 2008
Leveling may seem like the worst thing but it pays off when you reach level 60-70-80 (depends if you have expansions or what) so here is a few tips that i have used myself.

1. Addons some addons are good for leveling fx quest helper, cartographer and i personal favorite of mine Rating-buster(this will tell you what your new gear will give you)

2. Solo VS Group = some quests say group next to it so it is natural for some people to get a group for the quest but mainly all group quests are solo able.
in group you get less exp from each mob(except from instances where you get some exp called group bonus)
but group has great advantage lets say we have a class that can resurrect in the group then you don't have to do corpse runs and so on.

3. Music.
there are different kind of music the kind that keep you going, something that makes you sad and so on.
you would automatically level faster if you listen to something that keep you up and going something like techno and rock usually does it

4. Sell & Buy
if you want to sell stuff to people make a "Bank Character" this character will now do all your business related to AH and other people that may take some time that the character can do for you fx it wont be able to give enchants...

5. Guilds
joining a guild is good sometimes if you can get help from them but you can end up spending time writing that you could use leveling this may be less social and so what but it gets the results. by joining a guild this may open up for you getting cheaper enchants so you can save some money for later or guild repairs(if the guild have it of course).

6. Grinding
this is a tough one this depends on what class you are i truly prefer grinding on my mage (frost) since i have Ice Barrier, Mana shield ofc, improved blizzard, better crit chance on frozen targets, more crit damage and way more that improves it. but some classes aren't that good for grinding i would say the rogue didn't use to have any AoE spells as far as i recall until they got fan of knives. too find out if your class is good for grinding check talent trees for any good things for AoE. but grinding doesn't necessary have to be done with AoE but with AoE you can have less downtime overall

7. Instance Leveling
in outland and northrend the instances start to give great exp when i got to northrend on my chars they were max rested so i did some instances and i got like 500k-750k per instance which is 2-3 runs per level this exp started to get lower abit higher though but i got to level 75 in around 3 days(not 3 days of play around 10 hours of play doing instances and some quests while waiting)

Level 17
May 6, 2008
I'd like to suggest a nice and easy way to earn gold if it's your first char on the realm or whatever.

Make a low level scribe alt (inscripter/inscriptionist for you retards.) and discover minor glyphs with it. Glyphs sells for about 10g each depending on realm and what minor glyph it is.
Level 24
Jan 19, 2008
How to earn 4k easily

Just wait some random bank alt in Orgrimmar to yell: "TRADE ME!!!"
Then he trades 2k to you for no reason.
Log to other char and go trade him.
He gives another 2k.
Log on third char... Sadly he is gone D:

Happened to me once :)
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