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Tides of Darkness

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Level 8
Jan 8, 2008
Version 0.1.0a



After the great success of my map Warcraft Age of Chaos, I have decided to make a spin off version that is a real time strategy rather then a sandbox role playing game. Currently there are basically only two Second War maps out there, one of which is rarely seen, the other has many lore inaccuracies and is rather outdated. Having previously attempted to do this and having failed, I have finally decided to continue my ambition of creating a Second War map, may it be as fun for you all as I have enjoyed making it.


Stormwind has fallen. The greatest, most powerful and largest of all human nations is now the new forward base for the vile Orcish Horde of Draenor. With the greenskins looking for new spoils and conquest the various nations have banded together to form an alliance of humans, elves, dwarves and even gnomes to fight back these alien invaders. But the orcs have been hard at work, having gained the ogres, goblins and native trolls under their banner the stage is now set for a Second War. The Tides of Darkness descend upon the north and indeed all of Azeroth, can the Alliance prevail, or will the Burning Legion's puppets extinguish all life?

Tides of Darkness (ToD) is set at the beginning of the Second War with the Horde having recently just pushed into Khaz'Modan and the continuation of the Elvish-Troll skirmishes. ToD attempts to recreate the Second War by pitting two factions -of six players each- against each other for dominance over the Eastern Kingdoms and other theatres of war. While the game has many lore events and still try to steer towards lore accuracy, it is completely free as to how the players achieve their ultimate goal of winning, and if they chose to remain in their current alliances, or follow a darker path... ToD is all about making the game fun, while sticking to lore or possible lore outcomes but also allowing the players to have a free roam as to what they do. As mentioned ToD will be a real time strategy game revolved around gaining income and holding onto lands, while trying to crush the opposition.


- Income system of gold and resources, gold is gained from towns, sub-capitals and capitals, that can be captured, rebuilt and destroyed all over again! While strategic positions of lumber mills and oil fields must be taken and held to acquire greater resources.

- Smarter warfare, soldiers will parry with their swords, archers will try to pierce armour and wound enemies, slowing bleeding them off, while cavalry on horseback will trample the enemy!

- A morale system, lowly footmen and militia will flee in terror from blood thirsty ogres as they smash and crash into the human ranks, or watch grunts flee in terror as the lances of knights cut into their ranks.

- Every kill makes that soldier more proficient, creating new soldiers is easy, but retaining veterans is hard.

- Units are created from buildings such as barrackes and mage towers, which are built from build plots that can be captured and recaptured allowing different factions to settle anywhere they wish!

- Fun and unique heroes, with the detail and imput of AoS maps but are not over powered at all, and some heroes are rather aura heroes, they inspire soldiers to fight better rather then tank entire armies with a slam.

- Naval battles are no longer dull, instead of massing 20 battleships, you must now strategically create different styles of ships. If an enemy has a full out battleship fleet, build smaller craft that can ram into the battleships setting them alight on fire!

- Fight on the traditional Warcraft 2 style of land, air and sea.

- Fun and exciting events will never make the game dull, these are triggered by player actions, if the alliance are winning Alterac will never join the horde, while if Orgrim is succeeding in conquest, he can request that Alterac betray the alliance, such factors depend on the outcome of the war!

- Every action has reaction. Sending your entire to a location to fight the Horde might leave your flanks unguarded, this might leave your lands exposed to the enemy... or funded pirates and turncoats, who knows?

- Each player can lead their nation down any path... Will Orgrim return to shamanism? Or perhaps Dalaran will turn down a darker path to save their nation...


I will upload the screenshots of the current development in the next day or so.
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