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Wacraft - Tides of Darkness

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Jan 8, 2008
Warcraft - Tides of Darkness
A warcraft lore real time strategy map
By Levdragon


The various orcish clans of Draneor were peaceful and shaminist until an ambious shaman, Ner'Zhul and his apprentice Gul'Dan decided to invoke the bloodlust of the burning legion for power. Little did the orcish clans known this and most clans took the bloodlust willingly.

Fillied with a new thirst for war the clans attacked and took control of the entire planet leaving no race free from their grasp. However, without a common enemy the clans began to fight one another and soon become weakened. Seeing this as a moment to take centralized control of the horde, Gul'Dan formed a shadow council of the strongest dark shamans or warlocks and played Blackhand as a puppet claiming that soon a portal would open that will allow the orcs to enter new lands and become the ultimate force of all time.

The game begins shortly after the dark portal has been summoned and the war between Azeroth and the Horde has begun.


-Units are trained in legions from capitals, cities and towns.

-Units cost resources (gold) and manpower (wood).

-Recources are gained from taxes, trade caravans from allies and mines, lumbermills and oil platforms.

-Take command of 12 different and unique nations and join the horde, alliance or even remain neutral until the time is right to strike.

-Lore accurate events do not automaticly happen, instead players must activate them via a nation decisions button or they are given dialog options to chose from.

-National decisions allow the player to lead their country down whatever path they chose be it for good purposes, wealth, power or for a more... sinister purpose.

-Governmental system limits nations to national decisions however, even a stuborn council may blindly pass an autocracy act during times of war.

-There are 5 main races: Humans, High Elves, Forest Trolls, Orcs and Dwarves as well as 2 minor races: Ogres, Gnomes, Demons and Goblins

-There are 12 nations to chose from them being:

1.The Kingdom of Azeroth
-Leader: King Llane Wrynn I
-Race/s: Human
2.The Union of Khaz'Modan
-Leader: King Magni Bronzebeard
-Race/s: Dwarf, Gnome
3.The Kingdom of Stromgarde
-Leader: King Thoras Trollbane
-Race/s: Human
4.The Mageocracy of Dalaran
-Leader: Archmage Antonidas
5.The Kingdom of Kul'Tiras
-Leader: King Daelin Proudmoore
-Race/s: Human
6.The Kingdom of Gilneas
-Leader: King Genn Greymane
-Race/s: Human
7.The Kingdom of Lordaeron
-Leader: King Terenas Menethil II
-Race/s: Human, Dwaf
8.The Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
-Leader: King Anasterian Sunstrider
-Race/s: High Elf
9.The Kingdom of Alterac
-Leader: Lord Aiden Perenolde
-Race/s: Human
10.The Amani Clan
-Leader: Warchief Zul'Jin
-Race/s: Forest Troll
11.The Orcish Horde
-Leader: Chieftan Blackhand the Destroyer
-Race/s: Orc, Ogre
12.The Shadow Council
-Leader: Gul'Dan the Warlock
-Race/s: Orc, Ogre

More info to come.


Head of Project:Levdragon
Testers:Clan DoMM

I am looking for a terrainer since my skills are not good enough to justify this map and I fear that without a terrainer this map shall not come to be.

Please give feedback on the project and give your opinions, be it positive or negative.
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