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The Story of Your Characters

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Level 24
Jul 9, 2009
Greetings, this thread is meant to ask about your characters in WoW such as who was your first character, when did you start playing and why did you pick up WoW?

Personally I started with WoW after I had gotten to try the game for free for 7 days. I had played a few MMO's prior to WoW and loved the genre so I knew I'd love it. My first character was a Night Elf Druid that I created in vanilla just a month or so prior to TBC and I leveled him up to about level 40. When TBC came out I created a Blood Elf Mage whom I did my first raid with in patch 2.1. He was my main up until 3.0 when I created my Blood Elf Death Knight who was main up until 3.1 and later again my main in patch 5.0 and up until now. The last character I've ever considered my main was my level one twink who was my main between 3.1 (when you were able to turn of the experience bar) up until 5.0 (when achievements became account wide).


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
Let's see..

My first character was called Brix, on the server Dragonblight where he remains untouched to this very day. Made it to level 21 or 22 back in classic.

Second character (that made it higher than level 10) was my orc rogue called "Nexton" on the server Doomhammer where he also remains to this very day. Ended up at level 55, this was during TBC.

Third character, -don't remember the name- level 63 troll dk, this was early wrath.

And then cata came and I got 8 level 85's :p

Anyway, WoW was my second MMO after Dark Age of Camelot. Started to play when I was 8 without knowing any English a part from counting to 10 and "yes"/"no". I was also only allowed to play for one hour per day. Leveling wasn't easy for me :p
Level 9
Jul 29, 2014
Well i think my first character was Orc warlock in WotLK, but since warlock had terrible mana regen i leveled it to 28 and made an Orc hunter who i leveled to i think like somewhere between 42-47. Later in MoP i made Forsaken Warrior who i leveled to maybe like level 3 and Blood Elf warlock who i leveled to like 8. Right now i have like 6 chars. My highest level right now is level 10 Troll Shaman.
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