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The earliest RoC custom maps/campaigns?

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Dec 8, 2013
I remember playing a few custom maps, campaigns and even movies back in 2002. I don't know their names, however. Is there any site where I could find them now?

As to the particular ones, there was a chess map. It had human and undead units as pieces, magical circles as squares, Infernals at the corners, and flying sheep all over the place.

There was a map where the player should have interrupted a Dreadlord summoning demons...

Another one granted control over an Archmage in some story, it happened in what looked like the Barrens...

There also was a map with a cutscene where a Death Knight-like character was a narrator and Infernals were raining from the sky...

Is there any resource where these ancient RoC maps are stored? It should have been the very beginning of the WC3 modding scene!
Your best bet is to search on epicwar:

I used maps'n'mods around 2004 to get most of my maps, but it changed ownership and now it no longer exists. In fact, most of the old wc3 websites (besides the hive, epicwar, wc3c, and thehelper) have gone down. But there is still hope--many people submit edits onto epicwar. Even if it isn't dated 2002, there are plenty of RoC maps and there is a chance that someone edited it and uploaded it at some later point in time.
Man I remember playing this one singleplayer RPG with a final-fantasy-esque battle system (called ATB). I think it was called "Hero RPG" or something (quite the generic name, I know).

It was extremely amazing for maps back then. Made heavy use of multiboards for controls, well scripted, pretty polished aswell and a continous campaign. This really set the bar for maps back in RoC days.

Also, friggin' Defiance RPG. For it's time, it really set the bar in terms of content and gameplay. I still have it in my map folder and play it solo sometimes, for nostalgia reasons.
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