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The Exodus of Gilneas : Worgen Third Person RPG

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Level 8
Sep 23, 2007
The Exodus of Gilneas is a third person RPG with very similar aspects to WoW. You start out as a worgen villager in Gilneas and move up to Guard rank in the Moonrage Tribe in Silverpine Woods. The map is still heavily under development.

While the camera may seem a bit wierd the first time, once you have played the map a few times over the camera is easy to manipulate and very fun. It is very important that you follow all tooltips given in the game and read full quest descriptions so that you know what is going on.

Note:: This is a VERY difficult game. It is not meant to be played alone. If are playing alone, I suggest giving yourself enough gold to get starter's equipment from the vendors in Pyrewood Village.

Video Link: (Watch in 1080p HD to see the map in its true light!)

The map can be downloaded here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/exodus-gilneas-v1-4-a-202207/
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