The king and the destruction

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This is my first cinematic, Its a movie about a king that has a city that will be attacked.
I tried to write all correct, but if there Is somthing wrong with the writting, i m sorry if it is.

Well it took me 4 days to do this movie so hope ya all enjoy it :D

And please comment if anything should be better or anything hehe.


The king and the destruction (Map)

10:38, 6th Jul 2008 Rui: A cinematic bringing an original storyline. See my full review on post #7.




10:38, 6th Jul 2008
A cinematic bringing an original storyline.
See my full review on post #7.
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Aug 19, 2007
there r like 3+ typing mistakes in ur discription allready :D
(do it like me - get someone who's speakin english perfectly well n let him correct your language ;))
ye n there were some language-errors in the cinematic as well ^^

well the most disturbing point through the whole cinematic was the bugged interface modell of your protagonist but that's basicly the modellers fault not yours (you just could try to avoid it by using another unbugged unit as interface or switch the modell completely)

in only a few scenes the camera should be placed better (basicly Z-offset)

when the archer on the wall attack every bunch of archers attacks the same point (so do the skeletons) but it should be an arrow-"rain"<- not an arrow focus (watch battle royale 4 to get what i mean =))

i liked the music :D even tho ingame atmosphere and music differed a little but u mentioned it's your first try so it's no problem n at least you used music (but when the villagers left the "cave" or tunnel or whatever the music starts when the king starts talking; the sound of birds, rivers etc should already been playing cos it's sound by the scene not by him)

when he approached the bandits/soldiers/whatever they were colored teal; in the next scene they were blue 'n in the tent they were teal again ^^

it's surprisingly long and ample for your first try
and much better than other first tries i saw lately so i'd like to give it a 4.5/5 but there is no 4.5 since they remade the map section
and well i mentioned some issues and the problem which made me decide for 4/5 is the avatar-interface-thingi which is basicly not your fault but you should've done something about it or just not implemented it


conclusion: rly nice first cinematic

PS: i really hope someone has the same idea like i and will give it 5/5 points so it'll become 4.5 ;)
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Aug 19, 2007
so why is EmawWyvern offending me anyway?^^

i've never said that my english's better :)

second off i've never made fun of his mistakes
(i mentioned that i got ppl to correct my language in my maps - why would i do that if my english was perfect?)

overall: EmawWyvern; plz think before writing at least once (ps: i perfectly do understand your negative reputation)

and tunerband just for the case that he's your friend; be so kind and get a new one ^^
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Jul 5, 2008

Heya m8, I've watched the movie before and I think it's very good.

Your map even learned me how to use cameras :p
If you need me to correct your typos just throw me a message :p



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Jan 7, 2005
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[?]Credits. Although I think you didn't mention where the musics were from.
[+]The story seems to be original. I liked it.
[+]Decent terrain.
[+]A somewhat long cinematic. Since it is good, this is a plus.
[+/-]Decent use of cameras.
[+/-]The musics were OK, however, I don't think they were well used. The ballad/pop music was not totally fitting for the scene in my opinion, and after a soft song you go for a death metal sound (or whatever it is)?
[-]King model's portrait missing.
[-]A meat wagon missile flying all over the fortress to hit those two men?

Good cinematic. It's long and interesting.
My rating for this resource is 7/10, approximately 4 (Recommended). Hopping to see the next chapter.

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Aug 3, 2008

i am not usually harsh.

but this cinematic could be better.
the only good thing was the music. liked it alot.

bad things was that it was boring : / and the music didn't really fit the scenes.

not only that but the storyline was boring to me, sorrry. and the terrain was horrific. it was painful to see such terrain.

2/5 from me : /