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The announcement!!

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Level 7
Oct 3, 2014

-=--= In Memorium of Liefaldi =--=-
Here is the surprising announcement!

> My brother (Liefaldi) used to be a Hiveworkshop Member. But... Something (it's a bad thing) had happened... :"(

*Crying* T___T *Crying*

He died at Friday, 15 May 2015 because he crashed... T___T

I will remember him forever! :')
The last word in the Hive is this:
"Nice" he said it in my project "Missions of the Past" and I only say "Thanks?"

The best thread he ever created is his Introduction thread:
Liefaldi said:
Every Member in the Hive are very creative
I forgot what he said in the thread but I remember this.

He was a potential member I can felt it. He maybe always offline but... I know he can be a member that hive will remembered forever!

I pray for him so he can... Amin~~
Level 3
May 19, 2015
Thats sad,Special when all what you can do is, to place it in a site that has nothing to do with death people,i hope i'm not to cold for you guys when i say this,but i cannot trust this threader,becasue it is possible that this is a reclame for you'r map called"missions of the past",also maybe this threader is full of lies just to reclame you'r map,and seriously the sad truth is that people didn't care about dead people they didn't know.Sorry!
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