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Feb 19, 2009
Just (barely) in time for Halloween! Some of you may remember the test build I released a while back. Well now, I'm proud to announce that The Necromancer 2 is finally in a playable state and ready to be unleashed! A giant map with tons of different factions, enemies, boss battles and loot! Can you fight your way through the endless horde and retake the overrun city from the forces that besiege it?

You are a member of the Order of Ratheus. You were called by a higher power to serve the delicate balance of life and death and drive back the forces of evil using the essence of death itself. The settlement of Nighthaven in the kingdom of Vargulf has been taken over by a dangerous cult, and they've begone summoning demons. To make matters worse, criminal gangs, forest trolls, feral worgen, and wild beasts are causing chaos. Use your powers and your minions to beat back the evil and restore balance.

Amandus Cambria writhed on his deathbed, his entire body grasped by unspeakable pain and his heart anchored by a guilt he could never atone for. Years ago he single-handedly destroyed the town of Dunwatch and slaughtered everyone within it in a blind rage, only to become the thrall of an evil greater than himself. Even with the evil that once enslaved him defeated, he felt he could never redeem himself for the sins of his past. With his dying breath, he begged The Light to forgive him and passed away, as if slipping into an eternal sleep.

When he awoke, he found himself in an endless black void, surrounded by the souls of the citizens of Dunwatch. Every innocent person he killed staring at him, among them his own father, whom Cambria had begun his genocide crusade for. He bowed his head in shame, and he could hear their ghastly cries.


"I can't believe what you've done, son. I couldn't be more ashamed of you."

But when he rose his head to face them, he saw that none were speaking. They were all now cowering, recoiling in fear and completely silent. Cambria did not know what to make of it. Behind him, he could feel a cold, painful chill. A terrible, icy essence only matched by what he felt when death overtook him.
It was then he turned around to find a great Revenant standing behind him. The Angel of Death, Acheron, with his glowing scythe gripped tightly in his skeletal hands. The angel raised a single hand, and the souls vanished and blew away like ashes against a gust of wind.

Cambria, the once great Master Necromancer of the Northern Kingdoms, cowered like a frightened child at the sight of Acheron. As he knees quaked and tears ran down his face, the Angel of Death spoke in a booming voice the rattled the Necromancer to his very core.

"You and your kind have defiled my gift. You have worked in the name of Aztaroth, my eternal enemy, to disrupt the balance of life and death for your own selfish desires. You have served dark, false gods with the powers I gave you. You have made me responsible for all of your iniquities. You deserve nothing but eternal torment. Unfortunately, by order of the holy and omnipotent Light, I cannot punish you the way you deserve. Instead, you must be made to atone for your crimes."

The Angel of Death explained everything to Cambria. The hidden secrets of the Death, the way the Nether Prince Aztaroth defiled and perverted it, and the way Acheron sought to fight back. In ancient times, when the race of man was called Nephilim, Acheron bestowed the powers of Necromancy upon a great wizard named Ratheus, who used his abilities to smite evil and drive back the forces of darkness. He taught many how to cast spells to battle evil in all its forms, but five generations after his death his order became corrupted from the inside and became a tool of the demon Aztaroth.

The fear and guilt that once enthralled Cambria would never leave him, but now it served an important purpose. Guided by Acheron and The Light, Cambria knew what must be done. His ghost would return to the world of the living under the strict supervision of the Angel of Death, and he would restore the Order of Ratheus to its former glory. The power of death would once again be used to smite the wicked.

Supports up to four players! Note that this is a "beta" build and still needs heavy critique and playtesting. Some things may not work as intended quite yet. Any feedback at all, no matter how minor, is highly encouraged!

Biggest Issues So Far:
- The story elements are basically non-existent. In the final version, dialogue, flavor text and lore tomes will tell a much more complex, interesting story and build a bigger world. For now, enjoy the mindless slaughter.
- There is no win condition besides just killing everything on the map. In the final version, killing all the major bosses will trigger the final boss to appear, and defeating him will end the map.
- You need Player 1 to be present at all times, and any players who are absent have their units transferred to Player 1. In the final version, a more robust absentee system will be in place.

Happy playing! Enjoy yourselves, children of death!


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