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The Murloc Child

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Danor presents

The Murloc Child

Map Info:

The Murloc Child is a short RPG map. It tests your skills as a player when you face the guards and the corrupted leader of a Human settlement. It is unprotected.

The humans have gathered at an Island that they mainly use to bury their dead relatives. But this time they are here to slay a child, a very special child.
This child is human but his mother was a murloc.
He was born on the sixt day of the sixt month.

The humans plan to slay this child, which they refer to as an abomination. But two Murlocs plan to stop them.
Maglush and his female partner Sha'wash has used their murloc powers to seek out the child.
They plan to free him from the grip of the evil humans and take him to the safety of their town Murlocia.


-Play with two brave Murlocs
-Watch epic cinematics
-Test your skill as a Murloc vs a Powerful boss.
-Enjoy killing people on a beautiful Island
-If a Murloc die you lose. Enjoy the pressure!


The Island:


The two Murlocs:


Image Description:
Brilliant acting



eubz, Kuhneghetz & Ket

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
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Murlocs, short, Island, boss, demon, humans, water, sea, azeroth, funny, touching, great, awsome, brave

The Murloc Child (Map)

12:31, 6th Feb 2015 Orcnet: Chaosy's review: LINK


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011

I just have to try this. *crosses fingers* be good please.

Will update this post with a review.

edit: damn it, I had high hopes for this one.

Oh well.

There is like 2 minutes of gameplay so it's not enough to do a full review. But I will point out a few things.

1. there are a few spelling mistakes. "murlock" > murloc. There are double space at once place (dialogue) I think I saw something else spelled wrong too but I don't recall it.
2. There are.. an insane amount of logical flaws in this map. Firstly.. the murlocs apparently want this baby alive for whatever reason.. and they sent 2 murlocs?! the baby can talk just after being born. Why would the priest/monk explain what he will do. "I will consume your souls!" he'd likely just cast the spell. Secondly, after claiming that he will devour their souls and call upon the powers of hell, the villagers just watch him like he is reading from a book or something. The murlocs in general are pretty stupid, they got a basic grip on society but otherwise their thoughts are very simple.

I wont complain about specific sections of the map since I'd rate everything but the story concept 1/5.

overall this is a map I could create within an hour, no issues. But I will admit this is better than the first map I ever created, that's for sure. So well done in that aspect, but you really need to work on your stuff more before you upload it here.

So.. 1/5 and I vote for rejection.
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Level 20
Dec 19, 2013
Well.The idea is SUPER NEAT.You don't see around many murlocs maps.
I played the camping and i might give a few sugestions to make it better.

Well sinc it is a rpg type of map
One of the murlocs should be the one who is the tank.Rise the hp pool and armour of one of murlocs to make him the tank of the tag team,maybe give him an resistent skin or harden skin ability.
You made the guards as neutral unites,better add them under one banner,it make's it more esthetical.
As the keeper of the key,i would sugest to put a captain with a guard by his side(you know usually the captains are the one's who keep important stuff)
Add a few "chit-chat" for e.x:When you face the new guard he might say something like this "Murlocs? Attack!".The keeper of the key "You want the key?To bad you wont leave long enough to make use of it" overhall it is a really cool idea :) hope you expand it :).

Btw chaosy...Hold on on that sleep spell you'll need it and nice pic :D
Level 20
Dec 19, 2013
Well.. I died on my first try by the demon.. so I just killed him with whosyourdaddy to see the end cinematic.

Kinda funny that that spell cost your entire mana pool.
Did you use the corpses...I knew you would fail it sinc the first try... :D
Level 20
Dec 19, 2013
From the villagers? I didn't think of that actually o_O

I was full health when I started the fight though.

Ye from the corpsess in the church... :D well most would have failed on the first try.I almost got killed when he spanked me with that chain lightning.
Level 20
Dec 19, 2013
So you use the sleep spell when you're getting low and then eat.. that's a quite good idea for a boss. No joke. Sadly that wont really improve the gameplay by a lot.

It needs some expanding.But hey look at the bright side is a murloc rpg type of map,we ain't got to many around.If he develops some more it can be a really good map.Also the fact that can be played solo it helps sinc not all have a original copy of the game.
Level 4
Feb 9, 2014
Yes the corpses are essential to eat in order to make it :D
@DD Mikasa
Thanks for tips for improvement, I agree on all of them and will probably add them soon.

Fair points, thanks for taking time to test and write your review.