The Z Warriors

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In this map you can choose 4 types of fighters 1. a martial artist With a blade ( Upper Left ) 2. a martial artist that throws energy balls ( upper right ) 3. a martial artist who has a slow attack and movement speed but very strong ( lower right) 4. the original (lower left ). After you choose you will need to train by cloning technique ( you can only clone yourself ) every hit your strength will decrease but after 80 seconds it will increase by 2 and everytime you attack something or someone in the training area your strength and agility will increase when you have enough power (strength and agility) you can try to beat your master

This is my very first map if you like it please tell me so i can make a 2nd version or v2. I like to thank erwtenpeller for the Demon Hunter Skin, RED BARON for the energy ball missile. Dont press yes in there are events if you are playing this alone.

Arena, hard , Martial Artist

The Z Warriors (Map)

18:54, 14th Oct 2013 Orcnet: Lacking map description




18:54, 14th Oct 2013
Orcnet: Lacking map description
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Map Name: The Z Warriors
Map Author: TZW


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Oct 13, 2012
You must be a newbie...never mind !
I am just like when my first time in here. Well ! You need all the advises above but the more details are Legal_Base . Check out his review and try to improve it .

Try to take people advises ! :D