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The Weekly Terraining

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Aug 10, 2004
The Weekly Terraining

The Weekly Terraining is a weekly session held at Wc3Campaigns.net where terrainers are able to come together and make terrain based on an alike theme chosen by myself. Many of these ideas come from the brainstorm thread within the Weekly Terraining Forum where you too can post suggestions for what you want to see as a weekly exercise.

The Weekly Terraining enables terrainers to practice their skills, receive criticism to help them become terrainers, to test new ideas, to learn some techniques from other terrainers, or even to just show off something wholly badass.

The Weekly Terraining has been an event that dates back to 2004 when it was started by Beam. Later posters included terrainers such as Gitlich, Mozared, Muldav, PheoniX_VII, PlasticAngel, [Death] and myself. I have learned many new things every week in seeing what other people come up with. And overall, it has made me become a better terrainer, and even still does.

I encourage every terrainer to participate in this weekly event. It really does bring terrainers together, and is also very fun. I have also included the general rules and guidelines below.

Come join us at the Weekly Terraining!
The Brainstorm Thread
Please post your shots in the official thread for that week at Wc3C

This Week's Theme:

Click for direct link.

Beam said:

1. NO FLAMING. Duh. I shouldn't even have to tell you this and I'm generally happy with all the regular posters in this forum. But I'll put it up here just in case.

2. Keep comments useful and on topic. Try to refrain from the "Awesome dude!" and "W|-|04 1337!!!11!1!" (my leet speak is terrible). Constructive criticism is usually the best.

3. No huge images. If you read this thread, then you should know how to take screenshots and crop them. It's hard to critique a screen when just a single tree takes up the whole screen and you have to scroll around it.

4. DO NOT post saying "This is awesome! I'm entering!" and then end up not entering. In such a case, posts like this are considered spam and will be deleted when the WT is over.


What is Weekly Terraining?
Weekly Terraining (WT) is a terraining exercise, where terrainers will create a map based on a theme given out by me once a week. It is not a contest. Have fun and learn!

Who can join WT?
Anyone!! It doesn't matter whether you are a newb or an expert terrainer, just post your work and see what people think about it.

How do I show my terrain?
Please post screenshots of your terrain. If you don't know how to take a screenshot, please read this thread. If you want, you can also post your map, but please include screenshots. Some of us (namely myself) are too lazy to download a map and run it in WE.

How many screenshots can we show?
There is no limit on the number of screens you can post for a topic. You can show WIP screens, or put several screens together to show the progression of your map. If you do post a lot of screens, please don't tag them. It will take up too much space on the screen, so just leave them as attachments.

[b]Can we post comments along with our screens?[/b]
By all means do. Keep them on topic and don't flame (see RULES above).

[b]Can we use custom models and skins?[/b]
Yes but ONLY if they are available for public download.

[b]Who writes the paragraph describing the WT?[/b]
There will be credit given to the text chosen to represent the WT topic, if there is no name, it was written by the poster of that WT.[/QUOTE]
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Feb 10, 2008
Like when you look in a puddle, you see your reflection, if you look at a lake, you see the trees and rock reflected on the surface of the water. When you look in a mirror, you also see your reflection.
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Sep 6, 2006
Have you bothered looking through the whole first post? It is just a thread where ghenjis and [Death] post a description and pictures of that weeks idea. So this week is Civilization Ruins. All week, people will make terrains matching the theme for the week. At the end of the week a new one is posted.
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