The Valley of Lerendorei

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After my template map: City Kingdom Template, I decided to create a template map with only blizzard materials! I just imported two small models: Tranquil's generators! I hope you like!
Be sure to give your ideas to me!


Credit: Tranquil
Keywords: Template , map , Elven , PrinceYaser , Warcraft , Terrain

The Valley of Lerendorei (Map)

Level 23
Oct 12, 2008
Like the architecture, not a fan of the ground texture work.
That said, despite the roughness of cliffs and trees in certain areas; the map overall functions as a template.
It isnt amazing, but it is completely ok.

Personally, I would make the grass overlap the cobble and perhaps include more rough texture to breakup the monotony of some of the wider cobble roads.

TLDR Version
- Solidly O.K. terrain piece

~ Map Approved