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Jan 9, 2008
Names (and info) may change during the process. Is constantly being updated with additional groups/tribes/guilds/etc.

Emerald Empire
The Empire is an alliance mainly between the Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Goblins and Night Elves. Obviously the stand-in for the Horde.

  • Grey Dwarves
    Sympathizing more with the Empire that were robbed from its land, than the landgrabbing Kingdom, some of the dwarves split ways with their fellow dwarves, and became the Grey Dwarves. They thusly allied with the Empire, and as the Imperial culture is, the grey dwarves decided to live more in pact with nature, leaving much of their technology behind, albeit not all. Grey dwarves have a strong sense of honour, are fierce warriors and they are always looking for an honourable way to die in battle. The Grey Dwarves' capitol is Ironforge.
  • Black Star
    A guild of the finest swordsmen/women of the Empire, dedicated to train students in the Art of the Blade. The Black Star teaches sword techniques as a way of meditating rather than a way of fighting, although everything that is learned is more than applicable to swordfights.
  • Bonemist Tribe
    These were initially a very peaceful orc tribe, but recent events have shown that the Bonemist Tribe is spoiling for a fight – if not several. This is the tribe Raynard will stand up against.

Here are the organizations without any specific alliances to either side; the Empire or the Kingdom.

  • Traitor Legion (31st Brigade)
    Unknown to even themselves who they work for, they have sworn loyalty to their leader, who is only know as the Major, or his official title, White Major. He, in turn, has sworn loyalty to The Pledge, which is the letter that states the mission the Legion is required to do at the given time.
    The Traitor Legion is a small squad of specialist, intended to carry out their mission however they see fit, but secretly. The knowledge of this “specialist squadron” is vague, but the stories that are heard are mostly as follows: When the 31st Brigade in their time slaughtered the city of Stratholme, a few men were spared from the execution ordered by the King, to give them a chance to restore the honour of the regiment, by sacrificing their lives for a greater cause.
    Each member of the TL lives what for them would be a normal life, however they choose, until they get the message from the Major that there is a mission.
  • Tavarien Family
    The Tavarien Family is more of a well-connected organization than your regular family. The Family is a merchant-noble crime family of High Elves, having bought themselves into nobility. The family was led by Demein Tavarien the Elder, until he was killed by his daughter, "Princess" Chielle. Chielle now controls the Family.
  • LaKaye Band
    A small band of outlaws, now more or less disbanded.
  • Tsuray Elves
    The Tsuraians have a strong sense of discipline, and train their children - from birth - to master what among Tsuraians is known as the art; they see strong emotions as a weakness, and the importance of keeping everything in their life balanced is vital, both physically and psychically. Even so, they are close to extinction, and there are only two known villages where the Tsuray reside.

Divine Kingdom
The Kingdom is an alliance mainly between the Humans, High Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes. This world’s “Alliance”.

  • Sentries of the Crown
    The Sentries have been trained from an early age, and only the best students may actually even become a Sentry. Some see it as a great honour, and others even consider it a great honour to die by the hands of a Sentry, especially the Gray Dwarves.
  • Divine Royal Army
    The army of the King; the official army of the Kingdom. This category covers every single one of the official military branches.
  • The Majesty’s Divine Grand Inquisition
    Established by the Church and the King at the time, the Inquisition has been around for at least half a millennia. The Inquisition started out as a somewhat brutal branch of the Church, using torture and fear to control people. But, with time the Inquisition felt it became more true to its stated goals; to protect and spread their religion by more peaceful means.
  • The Crimson Seal
    Believing that the Inquisition has grown weak and lost sight of its true goals, the Crimson Seal sees themselves as the new Inquisition. They have managed to get an official blessing from the State, and have efficiently infiltrated many of the higher positions in the Kingdom. The Crimson Seal is prepared to do whatever it takes to reach their goals, and purify the Kingdom. To keep an eye with each race, the Crimson Seal is split into different Orders. Each is tasked with, in the most extreme cases, kill their given race. The Crimson Seal prioritizes orcs and the undead mainly, but then taurens, trolls and elves as well. The only "true" species to them, are the humans.

    The Crimson Seal is this world's answer to the Scarlet Crusaders.
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