Tidecaller Blade

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A basic water-based sword, something the hive resources are lacking.

Based on an old WC3 beta icon (because I liked the shape and the angle), I kept the handle and the center part. Re-did the edge, added watery effects to it and centered the weapon.

The beta icon, which I based it on

Work size. 5 layers are used, 6 if I count the border.

E: Fixed the glow on the bottom part of the edge towards the hilt.

Keywords: Sword, Blade, Water, Aqua, Hydro, Bubbles, Blue, Scimitar, Item, Weapon

Tidecaller Blade (Icon)

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Jul 6, 2012
Yes, but how do I upload the new versions? It just shows the current ones as images below, and only shows the screenshot upload box. Is it the add icon button? That one looks like it would create a new post.

E: Got it. A bit deceiving.
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