Third Person Shooter - TEST(Map)

Level 20
Feb 24, 2009
Absolutely fantastic map, just like all your maps - what I like about it is that they incorporate systems a couple of years ago no one would have even thought possible in wc3.

The idea is great, I noticed there is a load of weapons in the inventory - this would be ace if in the final versions you had more than one more weapon (something missing in sharpshooter online), for e.g. a shotgun.. more damage closer, and the bullets arc out, this would also help add variety as people may choose to not even scope/aim with such a gun but just get close and and blind fire, then as mentioned above a machine gun or something. Just having those 3 would add an unbelievable variety to the game without making it tedious and complicated to learn.

Things you could look at:

As nice as the auto-aim feature is.. I have to admit I found myself using it too much and found it to easy to get kills by doing so, because the aim/walk system is really hard to get used to.

People have mentioned combat zone - I to believe this uses WASD to move, which would feel a lot more natural (then use the arrow keys to aim/look around) and would considerably flatten the learning curve and perhaps fix the above to a degree.

Other than that this is ace and has unthinkable potential, finish it!

EDIT: I apologise, I tested it and combat zone doesn't use WASD but the arrows keys... sorry =(
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Level 8
Jun 20, 2004
He already has. No more maps for WC3 from what Tricky told me.

mm i dunno, i get bored sometimes. maybe ill do a Sharpshooter Demo remake since SC2 wont be coming for yet another 3-4 months again. Sharpshooter Demo is normal camera when moving and arrow key use when scoped so no key spamming required. Making shit like this dont take too long to do, but i never think of anything ELSE to add to make it creative so i always quit. if you played original Sharpshooter Demo map from 2006(?) then feel free to comment any suggestions. ive had an improved version for quite some time with even AIM ASSIST that works very nicely as it wont aim for you but if you are close to getting your crosshair on them it will assist you with keeping up with them if they are moving around.

outside of the first person mechanics, what would be good to have? an example is how shooting and gameplay when not aiming would work. would you be able to point and click shoot in regular view? would there be some kind of goal or theme that would make the fact everyone is a sniper less odd? stuff like this is why you never see me finish anything. lol