The Pirates of Nalestor

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
The Pirates of Nalestor are a sea-faring kingdom that during the reign of Ashan was a Empire City, but because of the severe corruption by the wealth Nalestor generated it left the Empire during the city state revolt.
During the following years and wars, the pirates of Nalestor have long defended their homeland, but there are those among their kingdom who yearn to re-unite with the Empire, weary of using their very few numbers to defend their land, and knowing of the strength of the Empire, this group is known as the Federalists, but the opposing sides view a return to the Empire has a way to lose all of their rights, and their free government system.
During the fall of the Empire, the City State of Nalestor was contacted by Gurth'kano and he pleaded for them to join the New Empire in their struggle to save Sereg D`or from certain destruction by the recent appearance of so many gods, evil and otherwise.
The offer was met with little to no agreement and began a year long argument which ended in a draw, thus no conclusion was ever met, and the political system of Nalestor lay divided and broken between two sides.