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~ The Fifth Legion ~ ORPG

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Level 14
Jan 16, 2009
.-~'* The Fifth Legion *'~-.
A ORPG by Wareditor

~ Quick Description ~

The Fifth Legion is a ORPG that I try to make Unique, by adding some extra features ! like Reputation and Factions System.
But Now I want to make a team to improve all the thing.

~ Short Story ~

(All the name can change)
The Velen Kingdom suffered a Mysterious Demon attack. Because of the suprinsing effect the Demons destroyed the main army and all the main cities but all The Velen Kingdom wasn't crushed. So the Dark Age Begin.
A Age of war, suffer and despair began. But one of the council of the Old Kingdom sent a messager to ask help to the famous Fifth Legion. The Fifth Legion is a mercenary army that only fight for bounty.

So you can imagine the following...
But the Story isn't that simple that you think.A
All the factions ( 4 ) that you will met won't be Black and White but Grey. They will all have a reason, even Demons have a reason to destroy.
I think that the factions will help me to show the depth and the core of my story.

~ Features ~

  • You will be able to choose your hero path and progress througth it :

    Recruit 1 -> 10
    First Way 1 -> 30
    Improvement Way 1 -> 60
    Powerful Way 1 - > 100

    Example :

    Runic Shaman.......Seer
    .Runic Master.......Oracle

  • A Reputation system that will unlock some extra functions in function of your "celebrety"

  • A Faction system that will completly change the experience of the game depending of your choices.

    Exemple :
    If you allie the Demons ( Yes it will be possible ), you will have unique quest that you can only get if you are part of the demons and some other extras functions

  • A Random Event / War Event that will make every Party unique

  • A Dungeon sytem that will requires skills and strategy

  • And A lot more ...

~ Recruitement ~

Jass Scripter
  • Be able to code propely and without leaks
  • To be creative ( yes ) for improving/creating cool system
  • To have some experience in some project

Spell Maker
  • Be able to create original and creative spells
  • Be able to create a spell bind to a "type" of Hero
  • Be creative and original
  • Be able to give a little sample of work

Terainer Helper
  • Be able to create a HQ and realistic Terrain
  • Be able to create a terrain in fonction of the Quest/Lore/Need
  • Be Creative and Original
  • Be able to give a little sample of work

Beta Tester
  • Do not upload an closed-Beta version of TFL !
  • Give suggestions you think could improve the map.
  • Try to find bugs, problems, and things you simply don't like about the map and report it to me. Please use detail and include screenshots, if possible, to help me to correct it.

~ The War's Team ~

Name Job
  • Project Leader
  • Object Editor
  • GUI Scripter
  • Terrainer
  • Story Writer

Name Job
  • Main Helper

Name Job
  • Beta Tester

Name Job
  • Beta Tester

The Map is far from beeing finished so join us if you think you can help !

Thanks to have read !
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