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Help - The forgotten custom Campaign

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Level 22
Jul 26, 2008
Hi guys, I am a huge fan of warcraft 3 custom campaigns. Unfortunately, I have played all that are available, but I was looking for a particular campaign on hive that i remember but could not find. Was hoping you guys could help me out with the name.

I think that the campaign consists of maybe 4 maps, but it is purely RPG. There were 4 hero choices, each rated as a different difficulty ( a dreadlord with summoning abilities was the easiest and a hero with an archmage model was the hardest ).

The most distinguishing feature of this campaign was the cinematic at the beginning. There was a illidan-type hero fighting a pitlord in an amazing battle where the editor was used to the fullest. Trees were being destroyed in the battle and it was VERY cool.

I remember the first map you had to recruit 4 races by doing specific quests.
The first were the trolls, who you had to kill wolves in order to gain the necessary trust of the race.

The second race was a group of night elves, who you had to aid in an AOS type battle against this fire mage group.

The humans were recruited easy- you just had to beat a mountain giant fighter champion in a 1v1 duel.

There was also an important side quest to kill 7 assassins during the course of the campaign.

If anyone could tell me the name of this campaign and/or post a link to it, I would highly appreciate it, and others as it was a REALLY good campaign.
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