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The Adiktuz Scrolls on Jux

Discussion in 'Screenwriting, Storyboarding & Concept Creation' started by Adiktuz, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Adiktuz


    Oct 16, 2008
    I've just recently made an account at jux.com (adiktuzmiko.jux.com) and maybe I'll be posting there storylines and such, you might wanna check it out... Right now the only story there is the story of how I started modding wc3... XD...

    Where it all began

    Also viewable here: https://adiktuzmiko.jux.com/168130

    (As written on tasblogs.webs.com)

    Since this is my first blog post here, I believe it is fitting to tell you how this all started.

    I have always been addicted to computer games ever since I was a child. There were not much children of my age in our place so playing computer games are what removed my boredom. Then on high school I stumbled upon this game called Warcraft III on a computer shop. I played it and found it interesting so I looked for an installer, bought it and installed it on my computer.

    Then one time when I was browsing the installation folder of warcraft III, I saw this program called World Editor. So I opened it and I was amazed at what it was, a program which allows us to create custom maps for warcraft III. During that point I was somehow dreaming of becoming a game developer since I want to be able to make games as good as those I loved playing, so stumbling upon the editor was like a dream come true.

    Also during those times, I was playing Ragnarok Online and my character's name was Adiktuz. I've also learned about this RPG series called The Elder Scrolls from magazines. From there I thought of a name to use on my custom maps on warcraft III, and so I decided it would be The Adiktuz Scrolls. So far my first maps was uploaded on epicwar.com but they are all junks. They were made when I was just meddling with the editor thinking that I'm doing the right thing.

    Then one day I stumbled upon the site called The Hiveworkshop, a warcraft III modding community. From there I learned how much of a junk my previous maps were, and from there I studied triggering for warcraft III which became my major role at The Hive. Right now since I've been pretty busy, I haven't been able to publish "finished" maps but I have one map which is on development and testings posted at The Hive (link can be seen on the home page of this site). Most of my time during these past years on The Hive was spent on making "systems" for other mappers like me to use. I've also recently started 3D modeling and so far produced two simple "doodads", things used for decoration in warcraft III maps.

    This summer break I hope to be able to put progress on my current project, named The Adiktuz Scrolls: Arzachel which is a Single-Player RPG map for warcraft III.

    I have also started to study visual basic in order to make some simple applications, which you can view via the link on the home page of this site.

    That's all for now, and stay tuned.

    -Adiktuz Miko Frozen Venediktuz Divinuz