[Trigger] The Fixer - Help Center

Level 9
Apr 25, 2009
The Fixer - GUI

Welcome to The Fixer - Triggering leak and more fixes! Send your triggers to me, and I will make sure your spell/system gets approved!

How to Request Help

1: Open your Trigger Editor.
2: Go to the trigger you need help with.
3: Rightclick on the Trigger name and select "Copy as text".
4: Paste it in a Quick Reply with
  • tags around it.
  • 5: Add some information as a normal text.[/COLOR]
  • [/LEFT]
  • [B][COLOR=LightBlue]Other Information[/COLOR][/B]
  • [LEFT][COLOR=White]When you get your fixed trigger is depending on the amount of requests and traffic. If you have a lot of knowledge in GUI (or even Jass), you can join this center.[/COLOR]
  • [CENTER][B][COLOR=LightBlue]What you must do...[/COLOR][/B]
  • [LEFT][COLOR=White]1: Give +rep (not required).
  • 2: Give credits (required).
  • 3: If you upload the spell/system/other on this site, you must give information about the fixes and a link to this thread (required).[/COLOR]
  • [COLOR=LightBlue]Also note that some things can't be made, such as Opening Internet Explorer using codes etc... Please don't even bother requesting imposable things.[/COLOR]
  • [/LEFT]
  • [/CENTER]
  • [/LEFT]
  • [/CENTER]
  • [/LEFT]
  • [/CENTER]