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The Challengers of Azeroth b.605

Submitted by 3xKataratos
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
-The Challengers of Azeroth-
Mannoroth's power corrupts Azeroth !
Even the Great ones failed to stop him.
Now it's up to you Heroes.

Are you ready to challenge his right to rule!?

Challengers of Azeroth its a RPG Co-op Survival Map where you and your party have to fight different enemies and bosses in order to reach Mannoroth and put an end to his tyranny.After Mannoroth's death ,its also up to you to decide whos is going to be Azeroth's new leader!.
Only one shall be Victorious!

Host it with MakeMeHost and play now !
  • ---
    Mode Select System
    19 Unique Boss Fights
    5 Respawning zones
    100+ Items
    22 Heroes
    Backpack system
    Map Exploration
    Mining system
    Quick Traveling System

  • -[​IMG] -[​IMG] -[​IMG] -[​IMG] --

  • [2016-09-16]: CHANGES
    -╬Łumerous Bug Fix
    -Things pointed out by deepstrasz's review
    -Hero rework Scarlet Crusader
    -New Hero Lightbringer
    -New Items
    -Removed several camps making gameplay shorter
    -Add selection panel to Peace Period 7/14/21 mins
    -Updated QuestLog
    -Made Sea Road easier to pass through
  • ---
    Thanks a lot !


    Lender - Web
    Champara Bros - Water Tebtacle -WildGrowth-Shadowbolt-Penance-Lightning Bolt-Chimera Shot
    Vortigon - water Egg
    alfredx_sotn - water Elemental
    Scythy Dervish-laboratory
    UgoUgo - water enchant - Orb of seas
    Mc !-whirpool
    Shadow_killer- Well
    JesusHipster Customizable Effects - DivineBarrier -Health Surge -Waterblast-Soularmor
    s4nji-Frost aura
    JetFangInferno-Holy Awakening-LightStrike-Frost Nova-Dark Lighning-Darknova-Conviction Aura-Black Cloud
    Vitchie08 Nature Blessing
    ChaoticHunter -Nature/Fire Rune
    InfernalTater - meat
    RightField -Branch
    Thrikodius -Zap missile
    WhiteDeath -Spirit Bolt - Gray Werewolf
    Kuhneghetz-Black Balverine-red mashroom-Gem
    Sellenisko-Wargern Manor
    WILL THE ALMIGHTY -Dirtexplosion-Flame Bomb-sharpnel Cone
    Nasrudin-Troll Shaman
    multigamer-Tauren Druid
    LuisZek- Valiona
    Tranquil-Snipe-Lightning Long
    DCrimson-Red Aftershock
    Sunchips-Red apple
    Judash-Red Quick
    Callahan-Radioactive Cloud
    Epimetheus-Primative WAnd
    Ham Ham-Plasma Missile
    Uncle Fester-Ogre Pirate-Green Crystals
    Kenntaur-Obsidian Golem
    Sweet Oblivion-Monkey-Gorilla-Elder Gorilla
    Tarrasque-Naga Royal Guard
    Kitabatake-Life Orb
    General Frank Potion Blue - Gear Effect - Bear Trap
    Callahan - Nerubian Widow
    Grendel - Ostarion
    HammerFist132-Hq Chest
    darkdeathknight-Fruit Stand
    Daelin-Frost Nova Small
    stan0033 -Fear
    cotd333 -Fatal Wound
    Direfury -Dwarven Hero
    Kwaliti - Deathwing
    Power - Dark Harvest
    Pyritie-Dark High
    AndrewOverload519 Crpy Drone - Crypt Egg
    waveseeker - Coral Tree
    -=Emergenzy=- Wall
    Grey Knight- Bullet
    Fingolfin - Black Hole
    Mythic -Banana Missile/Bomb
    D.O.G - Banana(item)
    Sunchips - Animated Grass
    Fingolfin - Arm drill


    Sin'dorei300 - BloodElfPriestess -Mushroom
    I3lackDeath - Dwarven Death Knight
    Mc !- Fire Sword-Orb
    PeeKay - Goblet of Vampires
    Hadeis -Infernostaff
    NFWar -NatureHealingRay - Dagger
    FrIkY - Panda armor
    SkriK- Pirate medalion
    BlackDoom -Shield TaurenMark/Undead
    Marcos DAB - Water Pearl
    Darkfan-Watery Shield
    CloudWolf-Scarlet Crusader
    Hellx-Magnus - Nerubian staff
    GooS- Flame wrath


    bgcy_ro002- Human Health bar
    67chrome- Skeletons Skins Returned
    Darkholme - Illidan DArk
    CloudWolf-Scarlet Crusader

    Sorry if you dont see your name here yet
    ...more will come soon...
  • ---
    Map still in BETA I released it that way, cuz i cant find enough people to test it with.Please play test it and feedback!

    Updates coming!---
  • [/Tab]

The Challengers of Azeroth b.605 (Map)

[spoiler] A good RPG with a multitude of heroes and challenges. Has a WoW feel to it. However, the gameplay isn't much fun when it comes to DotA-ish recipes. Left to Pending for now until the major Hunter bug is fixed as there's a chance for all...
  1. stan0033


    Jun 27, 2010
    Use Gameranger to find testers
  2. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. Units selected during cinematic mode (right when meeting the dude frightened by spiders).
    2. Fiend's Eye has a space before its title.
    3. Cypt Drone's selection circle is too high. They can't be attacked by melee heroes... Luck Charge works on them.
    4. Quests should appear in the Quest Log so you'd know your progress (also screen messages about the progress).
    5. How is the score defined, based on what? Wouldn't kills be better or something? Maybe even add an assist system.
    6. So why take one meat loaf at a time? I mean, there are also passive critters too...
    7. Spider Head says it boosts strength by 3 when on ground but when in the inventory it says 2.
    8. There are places where the hero can walk on trees as if they were platforms.
    9. Backpack would be nice to move the hero closer to the item to get it in. What about the backpack being able to use potions for the hero?
    10. Lost my Purification effect after consuming the magic mushroom, I think. Weird, it didn't work on the Nerubian Warrios, works on the Skeletons though.
    11. It seems that Nerubian Warriors spawn indefinitely after the queen dies.
    12. Defend doesn't say how much it lasts. I honestly thought it would be the Footman Defend not Avatar.
    13. Shadow Altar. And, does what?
    14. Some units like the Spider Queen have small selection circles.
    15. Why not use the Firelord icon for Velthis in the Quest Log? Also the log didn't say anything about spell block :D You've mentioned it on the wolf though.
    16. When Velthis gets back up his animation freezes if nobody's around.
    17. Should the map be on fog of war and not black mask? I guess it's intended to see the secret places.
    18. Try adding "-" or something before materials in a combination in descriptions of item combinations.
    19. Assasin's Dagger is called Dagger after buying it. Could be confusing for recipes.
    20. It's a bit stressing to wait for the fortune vendor's items to change.
    21. You shouldn't force players to buy the axe to cut wood in order to move onward from the second boss. What if you spend all of your gold? Also, the cooldown....
    22. You should mention if the Hotshot Gloves works together with Scarlet Doom and Horn of Doom.
    23. After you get through the cavern, the camera does not reset to normal.
    24. Why have some voice acting for only some cinematic scenes? Either all/most or none.
    25. Wolf's Pelt on ground says it give bonus to all stats while in the inventory it gives 250 HP and 1 armour.
    26. Dire Wolf's Mask can be sold with the same amount as Wolf Pelt.
    27. Remnant of Power rune does not disappear after the Gaze of Mannoroth disappears. Also the Dark Summoning effect remained stuck to the northwest of the Gaze even during battle with wolves and beasrs and after the eye was gone.
    28. After that the last of the four boss quests was marked as completed although not discovered.
    29. Is it intentional for the ultimate to be on the 16th level? That means the 15th level doesn't give you any spells.
    30. None of the two optional quests were discovered not even after defeating the treant and reaching the Swan Song zone.
    31. Some buildings+shops have a tiny selection circle while others have a big one.
    32. Entering the village after through the Way Gate changes the camera which can be reset suing DEL.
    33. The Dungeon Master is levitating.
    34. Murloc Warriors need Ensnare cooldown increase. Maybe in multiplayer it works but alone...
    35. On the ground: the Spider Scales written on the White Pearl.
    36. For multiplayer it would be nicer if the crabs that heal the Makrura would appear from different angles.
    37. After level 16 you just level up; spells don't become stronger.
    38. Materials for combinations get frustrating to track and carry.
    39. Boombard Bill has the sleeping zzz effect on him.
    40. Skip cinematic? Boombard Bill says the same thing if you move around his place each time. Can't even get out in peace...
    41. Hunter/Ghouls stun indefinitely?

    42. Hunter's Stun and Abomination's Devour have the same icon.
    43. If you destroy the Ziggurat of the Dreadlord, the neutral Spawned Ghouls remain there.
    44. Avoid playing music as sound; Use the correct Play Music trigger.

    A good RPG with a multitude of heroes and challenges. Has a WoW feel to it. However, the gameplay isn't much fun when it comes to DotA-ish recipes.

    Left to Pending for now until the major Hunter bug is fixed as there's a chance for all heroes of the team to be caught by one of those creatures and immobilized for good.


    Always check/recheck the Map Submission Rules! (Map Submission Rules)

    Screenshots could attract more players to download your work. Make the best of them.

    A detailed changelog in the first post would be helpful to reviewers and notify fans about the newest implementations to your map.

    To make your work run smoother, fix the so called leaks: Triggers - Memory Leaks and Custom Scripts

    If you want more reviews, come here:
    The Grand Review Exchange!
  3. 3xKataratos


    Jan 22, 2016
  4. 3xKataratos


    Jan 22, 2016

    First of all thanks for review and rating,
    Fixed item descriptions and some selection circle problems and trying to find a way for easier recipes with less mats as you mentioned in 38.
    Quest log is really something that needs work.
    41.As for hunters ... yeah they are supposed to permanently stun the attacked unit.
    40.I did notice just a day ago that the cinematic with Bill was repeatable (fixed it!).
    3.Crypt Drones cant be attacked by melee but u can avoid spawning them.
    5.Score... Its actually a Damage meter.
    6.You can take as many meats as you want at a time its stackable, and you can also return them as stacks.
    10.Did not find any problem with purification.
    11.They supposed to. Its a respawning aeria just in case u want to farm some more spider scraps and xp.
    13.Optional boss from Dungeon Master.
    21.You supposed to use the Fire orb to pass through, its on Orb's description.
  5. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
  6. Jumbo


    Jun 22, 2007
    Okay, map appears to be fairly well made. I just took a short look. Will take a closer one later on.
  7. Quan


    Dec 18, 2017
    Excuse me, can you guide me how to pass the sea road please?