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The Barrens War

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Map Info

This is my first melee map.It is just a simple melee map that I can make.It was only take 1 hours to finish this melee map.I am using the given heroes to make this melee map.I don't import heroes and put into this map.That's all that I can tell about this melee map.

-8 gold mines
-1 fountain of health
-2 creep camps
-3 vs 3 or 6 players




Change Log

  • Remove the centaurs and replace it with Thunder Lizard


  • sonofjay
  • Ken-E
  • UndeadImmortal
  • kingston45 (my little brother)
  • Orcnet
Author Notes

I am not as good as sonofjay and Ken-E.I am just a normal melee map makers. :ogre_haosis: By the way,you can check another mirror of The Barrens War at D A N G E R - Z and X-Style Forum.That's all.Thank you!

The Barrens War,G A T E,Melee map,Melee.

The Barrens War (Map)

23:11, 15th Dec 2012 Orcnet: see my review
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
tested it and somehow you need a lot of changes for your melee map, remove the loading screen it doesn't give a feel for a melee, terrain is too plain and wide not much doodads to decor the map, creep camps is too imba a 12500 gold mine that is being guard by 3 Storm Wyrms is too much, and no creep camps to get you getting gold, exp, and items, the middle area looks funky with Dragons guarding it, and if you have in mind converting the map into TFT so that you can use Tavern heroes, and huge amounts of patches, hope you can read useful tutorials about melee maps, good luck then Advisor! :)