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The idea of a non-warcraft-related RTS

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Level 2
Jan 20, 2008
I want to make a purely strategic game without the influence of the War3 universe, so I come up with this..
Got no idea of a name, basically this is a war of imbaness, exploitation, and it doesnt have heroes level, so there will be no creep or items.
Yep, enough with the talking, hero i will present the 1st factor

The human, they process a balanced development of military, technology, and magic.
- 3 heroes to control, allow them to bash through battle.
- Knights, with various upgrade are horrifying.
- Mechanic, strongest in the game, coupled with transporting ability.
- Tier 3 unit are somehow weaker than other races.
- Expensive and require a lot of teching which take a loooong time.


Labour: Builder unit. Can be upgraded to War Labour.
War labour upgrade: upgrade labours into War labours.
War labour: Builder unit. Adapted to the battlefield with toughness and speed.
Back pack: Allowance of carrying more resource.


Militia: basic infantry, can be massed in numbers.
Man-at-arms: tough unit, can be upgraded with Defend.
Knight: backbone infantry, benefit from a wide range of Upgrade.

Defend: allow the unit to shield itself, grant 5 armor but slowing speeds – active ability.
Call-of-arms: reduce training time of unit from warcamp by 10 second.


Sentinel: scouting unit, have good speed and can be upgrade with Poison Spear.
Roueu: ranged supporting unit, initial with Windwalk and can be upgrade with Greater Poison Spear.
Assassin: ranged damage dealer, have a ****ing long range but slow and vulnerable, can be upgrade w/ Sniping training.

Poison spear: give Sentinel a poison attack which deal 12 dps for 25 second.
Greater poison spear: give Rogue the ability of Shadow Strike, dealing 20 initial damage and 15 damage each 3 second for 15 second.
Sniping training: 10% 2x damage.


Warlord: proud warrior, adept at disrupting infantry and taking punishments. Can initially use Pulverize ability to deal 20 area damage.
High priest: supporting warrior, adept at using healing magic and inspiring nearby allies into war. Can initially cast Heal, which directly heal an allies unit for 320 point of damage, and release a +33% damage Inspiring aura to nearby troops.

Howl of war: The warlord emit an slowing aura, slowing nearby enemies’ attack speed.
Greater endurance: Increase the max Hp of Tinker and Warlord, also increase the damage of Warlord.
Mana training: Increase the max Hp of High priest and High mage, also increase the damage of High priest.


Weapon upgrade: increase the damage of all infantry.
Greater weapon upgrade: furthermore increase the damage of all infantry.
Epical Weapon upgrade: greatly increase the damage of all infantry.
Iron plate upgrade: increase the damage of all infantry.
Steel plate upgrade: furthermore increase the damage of all infantry.
Titanium plate upgrade: greatly increase the damage of all infantry.
Tower blueprint upgrade: allow the production of … tower (have 2 level).
Gun powder research: allow the production of Assassin, War Galleon, AA missile addon and Bombarding upgrade.


Enchant Holy Weapon: turning Knights’ attack type into chaos.
Holy might: allows Knights to radiate a +2 armor aura to nearby troops in an area of 150.
Last will: allows the Knights to reborn for 15 second with 350 hp after slain.
Greater combat mastery: gives Knights better combat ability with 15% chante to deal 1.8x damage, while also gives a 15% evation.
Holy awe: allows Knights to radiate a -3 armor aura to nearby enemies troop in an area of 150.


War wagon: troops transporting vehicle.
Eispeied: constructing vehicle, can construct itself into a defensive structure, and vice-versa.
War galleon: powerhouse mechanic, can be further equipped with an arrow squad or anti-air missile.

Mobility for war: give faster movement speed to War wagon and Eispeied.
Arrow squad addon: allow the choice of adding-on an Arrow squad, which is effective again infantry.
AA missile addon: allow the choice of adding-on an AA missile base, which is effective again air unit.
Technical knowledge: allow the Labour and War labour to give +1 armor to unit or structure they repair, stackable, maximum armor benefit from repairing is +5.


Upgrade to Airborne CC
Upgrade to Arcane CC


Dragon hawk tamer: powerful saboteur, have great mobility and powerful ability. The Dragon hawk tamer have permanent invisibility.
Mechanized flyer: powerful airborne assaulter. Can carry a lot of infantry or even heavy mechanized like War galleon.
Tinker: supporting hero, adept at repairing and protecting mechanized unit. Can initially use the Repair+ ability which heals a mechanized unit for 100 hp per sec, also granting the unit 5 extra armor in the process with the cost of resources.

Magic shackle: Allow the Dragon hawk tamer to use Magic shackle ability, disabling a structure at the cost of channeling..
Bombarding upgrade: give Mechanized flyer a splash ground seige attack. Also leave a flaming ground which damage units stepping on it.


Warlock: powerful magical warrior, equipped with a powerful spell work to knock back a unit for 20% chance, and generate an impenetrable for 5 seconds every 20 seconds.
War golem: Magical clockwork juggernaut. Can deal tons of damage and taking incredibly large amount of punishment. Can be upgraded with Magic guard.
High Mage: magical hero, adept at summoning magic and disrupting enemies. Can initially cast Firebolt, which damage and stun a unit for 380 point of damage.

Magic guard: Gives War Golem the Resistant Skin ability, negating some effect of magic casted upon. Also gives Absorb Damage ability, reduce a specific amount of damage (15), attack bellow 25 cannot be reduce.
Gravity: Gives high mage the Gravity ability, binding all unit in an area, including flying unit, to the ground and hinder movement for a while.
Elemental Mastery: Gives high mage the Summon water elemental ability, to summon a powerful Water Elemental to fight for him.
Healing center: Allow War Wagon to radiate a healing aura, giving +6 hp generation to nearby non-mechanical ally.

Reveal: Use this ability to reveal a place on the map, giving sight and detect invisible units.


O Fallen: basic unit, serve as a lumber harvester. Can be upgraded with Flesh merge.
O Fleshy one: Melee unit, capable of destroying fortified enemies.
O Dark champion: Cunning hero, adept at both physical and magical warfare. Can be equipped with powerful artifacts to use special ability and enhance power.
O Heretics: capable of summoning buildings, also have moderate combat power.
O Dark treant: Basic melee unit, relatively strong against light infantry. Last 30 seconds.
O Dread wing: powerful flying unit, capable of releasing sonic waves to disrupt enemies and melee combat. Last 25 seconds.
O Frost flight: heavy flying unit, capable of destroying ground unit. Somehow have low hp for an ultimate unit. Last 20 seconds.
O Lich lord: Magical hero, adept at supporting the frontier with dark magic. Can initially cast unholy frenzy on Dark champion, and Dark coil to burn an enemy’s mana pool.
O Hell spawn: Fast melee unit, capable of destroying spell casters and laying curses. Can be upgrade with Hell spawn frenzy. Have Feedback and Curse.
O Doom guard: Powerhouse spellcaster, capable of releasing destructive spells and fury on the battle field. Can initially cast Cripple. Have pulverize.
O Infernal: powerful juggernaut, can only be summoned by the Lich Lord. Have Magic Immunity and Permanent Immolation.
O Wraith: dark magic bearer, use disrupting magic. Can initially cast Corruption, which cause an enemy unit to spawn 2 skeletal warriors upon death.
O Terrorblade: horrifying killing machine. This necromancy masterpiece surge into battle and destroy, before returning to dust as it should have been. Summoned by the Lich Lord. Have a 35% critical strike for 1.5x damage.

- Flesh merge: allow the Fallen to merge up with another one, become the mighty fleshy one.
- Ritual: increase the food limit that the Crypt supports.
- More ritual: further more increase the food limit that the Crypt supports.
- Massacring ritual: greatly increase the food limit that the Crypt supports.
- Equip Rod of Necromancy: allow the Dark champion to use the Raise Death ability to rise 2 skeletal warrior from a corpse.
- Equip Orchid Malevolence: allow the Dark champion to use the silence ability to disable the magical abilities of the target for 10 seconds.
- Equip Soul Carver: equip the Dark champion with an enchanted runeblade, allow him to put a variety of curses on the target. Upon hit, reduce 20% damage, 5 armor, and cause it to miss 20% of the attacks.
- Voice imbue: allow the Dread wing to use the Sonic scream ability, releasing an AoE damaging scream.
- Advance necromancy: reduce stocking time of summoning units from the Graveyard.
- Upgrade to Necrocity.
- Upgrade to Demonic Throne.
- Upgrade to Cursed Goldmine.
- Upgrade to Damned Goldmine.
- Upgrade to Monument of Chaos.
- Upgrade to Monument of Destruction.
- Upgrade to Daemonic Gate.
- Unholy lore: Allow Wraiths to use the Unholy Surge ability, heal an ally for 65 hit points or damage an enemy for the same amount of damage. (pure damage)
- Learn Mind blast: allow the lich lord to unleash a powerful psychic blast to stun all enemies for 2 second.
- Learn Finger of Death: allow the lich lord to call forth a ray of energy to tear up the target. Deal 520 damage to unit, 600 damage to mechanical, 250 damage to structure.
- Learn Warp of Damnation: allow the lich lord to destroy a friendly unit, making it a warp to summon the mighty Infernal. The infernal lasts 60 seconds.
- Learn Requiem of Dusk: allow the Lich lord to craft the horrific Terrorblade from 5 corpses. The Terrorblade lasts 35 second.
- Learn Fiery Fury: allow the lich lord to create an intense presence of the Legion flame, reducing all enemies’ attack by 20% and boost all allies’ attack by 20%
- Hell spawn frenzy: movement speed of hellspawn permanently.
- Legion flame: allow the Doom guard to use Chain burning, a chain of magic that burns units to units.
- Doom sight: give tentacles True sight.


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Level 2
Jan 20, 2008
As for the hero system, there will be only one level for them. Heroes can be build from a various building. The hero benefit from heroes armor, spell resistance.
Level 2
Jan 20, 2008
Yes, let us build a rouge camp, so that we can make lipstick for all the women in your game.


Thanks! fixed

He's making a sort off realism-RTS. Just play Civilization III map or something :ugly:

Fantasy, not realism.. I want to make a strategy mod, since all people think of warcraft mod is heroes

So only one race?

More to come!

Updated with Cultists
I'm expecting more constructive comments :wink:
Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
Ogre lancer- Ogre unit with a lance, can jab people with it extra damage.

Goblin supply caravan- vehicle that can self destruct on structures only, the AoE can affect other non structure units nearby but main damage on structure. Also has a type of mana regen aura, and health regen aura, short range, acts if giving new armor, and new weapons to units.
Level 7
Jul 29, 2007
Goblin Tactician - Long range (preferably over 700) light-armored siege unit. May enhance nearby ally units with different type of auras:

- Siege : Damage bonus
- Defensive : Armor bonus
- Search & Destroy : Overall speed bonus

GTactician may be enhanced by Madness, an active ability which costs no mana, that increases it attack speed by 100% for 15 seconds, but with a 20% chance to miss as a fair trade.
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