The Twin Comets- Epic Event

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
I was thinking about this yesterday and this is effects and lore

One day The priests of the cult of khaine were praying when in the night sky a firey red comet came hurtling towards them out of curiosity they ran to it. Upon discovery they find a creature (skin Infernal) Believing it is their god khaine is his avatar form They begin worshipping him. However he did not come alone but with a 2nd comet which Glows more bright as it slowly begins to come closer to the world.With the coming of the 2nd comet so did some radical things happen .The avatar Has begun changing the dark elves into something more strange......(more will be explained soon)
(Dark elves Get access to new tech but lose some of their own like werewolf and basic soldiers and gain a hero called Khaine of the fire)
Khaine of the fire: He starts off with 150 health But everyone 5 min he gets 625 exp from his growing power.dark elf infantry and archers will turn into Lava infantry and Stone statue archers which are stronger than the normal infantry and archers but are slower however they have more armor
Other techs include: Summoning the Stars
The cultists of khaine have been praying to the stars on khaines command which lead to the emergence of long dead Volcanic creatures.
(mini avatars of earth which have incinerate)

5 years after the comet hit
The 2nd comet has gotten nearer And the light Energy Intensified leading to the discovery of many different uses of this new type of energy but this energy was alive knowing if certain Races were too corrupt to use it

Pandas: The Light was a strange thing to the pandas of D'or when the panda mages first felt it something strange was occuring it was attracted to the panda samurai's blades realizing this phenomena they told the samurai the basics of magic so they could harness the energy
(Panda samurai now have a 20% to inflict a blind effect to their enemies for 3 seconds as well as gain a new type of melee unit Panda Lightbender who uses sticks enhanced with the light energy)

People of Nalestor: The light of the comet had a good effect on the people of nalestor the hydromancers managed to make the light energy into physical forms making them very valueable becaue they could create armor for the pirates which they did enhancing their already feared strength
(All pirates have +2 armor as well as a 10% chance to shrug of attacks)

Orges / Bukianti : The orges were puzzled by the strange light They wondered what it might do but then found out from their neighbours the pigmen But they couldnt utilize the light as other races could however one day when a orge found some strange signs on a cave wall he told then magi and then Rune Magic was born which would use the light energy
(Orge magi become Orge Rune mages And gain 2 abilities Rune of armor and Rune of Recovery(rejuvination)
The light a had disastrous effect on the buki their once great night seeing sense were fading But it a last resort they used what they could of their magic To Make a new breed of spiders: The Lightspinners
(The lightspinners have curse ability as well as Light web which has 50% to hold the target)

The Otters: The otters were intrigued by the light they could see it but it was strange like a invisible cloud thats when it came to them.They couldnt channel or use the light energy because of the fel otter cultists so began the art of poison mists.The assassin guild was overjoyed and began training otters in the way of alchemy
(Otters gain new unit called Otter alchemist who has a wave which does 20 dmg and 5 dmg per sec for 5 sec)

High Elves: The Light from the comet has lead to the coming of the A'dai Who are called crystal mages and are coming to research and use the light to power their crystal powers
(Gain Crystal mages who have a attack called Crystal shards(blizzard)

Nature: The light from the comet has changed the Forest itself Some Barkskin trees have turned into Scorched bark Trees aiding the druids in the time of need
(Gain Scorched Ents Who have a 2 dmg immolation)

Dwarves: The light from the comet was investigated by dwarf scientists upon discovery that they could manipulate it They started to put it into Glass making scopes
(All dwarf rifle men get a 75 range increase and gain dwarf snipers)

Pigmen: The radiation has changed some of the wise pigmen into Albino pig men called Enlightened Elders Who Seeing the purity of some races have come to help their people
(Gain Enlightened elders who have heal and mana aura)

Empire: When the Comets came The mages of roke sanctum Have combined the energies to make a new Magic Twillight Mages who have both darkness and light
(Empire gain Twillight mages who have a heal and wave)

ill post the others when i can think of them But now i need to do what happens if they're corrupted

Satyr: The Profound effect of both the comets has lead to discovery of a new magic : Void magic
(Satyr's gain a new spellcaster with banish)

If Blue went fel orcs then this happens
Fel orcs: while the world stood at awe at the two comets the fel orcs had Found the power of themselves
Blood magic

Ive decided to add in some negative effects (thanks to bhaal_spawn)
The light energy has done some strange things to some satyr They have been conflicted between blakoth and good and have decided to rebel (24 satyrs attack duin bar)
The new light energy has afflicted the Elves in a profound way it is found that they're slowly asborbing the energy and becoming sick (-10% dmg reduct and -5% movement speed)
At the city states Darkness has overcome them and without the light they are having trouble defending their territories (all towers lose 10% of their health in the CS)
The pirates of nalestor are having trouble navigating at night from the comet hiting and have decided to stay at land for awhile (lose ships and the emaining ones have less sight

All of these new things have to be brought to work Except for some of dark elves things which happen without need to tech
Ill post some more when i think of it i want ur feedback seriously!

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