The Graveyard

Level 40
Dec 14, 2005

The Graveyard

What is it?
The Graveyard is basically a forum section where resources submitted into the Submissions section are moved to should they not be approved for whatever reason.
You cannot create new threads in The Graveyard.
Why was my resource moved here?
Your resource may have been "Graveyard'd" for several reasons. The moderator who moved it should have left a comment outlining why it was rejected.

Things to check:
  1. Did my resource follow the Site Rules?
  2. Did my resource follow the Submissions rules?
  3. Did I not update my resource in a given period of time after requested to do so by a moderator?
Getting out of the Graveyard
If your resource was graveyarded for one of the above reasons, (most likely #3) feel free to resubmit your resource with the necessary changes once you have an update.
The resource will be reviewed again as normal.

If you cannot understand what rule your resource violated, feel free to contact the moderator who rejected it asking for a better explanation.
If you are not satisifed with their response, and feel your resource was graveyarded for an unfair reason, you may contact another moderator of the section.
They will evaluate the situtation, and will re-review your resource if they agree with your feeling that the rejection was unjustified.

If a mapmaker wants to use a graveyarded resource in their map, it can be done as long as they are aware of whatever risk (if any) of using it. Resources submitted to the Code or Spells sections should not rely on a graveyarded resource.
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