The Arena

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The Arena
by Filmting

Map Info:

Do you have what it takes to become the new champions of the arena, or will you suffer defeat! Come and see if you and your team will be strong enough to defeat all 10 challenging bosses in this boss style arena map!

Basically this is a very hard hero boss battle arena. You must work together with your team to try and defeat all 10 Bosses. Think World of Warcraft raiding. The bosses reset after you fail, and trust me you will fail alot, to defeat them. You can at anytime repick your hero, retrain spells for free, return items for a 100% value and consumeables are given back when fight is over. You are meant to try out everything and anything in your disposal and come up with a strategy to defeat the bosses.

This map can be very hard with a pug group, and it is recommend that you play with a premade group that have voice communication to get the furthest. That being said, a decent pug should be able to get a bit into the map, as bosses start off easy and get harder the further you progress.

Map is also avaliable on Entgaming and under the name "TheArena" if you wish to host it on

  • 10 Challenging Bosses, only the best players can beat them all!
  • Fights reset after you fail allowing you to try again instantly!
  • Try out different strategies, free repicks, item returns, etc.
  • Also playable in singleplayer, but not recommended.
  • Ingame guide on the boss abilities in the F9 Menu.
  • 8 Heroes, and 32 items

Gameplay Videos:







Rework for boss 7, damage meters, bugfixes n stuff! Also -color rainbow.

??-??-?? - Some random tiem fogot.
Items, bosses, ui, hero changes, you get it at this point. Eugh. Mostly UI this one doe.

Buncha sheit.... Some hero reworks/new abilities, boss 8 somewhat more fully implemented, still need some testin doe, balance changes for various other bosses, mostly nurfz.

Minor reworks for bosses 2-6.

Man I dunno, bunch of shit. New mechanics for bosses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 n 7, with more planned for 8 and 9. Some hero rebalance n general bug fixes, aswell as a -color command.

Added a new command, -ress : Revives all heroes when not in combat.
Added a new command, -restart : Forces a restart of boss incase of errors. Last Resort!
Removed all mana elements from bosses.
Replaced Mana-Burn on Mystic with new ability Absorb.
New mechanics for 4th, 5th, and 7th boss.
Healing and Mana Potions now share a cooldown of 20 seconds.
Shield now reduces all damage taken from attacks by 100 down to a limit of 30.
Spear now deals 100 bonus damage to summoned units, but no longer drains mana.
Replaced Stoneskin with Guise - Guise : Causes all damage taken to be dealt to the atttacker aswell.

The -reset command now resets if no second player confirms the command after 10 seconds.
Fixed some minor bugs for the 8th boss.

The latest version that was made before the deadline of the mini mapping contest can be found here: The Arena - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic

Some minor bugfixes, that could make certain bosses not start or reset.
Reworked the 5th boss.
The 6th boss now rotates through his spells instead of using them together. Also increased the size of the fart.
Changes to various items, mainly those from the armor vendor.
Added a -reset command, that kills your hero, allowing you to reset the boss if you made a fatal mistake.
Some minor hero changes.

The latest version that was made before the deadline of the mini mapping contest can be found here: The Arena - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic

Added 9th boss.
Some various item changes. Replaced a few items.
Consumeables now stack.
Increased the radius of all scroll items.
Fixed some various bugs.

Added the Final Boss! Still missing the 9th, the 9th boss will be skipped and you can go directly to the final after 8th.
Some minor bugfixes and leak cleanups.

Added the 7th and 8th boss.
Balance changes on certain heroes.
The Amuelt item no longer blocks a spell every 40 second but can now be actively used to dispel magic in an area.

Some minor leak cleanups.
Added more tips.
You can now play the game singleplayer, or with any number of players and control the unused players. You can also repick an unused player and if an item is sold from a left player gold is now split between all remaning players.
Some minor item and hero spell changes.

This is gonna be a little vague as it is still to early to get into depth with these changes. Takes time to keep a changelog.

Added 6th boss.
Did some balance changes on certain bosses. Boths nerfs and buffs. The difficulty should now be more linear.
Tank heroes should now be prioritized more over others.
Changed around on some of the item costs.
Various bug fixes and minor improvements. You should now be less able to break the game ;>
Hero balance changes on various spells and stats.

Will properly remake the 5th boss sometime in the future.

Finished the 5th boss, and changed the tileset to Cityscape instead of Dalaran, to get a more yellow feel that fits with the minimap/loading screen.



[highlight]Thanks to all you people who made these models. All models were taken from

Dark Soldier
by Freddyk

Frost Nova
by JetFangInferno

by Ki

by Kimbo

High Elven Mage Huntress
by Deolrin

by JetFangInferno

Snipe Target
by Tranquil

Ogre Warrior
by Mc !

by Sellenisko

by Technomancer

Ground Charge v1.00
by Flux

Check Walkability
by PurgeandFire

Repel v0.02
by G00dG4m3

Mist Aura
by Pyritie

by JetFangInferno

by JesusHipster

by JetFangInferno

Fire Nova
by JetFangInferno

Astral Imprisonment
by exfyre

Author Notes:

The map was made for the Mini-Mapping Contest #9. As required of the contest the map was made in a 32x32 format. With this requirement i thought that creating a boss arena map wouldn't use much space, as everything would be fought in an arena. This though have limited the use of enviromental mechanics for the various bosses. I still made imo, some nice mechanics for the various bosses. As said in the video "What is The Arena", the map is meant to focus on strategy and execution, and not as much the eye candy dodge chaos of a map like Impossible Bosses.

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The Arena (Map)

11:49, 16th Aug 2014 Orcnet: The game is quite useful for boss arenas and a must when you have to play in co-op, also if you plan in taking the game in single player then the open slot for the others will give you a playable asset for...




11:49, 16th Aug 2014


The game is quite useful for boss arenas and a must when you have to play in co-op, also if you plan in taking the game in single player then the open slot for the others will give you a playable asset for additional heroes, so that means you end up getting the strategy and hero roles for yourself which is nice.

I had no problems nor concern for the map's terrain output since it relies more into gameplay, further more it would be nice if you can give a region where all dead players will be going to be placed after death, that gives them like a seat to watch the fight for those who are still alive in the arena.

Overall map is quite a boost to play both single and multi-player wise.
Level 16
Feb 20, 2013
I made the loading screen. Combined MoP loading screen borders with the loading screen from Trail of the Crusader and then put some text over it.

Edit: Also if you wish to play, the easiest way is to use ent or mmh to host on bnet. Only need 4 people so doesn't take that long to get a game going.
Level 12
Nov 3, 2013
I suggest that items are not dropped when you repick, when playing with randoms they stole all the stuffs I had...

Also a -reset command so if you know you've made a fatal mistake you can just retry instantly instead of waiting to get killed off.

Edit: Also dropping/giving potions for other players should not make them theirs, it should still return to your inventory after the round has ended.
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Level 12
Nov 3, 2013
Bug: You can cancel the mage Q ability and spam it without it going on cd or losing mana.

Also the 5th boss ability blue fire/flames leaks, once after resetting they were still present.
Level 23
Oct 12, 2008
Written for MMC 9, referencing submission version.

The Arena

OVERVIEW - Boss fight map, arena style.
Most bosses in any game are a mixture of execution and learning.
The problem here is that all the bosses are 99% knowledge 1% execution, once you've beaten a fight, you'll never lose again.
This is because despite all their mechanics, all the bosses boil down to a set of rules.

Every X event
Did you read the quest log?
If yes = you win
If no = you die

While all bosses in any game do require the player to know what they are doing. The structured extreme to which this is taken results in bosses that are basically "did you read the questlog checks".

On round 8 the map broke, the boss ran down to the centre and then ran back his spawn point. We waited if anything would happen, nothing did.

All that said, the class design in the map was simplistic but excellent. I like how every class does truly bring it's own brand of utility and not just a retheme of a general tank/dps/heal archetype.

NOTEWORTHY - Cheeseproof, we actually needed a proper team composition to win as opposed to finding a broken class and stacking the crap out of it.

TLDR - Secretly a puzzle game
Level 1
Aug 21, 2014
how can i try it with other person?? im italian and i want play with other player.. (i haven't buy wc3 on
Level 3
May 26, 2010
Mystic dispel/dispel scroll should probably mention they get rid of debuffs

Not everyone plays melee and knows the exact mechanics of dispel, and the tooltip only mentions it gets rid of "buffs" which could mislead people

As a result we got stuck on the fifth boss for ~4 hours (over a few playthroughs since leavers absolutely fuck the game up), until we realized mystic can get rid of the -100% damage debuff