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The Hive Workshop


Welcome to the The Kingdom of Kaliron (TKoK) Project 3.0


Current Version: 3.0.2d - Downloadable here


TKoK 3.0.2 - New Beginnings

TKoK has exited beta and is now live!


Welcome to Kaliron

  • What is TKoK? - TKoK (short for The Kingdom of Kaliron) is a multiplayer save/load RPG designed for 4 to 7 players that features many ground breaking systems to give you a whole new experience unlike most other RPGs for warcraft 3


    • Custom Hero Stat System - Each hero has 3 main stats (Power, Agility, Energy) and 8 sub stats (Strength, Constitution, Endurance, Dexterity, Reflexes, Intelligence, Wisdom, Spirit) which will effect all aspects of your hero. Each hero also has Attack Power, Attack Critical Chance, Attack Critical Power, Spell Power, Spell Critical Chance, Spell Critical Power, Dodge chance, and Block chance. All of these which are derived from your stats.

      Playable Heroes - Currently available are the Arcanist, Pyromancer, Hydromancer, Warrior, Cleric, Chaotic Knight, Phantom Stalker, Ranger, Paladin. The 3 missing that will be added with more content are the Druid, Barbarian, and Shadowblade

      A Threat System - As seen in most RPG's that have an aggro/threat system, TKoK has something similar allowing the tanks to actually control the mobs and protect the rest of the party from damage.

      Equipment System - TKoK has a full screen GUI inventory system for holding and equipping items for your hero

      Talent Tree System - TKoK also has a full screen GUI talent tree system to teach your hero new abilities, improve the effects of the abilities, or improve the abilities directly.

      Enemy Ability System - A dynamic enemy ability system that allows monsters to have completely custom scripted abilities that are dynamic

      Scripted Mini bosses & Bosses - All monsters deemed a mini boss are now scripted events with boss like abilities that you will have to think and react to. This is a huge improvement from the 2.0 versions where mini bosses just hit harder and had more HP than normal monsters. Many new bosses have been added and even more to come

      Bonus optional challenges - Something that we are calling VX mode (short for Vexcellent mode) offers extra hard challenges to players that seek them, with the rewards of bonus loot that normally wouldn't drop off that boss.

      • Broodmother - 'Ahh!! Spiders!' - Defeat the Broodmother without killing any of the eggs in phase 2
        Narith the Fallen - 'Elemental Chaos' - Defeat Narith the Fallen after invoking VX mode (attack the shade until it is at 75% HP while not killing any of the containers)

      Saving / Loading - Like any Warcraft 3 multi-player map, this supports saving and loading via a password system.


3.0.2d Patch Notes

Generic Bug fixes
  • Dragon's Breath & Purify no longer uses the blizzard code of Breath of Fire and looks for the debuffs - it now uses a special GroupEnumUnitsInCone function that works 1000x better
  • Fixed a minor bug with scaling and players that are currently not loaded. Unloaded heroes are considered a standard DPS instead of their normal class
  • Found a memory leak issue with Dragon's Breath
  • Found a memory leak issue with Snare Trap
  • Fixed a memory leak with the Mana Burn effect with the Undead Mage's Drain Spirit
  • Removed some global variables and converted them to local to help prevent sharing variable errors.
  • Corrected the tooltip for Divine Protection to display its effected by Hero Level
  • Corrected the hero unit name display when saving
  • Corrected all the of the PS's buff/debuff icons

  • Arcanic Explosion base damage is now 11 (down from 15)
  • Arcanic Explosion coefficient is now 55% (down from 60%)
  • Drain Spirit base channel time is now 2.75 (down from 3.02) (this is a buff)
  • Disruption Aura base damage is now 10 (down from 13)
  • Disruption Aura coefficient is now 14% (down from 17%)

Chaotic Knight
  • Fixed an issue with mindblade that would cause it not to function properly for some players

  • AoE % of Explosive Arrows is now 20% (down from 30%) (empowered still brings it up by 16% to a total of 36% AoE damage)
  • Explosive Arrows coefficient is now 75% (down from 80%)
  • Fire Trap base damage is now 7 (down from 8)
  • Fire Trap coefficient is now 49% (down from 52%)
  • Frost Trap coefficient is now 40% (down from 50%) (to keep in line with Fire Trap)
  • Frost Arrow coefficient is now 60% (down from 65%)
  • Hail of Arrow coefficient is now 9% (down from 14%) (this is per arrow, the # of arrows fired is unchanged)

Phantom Stalker
  • Due to the nature of the Phantom Stalkers high single target threat, she is now receiving a bonus 25% reduction in threat on top of the normal DPS threat reduction

  • Undead Mages now properly cancel their Drain Spirit when they die
  • Reworked a few monster abilities under the hood mechanics, while you will see no change in game play, it should resolve some possible issues and possibly some of the desync problems.
  • Haggart's Concussion Bomb is now base 90 damage (down from 120), the splash damage is now 65 (down from 90), the DoT is now 3 ticks of 21 (down from 5 ticks of 21), the silence effect now lasts 3 seconds (down from 5). Poor Haggart has been hit with the nerf bat.

  • Items in merchant windows don't appear as Soul Bound anymore
  • Healing Ward Rank 2 now gives the proper buff for Rank 2 heal ward (corrects the healing part of it as well)

  • Stormcloud ability has gone under a drastic change that should reduce visual lag and FPS issues. The end result is now the following: The cloud will spawn doing its lightning bolts inside for minor damage. After a short duration as it spawns, for 1s sparks will spawn every 0.05s as those sparks land, 1 giant spark above the cloud will explode causing everybody not under the cloud to take about 500 damage.
  • Bosses are no longer affected by triggered stuns on abilities (e.g. Warrior Shield Slam, the damage is still dealt, but no stun will be applied)
  • Bosses are no longer rootable by triggered abilities (e.g. Ranger Snare Trap)
    (Mini bosses are still affected by these)

  • Combat Multiboard no longer displays health and mana bars since the side hero icons also do this. The combat multiboard now only displays Hero Level, DPS, HPS and the game difficulty is now displayed in the title of this board.

3.0.2c Patch Notes


  • Fixed some more tooltips
  • Passwords when displayed now show Hero Type and Level in the code for sorting passwords better with screen shots/GameCapture
  • Healing a target that is Out of Combat no longer puts you in combat. If the target is In Combat, you will be put in combat as well

  • Fixed a bug with Arcanic Disruption that would allow multiple hits to generate extra threat, or crit for more than intended bonus damage

  • Guardian Angel's cooldown decreased to 20 (down from 25)
  • Guardian Angel on the Multiboard no longer displays the healing factor without the talent

  • All coefficients lowered for all damage abilities by 5%
  • Most abilities base damage reduced by 1, 2, or 3 damage
  • Poison Trap now does it's damage over 4 seconds instead of 5. Damage is unchanged (0.8s per tick instead of 1)

  • Fixed the targets allowed for Divine Touch so it can target enemies for use as a damage ability
  • Divine Touch's base heal is now 80 (up from 75) and coefficient is now 115% (down from 130%)

Phantom Stalker
  • All coefficients raised all damage abilities by 5%
  • Most abilities base damage increased by 1, 2, or 3 damage

  • Corrected a bug that prevented Meteor's DoT damage from working properly

  • Corrected the talent tree tooltip of Counter-Attack to its actual block value, which is now 10% (down from 20%)
  • Improved Defensive Stance now increases block chance by 3/6% (down from 4/8%)
  • Improved Battle Orders renamed to Master Commander. The talent now also causes the warrior to regain 3 mana with every critical strike
  • Counter Attack will now only return a strike on units within 250 range of the warrior
  • Lowered the Warriors damage output and AoE damage, but boosted the treat to compensate. You should notice no difference in threat, but more balanced DPS.


  • Reduced base Block rate to 0.5% (down from 4.725%)
  • Reduced base Dodge chance to 3.5% (down from 5.725%)
  • Reduced HP/s from spirit to 0.025 per point (down from 0.125)

  • Endurance now adds 0.15 Power per point (down from 0.25)
  • Now takes 3 points of Endurance to award 1 armor (up from 2)

  • Block chance from Endurance reduced to 0.045% (down from 0.075%)
  • Block chance from Dexterity reduced to 0.065% (down from 0.125%)
  • Block chance from Power reduced to 0.015% (down from 0.025%)

  • Dodge chance from Reflexes reduced to 0.055% (down from 0.070%)
  • Dodge chance from Agility reduced to 0.015% (down from 0.025%)

  • Spirit now increases base MP/s. 5 points in spirit = 0.02 to your 0.75 base.
  • Spirit still increases your % of base mana regen (0.175% per point)
  • Reduced the gain of HP/s from spirit to 0.025 (thats 0.025 HP/s per point)
  • Reduced the Energy gain from each spirit point to 0.15 (down from 0.25)
  • NOTE: Spirit is tricky to understand, but now should be a good stat. Each point will increase a regen rate by a % of your base, and every 5 points increases your base, making the scaling of the % even better. This will also help increase the effect from any mana regen percent items you have.

  • Vormur Storm Shield: +Block is now 3% (down from 6%)
  • Vormur Battle Shield: +Block is now 3% (down from 4%)
  • All rings: +Dodge is now base 2.25% (down from 3.25%) and per level bonus is now 0.12% (down from 0.20%)
  • All rings: +Block is now base 1.75% (down from 3.25%) and per level bonus is now 0.12% (down from 0.15%)
  • All amulets: +Dodge is now base 2.25% (down from 4.25%) and per level bonus is now 0.12% (down from 0.20%)
  • All amulets: +Block is now base 1.75% (down from 3.25%) and per level bonus is now 0.12% (down from 0.15%)

  • Soul bound items now say so in the item description multi-board


  • Narith now drops a Paladin mace as intended
  • Fixed some exploits that made things easier than intended

3.0.2b Patch Notes


  • Fixed several more tooltips, not going to list them all, its too minor
  • Power Heroes: Increased the AP gain from Strength to 0.775 (up from 0.650) and AP gain from Power to 0.950 (up from 0.725)

  • Increased Drain Spirit's base damage from 33 to 42. Coefficient remains unchanged
  • Increased Arcanic Explosion's coefficient from 55% to 60% and decreased its cooldown from 4s to 3s
  • Decreased Arcanic Disruption's mana cost from 30 to 25

C. Knight
  • Increased threat gen while hasten is active on the C. Knight to 40% (up from 35%)
  • Increased threat gen from mindlblade to 40% (up from 30%)

  • Changed the way the MoR effect heals. No longer do all the heals count for the Paladin's threat/HPS. The player doing the attacking is now considered the healer in terms of threat and HPS.
  • Corrected the visual display bug with Divine Light that showed stacking heals/damage. While only a visual bug, the visual figures also generated too much threat.
  • Mana cost of Mark of Replenishment increased to 10 (up from 5). Mana gain from MoR reduced by 2 (still percent based of the users max mana pool, but now that value is reduced by 2 before being added to your pool).
  • Mana cost of Divine Wrath increased to 20 (up from 15)
  • Mana cost of Light Infusion increase to 20 (up from 15)
  • Mana cost of Divine Light increase to 25 (up from 20)

Phantom Stalker
  • Corrected a target's allowed bug on Remorseless Strike that allowed players to target allies with this ability
  • Improved Gash is is now 7/14% of the base damage per tick (up from 6/12)
  • Improved Shuriken is now 10% of the base damage per tick (down from 14%)
  • Hail of Blades cooldown is now 7s (down from 12s), base damage is now 12 (up from 8) and Coefficient is now 55% (up from 45%)
  • Numerous changes to all of her abilities base and coefficient damage to bring her DPS more on par with the Ranger

  • Increased Dragon's Breath base damage from 12 to 16
  • Increased Ignition's base damage from 16 to 18 and coefficient from 85% to 90%
  • Increased Meteor's base damage from 18 to 21 and decreased its coefficient from 84% to 80%

  • Increased threat gen from all abilities by 5% and bonus base threat from defensive stance by 5%


  • Corrected an order of events check that will prevent bosses from leaving their fight areas without forcing a reset.

  • Moved the spawn point for egg #3 and #8 so they are more clearly visible

  • Corrected an issue that would cause his reset to become permanent.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented a 2nd VX attempt from functioning properly


  • Small Health Pot cost reduced to 15
  • Small Mana Pot cost reduced to 15
  • Medium Health Pot cost increased to 40
  • Medium Mana Pot now restores 110 mana

3.0.2a Patch Notes

Save load System:
  • Corrected a bug with the cleric's talent tree that was corrupting codes. Improved Divine Protection and Heavenly Rain share the same location in the talent tree overwriting each others data. This shortened the talent tree to 18 talents instead of the expected 19. Thus shifting everything in the load code off 1 digit, messing up the load, even though the code is valid

    Corrected a bug with the load portion of the Phantom Stalker's talent tree. The passwords generated should be fine, but upon loading there is a small bug that prevents the load from going through all the way.