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The Many Worlds

Submitted by Miski
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
its an beta version of an RPG game


The Many Worlds (Map)

19:23, 16th Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2: Please don't upload such low quality maps here, use EpicWar instead, Rejected.
  1. 19:23, 16th Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2:
    Please don't upload such low quality maps here, use EpicWar instead, Rejected.
  2. APproject


    Jun 27, 2008
    I rate this map by 1/5 and I suggest this resource for Rejection until creator improves it making worth attention and full volue map.

    Points that requires to be improved:
    1. Description at hiveworkshop needs to be expanded.
    2. Description of Map also needs to be expanded.
    3. Bugged Loading Screen, needs to be fixed.
    4. Not existing Objectives/Quests.
    5. Missing custom icons' DISBTN files.
    6. The usage of units' icons are models' BLP warp files, needs to be fixed into BLP BTN icon files.
    7. Lost Soul's scaling volue is too big, or selection scale is. Needs to be balanced.
    8. Missing spells' hotkeys notice.
    9. Missing spells' tooltip descriptions.
    10. Poorly developed terrain & enviroment.
    11. Missing items' tooltip descriptions.
    12. Map contains with HUGE imbalance as items drop, fighting, stats.

    I might tell more, but not at the moment because I have no time right now. I will add more points after few hours or even more.
    However, I think it's enough reasons for this resource to be rejected.