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THS Character Database

Discussion in 'The Human Sin' started by Septimus, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Septimus


    May 3, 2008
    THS Character Database

    Baxter Database

    Name : Baxter Don
    Class : Imperial Knight
    Ability : Rapid Assault, Fire Spirit, Ares Call and Imperial Strenght.
    Description : Baxter served the Thesaley West Kingdom as a knight at age 16. He was well known for his offensive skills and leadership during the Great Rebellion War for repelling the rebel forces' invasion thrice.

    It is known that he commanded an army of 100 knights during the crisis by facing the odds of one to thousand as the rebel forces consisted of 10,000 troops. This glorious victory of beating 10,000 troops with 100 troops in army is truly remarkable and is consider as one of the greatest event in the history in books.

    During the battle, several captured rebellion troops claimed they have been engaging with some giant equipped with a giant axe which is believed to be sent by the god Ares to assist Baxter in protecting the interest of the kingdom.

    At the age of 20, he was honoured and been bestowed the title of "Sir Ares" for his great contribution to the war. He eventually quit after the end of the war and lives with Gabriel in a secluded spot till Hades arrives to the Earth; where his services are required once again.

    Carlos Database

    Name : Carlos Frederick
    Class : Red Ranger
    Ability : Multiple Shot, Rain of Arrows, Arrow Prison and Arrow Split.
    Description : Living in a jungle by foraging and hunting with his followers, Carlos was known for his remarkable skills in archery and deadly accuracy. His extraordinary skills enabled him to learn several archery skills and spells that are deemed to be impossible to be learned by mere mortals.

    He once lived in a luxurious and wealthy family, but was banished from the Illu City after the incident known as "The Curse of Unicorn". His influence and kindness towards the people was well known and respected by everybody in Illu community.

    News has it that several people are willing to abandon their luxurious lives just to be with him. His loyalists are well known for their archery skills due to the guidance from him and this group is known as the "Red Blood"

    Dark Mind Database

    Name : Raoul
    Class : Dark Mind
    Ability : Mind Control, Charm and Massive Conversion
    Description : This sinister character has a unsolved matter with Gabriel and he once lived in the hidden village. The last news about him was that he left the village and sell his soul to the demon in order to possess a power to annihilate Gabriel once and for all.

    Gabriel Database

    Name : Gabriel Nero
    Class : Prophet
    Ability : Capacitor, Flashlight, Electric Strike and Lightning Strike.
    Description : Being a chief villager of the hidden village at young age, Gabriel has been administrating the village with reckless attitude. This resulted into a disaster which led to a spark of hatred of Raoul against him.

    After 30 years of being a chief villager, Gabriel met a young girl at the marketplace which has naturally changed his heart. The incident of the poor and hungry girl giving a meal to a beggar; which resulted into the girl's death due to starvation has given Gabriel a valuable lesson.

    At the age of 50, Gabriel retired from being the chief villager and started to travel around the world to help those who are unfortunate until he met Baxter.

    Ivanka Database

    Name : Amytri Alros
    Class : Mage
    Ability : Flame Lock, Napalm Shock, Deep Freeze and Full Impact.
    Description : It has been a tradition for the Alros family members to be a mage that serves the human interest. Amytri started her career at the age 8 by learning the art of magic and spells at Aurora City which is famous for magic and mystical powers.

    Her recent discovery of Ice elemental casting technique has enabled her to possess 2 incredible spells known as Frost Nova and Deep Freeze; which are a complete disaster for any foes that are daring enough to face her.

    However, everything comes with a price, the same goes to Amytri. Her ice casting technique somehow gotten clashed with her fire casting technique, resulting both of her elemental spells to be weaken.

    To ensure the quality of her spells to be as good as it used to be, Amytri learned how to increase the area of effect of the spells and the technique to immobilize the enemy movement.

    Kerberus Database

    Name : Kerberus
    Class : Keeper of the Underworld Gate
    Ability : Leap, Berserker Slash, Leadership and Full Moon.
    Description : Cerberus was also known as Kerberus, which is a name he is using in this campaign storyline. He is a multi-headed dog which guards the gates of Hades, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping.

    Cerberus was always employed as Hades loyal watchdog, and guarded the gates that granted access and exit to the underworld where it allow the spirits of the dead to freely enter the underworld, but allow none to leave.

    Leana Database

    Name : Leana Verlin
    Class : Phoenix Guard
    Ability : Phoenix Sphere, Phoenix Spirit, Phoenix Swap and Phoenix.
    Description : It has been 3 generations since the Verlin families have been guarding the chamber of phoenix. This mystical birds follows the command of Verlin and is usually been summoned to eradicate any foes that are a threat to the Aurora City.

    Leana is of the fourth generation who are in charge of guarding the chamber and she is more of the silent types. However, her love and careness to the mystical birds are surely noticeable as the mystical birds are willing to teach her a technique of summoning the phoenix spirits during the grave hours.

    Lord Garrin Database

    Name : Lord Garrin
    Class : Holy Knight
    Ability : Rampage, Woven Touch, Heavy Armor and Holy Exorcism.
    Description : He is well known for being a complete arrogant and self-centered person. Rumours has it that he often looks into the mirrors to see how charming he is every 10 minutes and discussion with him often ends up with chattering of nobody but himself and his own achievements.

    Even though he is a complete bastard, he possess the holy power that are capable to destroy undead and heal friendly units; which is often a crucial point in changing the tides of battles to the side of the West Thesaley Kingdom.

    Thanatos Database

    Name : Thanatos
    Class : God of Destruction
    Ability : Evil Lifting, Demonic Rampage, Energy Greed and Dark Torture.
    Description : Thanatos was perceived as a fearsome, sword-wielding spectre, shaggy bearded and fierce of countenance. He was a harbinger of suffering and grief, and his coming was marked by pain.

    This was proven by his powerful spells that often use to slowly torture his foes during the battlefields and the demon he summons to serve him against the enemies.

    Unknown Database

    Name : N/A
    Class : Werewolf
    Ability : Wolf Spirit, Stomp of Corruption, Claw Swing and Reflect.
    Description : Nobody knows about this mysterious figure apart from it to be a werewolf. The history of this character is completely unknown as well.

    King Hades Database

    Name : King Hades
    Class : God of Death
    Ability : Underworld Pet, Soul Scream, Supreme Aura and Raging Blood.
    Description : King Hades was the god of death and was depicted as a dark-bearded, regal god.

    Hades was devoured by Kronos as soon as he was born, along with four of his siblings. Zeus later caused the Titan to disgorge them, and together they drove the Titan gods from heaven and locked them away in the pit of Tartaros.

    His recent invasion at Earth are believes to be caused by the reckless attitude of the human among their own community which completely pissed him off, and would only cancelled the invasion if there is anybody who is pure in their heart and soul appear before him that are capable to defeat him.

    Murasame Database

    Name : Murasame Kenji
    Class : General
    Ability : Concentration, Wind Slash, The Last Stand and Art of Samurai.
    Description : Murasame once lived a peaceful life, till his father mistreated his brother which resulted into Masamune murdering his own dad.

    As Murasame carries his father creeds (To bring Masamune back to the rightful paths), he has been serving the interest of the people by fighting against any evil doers. He somehow manages to prevent his brother from assassinating the prince which granted him a promotion to a General.

    Despite his charming appearance Murasame has a rather cold blood and terrifying look. He is a rather kind and helpful to the people around him.

    The battle between Murasame Kenji and Masamune Kenji can be watched by downloading Brotherhood Of Kenji cinematic.

    King Jordan Database

    Name : King Jordan The Third
    Class : Lord Of Thesaley Kingdom
    Ability :
    Description : Rules the West Thesaley Kingdom. He is well known for his kindness to his people and ruthless towards those who oppose him. It is known that every single rebel force was executed at the end of the Great Rebellion War with the estimate of 213,750 execution within a week.

    This massacre was a clear sign of his evil side which earned him the nickname of Thesaley Butcher. This important event was also known Rebellion Genocidest and there is often a ceremony to mark this painful events every year at 20th August.


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