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the war

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

the war (Map)

Level 1
Mar 21, 2005
Please Help me... :?: I Downloaded the Map... Saved it. Opened it.. then i did what he said to do.. Extract and i did that.. and i put it in my WarCraftIII Maps. under Download.. and For Some Reason it wont show up.. when i goto my Custom Games... Can someone Please help me.. Can someone Tell me what to do... What am i doing wroung...

You can E-mail me at... [email protected]

To tell me what to do.. Please i really could use some help.. My head hurts so much hehe.. Been Trying to Fiqure out how to get it to work.
Level 2
Mar 6, 2005
like it or not i have started on the next version this is a list of things i have done

some balances
powered up the dark elemtels level 4 and 5 becuase i forgot to change them in the first version
i am trying to get some modles working but since i dont know were i can get the paths i am having trouble if you know what the paths are can you please tell me and i will put your name in contribution
the modle i am trying to get work right now is the mageslayer so could i please have someomne tell me what the path is