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[Solved] texttags and desyncs

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Level 19
Dec 12, 2010
accordint to this thread

i tried to use locally created texttags, but got tons of desync while testing.
whats wrong with me? did anyone actually tested locally created Texttags in multiplayer aside from "assuming"?
function imitategold takes player whichPlayer, unit whichUnit, integer gold returns nothing
local texttag t
call SetPlayerState(whichPlayer,PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD,GetPlayerState(whichPlayer,PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD)+gold)
if GetLocalPlayer()==whichPlayer then
set t=CreateTextTag()
call SetTextTagText(t,"+"+I2S(gold),.025)
call SetTextTagPosUnit(t,whichUnit,-0.4)
call SetTextTagColor(t,255,220,0,255)
call SetTextTagVelocity(t,0,.03)
call SetTextTagVisibility(t,true)
call SetTextTagFadepoint(t,2)
call SetTextTagLifespan(t,3)
call SetTextTagPermanent(t,false)
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Level 15
Aug 7, 2013
When I make text tags, the only part I put in a local player block is who gets to see it. But if you're code doesn't desynch, then it's just as good or better even.

							set tt = CreateTextTag()
							call SetTextTagText(tt, "Exp +" + I2S(R2I(expGain)), 0.02)
							call SetTextTagVisibility(tt, false) //hide text tag
							if players[i] == GetLocalPlayer() then //show tag only if its the owning player
								call SetTextTagVisibility (tt, true)
							call SetTextTagPosUnit(tt, m, 0)
							call SetTextTagColor(tt, 190, 0, 255, 255)
							call SetTextTagVelocity(tt, 0, 0.04)
							call SetTextTagPermanent(tt, false)
							call SetTextTagLifespan(tt, 3)
							call SetTextTagFadepoint(tt, 2)
							call AddHeroXP(m, expGain, true)
I think it worked for me always with only setting string localy:
if GetLocalPlayer() == p then
    set s = ("I'm a texttag")
set t =  CreateTextTag()
call SetTextTagText(t, s, x)
call SetTextTagPosUnit(t, u, 0)
call SetTextTagColor(t, 255, 255, 255, 255)
call SetTextTagVelocity(t, x, y)
call SetTextTagPermanent(t, FALSE)
call SetTextTagFadepoint(t, x)
call SetTextTagLifespan(t, x)
Level 23
Apr 16, 2012
you can create, and should create texttags inside local block, but never do "+"+I2S(gold), because you desnyc the string table, which may, and as it seems in your case leads to desync. Create the string outside the local block, and store it inside variable. This way all players will have the same entries in their string table
Level 19
Dec 12, 2010
never had string desync either. assuming that one object could have multiply names and there are could be any operations over them - its not possible.

PurgeandFire - yeah, seems like i was a fool and included gold inc line into local code 1st time, thats why tests failed :<
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