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Jan 9, 2008
All ages stated below is meant to be read as the character’s age in human years. For example, if a character’s race allows him to be 500 years old, and his/her character sheet below says his/her current age is 20, it means the character really is about 100 years old.
“Title” refers to the character’s role, occupation, etc.
[M] indicates that the character is male, [F] indicates female.
WoC = Weapon of Choice.


Raynard Ninefingers [M]
Main character
Race: Human
Age: Mid-60s
Title: Former mercenary
Family: Parents assumed dead; two brothers, dead; possibly a sister.
Affiliation: ex-Divine Royal Army/ex-Mercenary
WoC: Not yet decided. Spear/scimitar/sword/etc is possible
Raynard's mother was a prostitute, and his father was a soldier in the 31st Regiment of the Royal Army. He grew up with his two half-brothers and his sister before running away and joining the Divine Royal Army at an early age. After a few years with the Army, he grew tired, and wanted to see more action for himself. He deserted, and became a mercenary, not seldom working alongside Lt. Morgen. But as the years went by, Raynard's mind got more and more exhausted from all the horrible things he did, until he finally quit his mercenary way of life, not long after killing Lt. Morgen, possibly his only true friend.


Lt. C. Morgen [M]
Race: Human (Most likely)
Age: 30-40 years
Title: Lieutenant
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Divine Royal Army
WoC: Unspecified sword.
Once there was a man called Morgen, a Lieutenant in the King’s Royal Army. Morgen came from a relatively rich family, and was an excellent soldier. He was a loyal friend to Raynard , the very character that ended up killing him eventually. Now Morgen only exists in Raynard’s unstable mind, acting as Raynard’s conscience.

The Traitor Legion
Characters that will be introduced (mainly) after the epilogue. These are subject to change, and may end up completely different than the initial idea.

Name: “The Major” [M]
Race: Possibly (undead) human/night elf
Title: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Unknown
WoC: Anegh & Forsevh
There are little or no facts concerning the leader of the Traitor Legion, even his name and race there are doubts about. The members of the Traitor Legion aren't any wiser on this subject. The Major (or White Major, as his official title is) is thought to be either a human, or some race of elf, or even possibly the son of an elf and a human. Or maybe neither of those races. His pale face would seem to imply he is undead, but that does seem farfetched, as the undead are simply... undead, nothing more, no alliances.

Name: Dihmehion LaBaeth [M]
Race: Night Elf
Title: Outlaw
Affiliation(s): The LaKaye Band
WoC: Assassin Shortblade
Dihmehion is the group's mute one, literally. He never speaks, and it's said it's because of the two lynchings he survived. He was hanged twice, and with no help from magic of any kind, Dihmehion survived. Those that know of him (his connection to the Traitor Legion is not known) speak of him as a demon, and he has more than willingly proven it to them time and time again. Dihmehion uses a scarf to cover up the lynch marks on his neck.

Name: Merreck “Deadeye” Kâfar [M]
Race: Dwarf
Title: Elitist Marksman
Affiliation(s): 61st Regiment of the King’s Strikers
WoC: Custom Imperial Elite Precision Rifle/Marksman’s Saber

Name: Nyeh’Anden Krédan [F]
Race: Orc
Age: About 30
Title: Blademistress First Class
Affiliation(s): The Black Star
WoC: Twin Master-blades/Throwing Blade/Shrapnel
Blademistress Krédan is more than just a capable warrior. She is a gracious bladefighter, and not easily provoked. She has much knowledge beyond that of battle, and is a student of philosophy, interestingly enough.

Name: Chielle Gevander Tavarien [F]
Race: High Elf
Age: About 20
Title: Princess Tavarien
Affiliation(s): Tavarien Family
WoC: Barbarian Mendh-Blade
Princess Tavarien, as is her nickname, rules the Tavarien family (former property of her now deceased father) with an iron fist, to use a clichéd expression. She looks even younger than what her real age is, even for a High Elf. Chielle is the opposite of Nyeh’Anden in almost every way. Where Anden is cool, calm and collected, Chielle is savage and brutal. Although that is covered up behind the teachings of her upper-class background. Chielle has a good eye for torture, but even though she seems to act rashly and her actions doesn't seem to be well thinked through, Chielle is smarter than she lets on. In short, Chielle may be described as a spoiled brat, just with hints of a possible psychosis.

Name: Kervel Themarecc [M]
Race: Human
Title: High Agent of the Inquisition
Affiliation(s): His Majesty’s Divine Inquisition
WoC: Inquisitorial Hammer of the Scriptures
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Dec 7, 2008
All ages stated below is meant to be read as the character’s age in human years. For example, if a character’s race allows him to be 500 years old, and his character sheet below says his current age is 20, it means he really is about 100 years old.
Explain this a bit. I did not get what you said here. For this you are taking the maximum age of Human as? Only after that I will be able to know the comparison.

wanted to see more ation for himself.
Spelling mistake here.
The Traitor Legion
Characters that will be introduced (mainly) after the epilogue. These are subject to change, and may end up completely different than the initial idea.
epilogue or prologue?
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Jan 9, 2008
The age-thing is more like a percentage-way of showing the character's age; When it says "Age: 40", for example, it means the character is "40% old". Seems a bit odd, perhaps, but this is because the max. age may differ from race to race, and this is the easiest way - I believe - to imagine how old a person may be.

I do not believe to firmly in my own explanation, so I'll try with an example: If a dwarf averagely gets to be 200 years before he dies, and a dwarf-character is, according to this sheet, at age 50, the dwarf is 100 years old (50% of 200). He is middle-aged, in other words. If it says the dwarf is aged 90-100, the dwarf is really around age 180-200, and at the end of his life.

Hope that makes it clearer >.<

It is of course, "prologue". Don't know how it became "epilogue", I'm usually very aware of those things. Also, thanks for pointing out that typo. (No sarcasm intended)
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Jan 9, 2008
I am at the moment pondering a complete revamp of the Traitor Legion, and possibly the concept itself. Gotten some new interesting ideas. We'll see where it'll take me.