Level 18
Oct 12, 2007

It's all about swiftness – at least as far as the Thief is concerned – and he knows all there is to know about swiftly finishing off opponents. Mastering a number of attacks, one for each weak spot of the enemy's armor, the Thief can inflict serious damage on his enemies. With experience, he can learn to assassinate enemies before they ever got to see the Thief himself..

One-on-one a not many classes are a match for the Thief, but the problem there isn't the match, it's the opening of the match. The opener is essential for a Thief; giving him the possibility to bring down an opponent before he ever had the chance to move. Using tools ranging from cloud bombs to poison tipped daggers, the Thief drives himself to a killing frenzy while fighting safely behind the enemy. The Thief's best defense is his great offense.


Combo Points:
Thieves have combo points to keep track of the combinations they can make with various attacks. Certain abilities will require the Thief to be at a certain point in his rotation; therefor requiring a specific number of combo points. A misunderstatement will be that combo points are being 'spent' on attacks. This is not the case. Combo points are only there to keep track of the Thief's rotation. Every physical attack or ability done by the Thief will add one Combo Point. As soon as the Thief reached his 5th Combo Point he will go back to the start again; starting at 1.

Playing as a Thief:
As a Thief you enter combat whenever you're prepared for it and use all you've got in a few seconds. The most critical elements of your strategy revolve around your choice of ability combinations because every combination has its own strengths. Your various combo's offer you tools for different situations, and you must mix and match them to meet your needs. Tactically speaking, your job is to kill the enemy while avoiding his counter-attacks – because after all you are as deadly as fragile.

Playing against a Thief:
The Thief is essentially a melee class who wishes to hit enemies without being hit. As such, you'll need to deny him that opportunity. Attacking him early – if you manage to find him – is a sound strategy which will quickly reduce his damage dealing power because he will have to use his combo's on survivability. You must also be alert however, as Thieves can bypass your own line with invisibility and their fast leaping movements to strike weak targets in their backs. You must strike a balance between the defenses you can muster against enemy melee fighters and keeping track of where the Thief is because Thieves are excellent at escaping.




Cooldown: 6.00 seconds
Cast: instant
Range: Melee Range
Cost: 25 Energy
Description: Thrusts through the enemy target to appear behind the target; dealing Agi*2.2 physical damage to it while stunning it for half a second. If the Thief has 5 combo points Thrust will do Agi*1.3 bonus damage and stun the target for 1 additional second.
Tranquilizing Cloud

Cooldown: 45.00 seconds
Cast: instant
Range: -
Cost: 40 Energy
Description: Forms a tranquilizing cloud around the Thief. Units in the cloud will get a stackable 5% movement and attack slow every 0.2 seconds. Whenever units in the area reach a 100% slow they will fall into a magical sleep for 6 additional seconds. Sleeping units are immune for damage but are unable to perform any action.
Double Team

Cooldown: 90.00 seconds
Cast: instant
Range: Melee Range
Cost: 40 Energy
Description: Summons 5 illusions of the Thief around the target unit for 6 seconds. During this time the Thief, his target and his illusions are immobilised but keep switching places in a circle around the target every second. The illusions deal 40% of the damage done by the Thief with their melee hits and take 3 times as much damage as the Thief. As soon as the Thief becomes invisible or either the Thief or his illusions die the target will be able to move again.
The abilities above are just a part of the hero's abilities and might change as well.
Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
Maybe change the name of 'Double Team' to 'Tag Team' or 'Ambush'. He summons five illusions so the use of double doesn't seem applicable.