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Things you expect from the Warcraft movie..

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by cheesdude, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Nazghul_Master


    Feb 10, 2005
    In the following text you will find customised people named: Dirk, Fred and Phil. Dirk and Fred are blizzard employees and arrange the marketing and thin kabout new idea's. Phil is Blizzard's excecutive producer and manager of the company.

    1 year has passed since World of Warcraft ® is in stores, it's a real hit and the bankaccount of Blizzard is on it's top.

    Dirk: Damnd, WoW is a real hit, isn't it! I can't believe that so many people want to play this *** game, haha!

    Fred: Yeah, I know, it really is a grant succes, it has brought us much good, but unfortunately, alot of bad stuff aswell...

    Dirk: Yeah, you are talking about the dark subject, the.. growing bankaccount...

    Fred: Yeah, we really need to...

    Dirk: Shuss! We can't say that in here, the boss will fire us! He wants money, more and more money so he can buy his third villa in Beverly Hills!

    Fred:Oeps, well, lets whisper then, so they can't hear us!

    Dirk: Good idea

    Fred: We still need to think of something about that bankaccount, it will soon explode, got any crazy idea's ?

    Dirk: Well, I have thought of something in my mind...

    Fred: What, what??

    Dirk: Well, I was thinking of making a Warcraft movie

    Fred: A what?!

    Dirk: Be silent! If the boss hears us, we are dead men!

    Fred: Hell yeah, what idiot things of a Warcraft movie? Do you got any *** idea how it ended with any other game that was 'movisized"?

    Dirk: Yeah, that Doom movie totally sucked

    Fred: Hell yeah, so why the hel... Ahh, now I see...

    Dirk: Finally, it took you long enough...

    Fred: Good idea, that will make the bankaccount smaller, but can you explain the readers of this text what your excact plan is?? Most propably dont understand a shit

    Dirk: Well, we will make a WoW movie! In this movie there will star alot of warcraft heroes, just like Arthas, Jaina and Thrall. WoW geeks will think it is uber and they will watch the movie. When they've seen it they will feel like they are cheated and go home unhappy. When they are home they finally see what WoW is: a money making killing-othergamingcompanies-machine and they will massively stop the game. That will do just enough to make the bankaccount get smaller, that way there is a smaller chance it will explode!

    Fred: Precisely

    Phil, the producer arrives

    Phil: And, how many innocent people did we rob of their money this time??

    Fred: About 7 million, sir

    Phil: Good, get on, but wait a little with that TBX expansion, cause if it gets out, all old players will get back and the bankaccount will explode massively, Ill talk with the boss to find some solution for this issue. Just make some excuse to those innocent people, they will understand.

    Fred: Ok sir, Ill change the release of TBC now... just a...sec... iiiiieee yes, ok I changed the date to the 16th of January 2007.

    Phil: good, good, well, I need to go now, my nightelf Druid is level 59 now and I really need to get him to 60 today! But ehh, dont tell the boss ;)

    Fred+Dirk: We wont, ;)

    ------END OF STORY-----

    what Im trying to say was:

    Blizzard makes pro games, but they dont make movies, and any dude who made games to movie films made a shitty movie (well most did, the quality was far away!!) The only hope is Peter Jackson for Halo, but for warcraft...I hope the falldown of their popularity will come fast and painless :(