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Test of Faith v1.17b

Submitted by MStylo
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Melee micro simulator with huge amount of choice involved.

Fight your everyday foes to earn the gods favor. Manage fate of your units and guide them to live another day.

Map contains no modified or altered units and provides high variety of enemies you get to either encounter or control.
No heroes allowed!

Cannot be played on Reforged graphics. Map uses terrain modification triggers which do not bother to work.

Features & Details

-waves are randomly generated out of group of randomed units making every wave unique (following certain patterns)
-reliably structured reward system that considers player's state after each day
-waves get stronger over time (set by chosen difficulty)
-several playable game modes adding extra flavour and challenge
-possibility of other people join the game and vote on player rewards instead of player choosing for himself

Gameplay Details
-starting food cap is 10 Orc, 11 Human, 12 Undead, 13 Night Elf - gets further modified by selected modes & difficulty
-once you kill all spawned enemies, summons die along with them
-enemy spawns with 200 movement speed which is reset to default as soon as you attack
-you are locked within the circular area - leaving is punished by death
-AI doesn't switch it's targeting priority (no poison spreading, neither 7+ creeps switch to low health)
-as soon as 1/3 of enemies remains, you have 50 seconds until whole area gets covered by decay slowly draining 3 + 1% max health & mana/sec (prevents from exploiting but also can be punishing lategame if you lack damage)
-Divine Encouragement - aura emitted by the Sacred Pillar providing armor and health regen to all player units & armor bonus to Sacred Pillar (more effective less units player has - at 4 dissipates)
-Restore - ability that can be used at any point to heal all units as long as it has charges
-player cannot get offered more than 2 units with Healing Ward spell, 2 Naga Sirens or 3 Couatls within rewards if already owns their correspondent cap

Difficulty Settings
Easy - Starting army: Starting food supply bonus: 2, Enemy strength level increases every 7 days, Enemy has 60% chance for a random research every day.
Normal - Starting army: Starting food supply bonus: 1, Enemy strength level increases every 5 days, Enemy has 75% chance for a random research every day.
Hard - No starting food supply bonus, Enemy strength level increases every 3 days, Enemy has 100% chance for a random research every day.


-Cannibalize as well as any channeling gets interrupted while reward selection window opens
- the "+" and "-" next to rewards are shown if the reward somehow affects your current challenge (Challenges mode)
-"-air" command does not take into account units with magic damage
-if you reach to a point whilst you're playing Queen of Suffering and your army gets much more massive than the enemy, game starts to rise up enemy level by 2 every day
-Divine Encouragement aura increases armor of summoned units but not their regen
-all trees respawn at the end of every week
-check Help(F9) for many useful commands

Reward System

How it works:
Every rolled Forces in rewards have 20%(+1% per research) chance to belong to a research you already own. For example to increase chances for a Necromancer you need either Necromancer Adept/Master Training or Skeletal Mastery.
Researches have 30% chance to be tied to a unit you currently own. Starting with Archers & Huntresses is quite likely to offer Strength of the Moon.
Aid options increase chances to receive healing as an option if your army is low on health. If Sacred Pillar is lower than 10%, chance to repair it takes over.
Summoned units are not taken into account by any reward.

Options to receive new units get hidden as soon as you have no spare food. Instead, you get offered food supply.

Types of Rewards:

Rewards marked by * are influenced by player's current state.

Forces level 2
-Human: Footman, Priest, Sorceress
-Orc: Troll Headhunter, Shaman, Troll Witch-Doctor, Troll Batrider
-Undead: Ghoul, Gargoyle, Necromancer, Banshee
-Night Elf: Archer, Hippogryph, Druid of the Talon
-Neutral: Ice/Forest/Dark Troll Priest, Makrura Tidecaller, Draenei Disciple, Mur'gul Blood Gill
-Naga: Mur'gul Reaver, Naga Siren (Naga mode)
-always contain some health or mana restoration (40 heal to all units, 40 mana to all units, 125 heal to 3 random units, 125 mana to 3 random units)
-can be influenced by Divine reward

Forces level 3
-Human: Rifleman, Spell Breaker, Dragonhawk Rider
-Orc: Grunt, Raider, Spirit Walker
-Undead: Crypt Fiend
-Night Elf: Huntress, Dryad, Faerie Dragon
-Neutral: all level 3 neutral creeps
-Naga: Snap Dragon (Naga mode)
-can be influenced by Divine reward

Forces level 4
-Human: Knight, 3 Flying Machines, Mortar Team
-Orc: Demolisher, Kodo Beast, Wind Rider
-Undead: Meat Wagon, Abomination, Obsidian Statue
-Night Elf: Glaive Thrower, Druid of the Claw, Hippogryph & Archer
-Neutral: all level 4 neutral creeps
-Naga: Naga Myrmidon, Couatl (Naga mode)
-can be influenced by Divine reward

Forces level 5
-Human: Gryphon Rider
-Orc: Tauren
-Undead: Destroyer
-Night Elf: Chimaera
-Neutral: all level 5 neutral creeps
-Naga: Dragon Turtle (Naga mode)
-can be influenced by Divine reward

Forces level 6
-all level 6 neutral creeps
--2 food supply cost on receive (-3 if player's army level is greater than enemy level incoming +15)
-Draenei Seer costs 2 supply more

Random forces
-unknown force of level of specific day (days 1,2,3,5 - level 2 & 3; days 4,6 - level 4; day 7 - level 5)

Replace random unit with #
-# = Knight, Tauren, Abomination, Druid of the Claw, Naga Myrmidon (Naga mode)
-same unit type will not be replaced
-in case player's army contains at least one of any 5 units above, "Replace # with ##" will share chance for roll

Replace # with ##
-# = Knight, Tauren, Abomination, Druid of the Claw, Naga Myrmidon (Naga mode)
-## = Frost Wyrm, Mountain Giant, Naga Royal Guard -4 food supply (Naga mode)

-150 heal to all units
-100 mana to all units
-30% missing health to all units
-40% missing mana to all units
-Mass Dispel - can only get offered if at least 3 units are negatively affected
-+2 food supply (+1 if player's army level is greater than enemy level incoming + 10)
-Sacred Pillar 30% repair (Sacred Pillar Destructible mode)
-Taunting Shards next day - spawns 8 immobile units around with 15 + 15 x EnemyLevel health and Hero armor. Triggers Taunt as soon as an ally is attacked within 575 range

-a yet unreceived research
-can be influenced by Divine reward

Research Extra
-a yet unreceived research
-available only when no Forces options are offered (due to full food supply)

-22 basic items, 26 unique items, chance to roll basic item is 75%+ higher (grows with each received unique item)
-unique items have food supply cost on receive and cannot be obtained more than once

-basic items: Healing Salve, Rod of Necromancy, Claws of Attack +9, Gloves of Haste, Scroll of Healing, Scroll of Mana, Potion of Greater Healing, Potion of Greater Mana, Scroll of the Beast, Scroll of Protection, Periapt of Vitality, Ring of Protection +3, Ring of Regeneration, Talisman of Evasion, Greater Replenishment Potion, Lesser Scroll of Replenishment, Cloak of Shadows, Wand of Neutralization, Pendant of Energy, Wand of Mana Stealing, Runed Bracers, Boots of Speed, Potion of Invulnerability, Wand of the Wind
-unique items (1 food suppply cost): Greather Scroll of Replenishment, Claws of Attack +15, Ring of Protection +5, Orb of Fire, Orb of Lightning, Orb of Venom, Ankh of Reincarnation, Healing Wards, Potion of Restoration, Scroll of Restoration, Khadgar's Gem of Health, Pendant of Mana, Staff of Negation, Scroll of Animate Dead
-unique items (2 food suppply cost): Legion Doom-Horn, Orb of Corruption, The Lion Horn of Stormwind, Alleria's Flute of Accuracy, Scourge Bone Chimes, Orb of Darkness, Cloak of Flames
-unique items (3 food suppply cost): Orb of Frost, Staff of Silence, Scroll of Resurrection, Scepter of Mastery, Khadgar's Pipe of Insight, Warsong Battle Drums, Ancient Janggo of Endurance
-requires Items mode

Spend Restore charges to summon level # Divine Guardian
-random neutral creep is spawned to your assistance
-it's level is based on number of Restore charges spent + 1
-lasts until it dies or gets replaced by another Divine Guardian

Sacrifice all units to summon #
-only way to receive 7+ neutral unit
-level is equal to enemy spawning condition on day 7
-if enemy level is 8-10 > level 7 creep is rolled
-if enemy level is 11-13 > level 8 creep is rolled
-if enemy level is 14-16 > level 9 creep is rolled
-if enemy level is 17+ > level 10 creep is rolled
-easy difficulty has enemy level calculation bonus of 3, normal of 2, hard none
-use of sacrifice heavily reduces spawn of air enemies on next 6 days

-Mass Spirit Link
-Mass Bloodlust
-Mass Inner Fire
-Mass Frost Armor
-Mass Unholy Frenzy
-Mass Rejuvenation

Enemy spawns at half health
-all restoration spells are muted until first enemy gets aggroed (movespeed reset)

-next day 7 enemy spawn with 40% attack speed & 40% damage undispellable buff
-+4 food supply (+3 if player's army level is greater than enemy level incoming +10; +2 if +20)

-Human, Orc, Undead, Night Elf, Naga forces next week - ties everyday's first Forces & Research option to refered race
-grants bonus 1 hp/s & 0.25 mp/s to all race units while active
-chance to roll option of starting race is slightly higher
-Naga is offered for -2 food supply cost (Naga mode)
-Divine Aid next week - every day two random neutral units (1 melee & 1 ranged) spawn to your assistance
-level of allied units is 1/3 of enemy spawning (max level 5 each)

Challenge Completed
-(1) two units
-random race spellcaster - Priest, Sorceress, Shaman, Troll With-Doctor, Spirit Walker, Necromancer, Banshee, Dryad, Druid of the Talon
-random neutral unit - level of 2 (1 if spellcaster is either Spirit Walker or Dryad)
-(2) +2 food supply
-(3) 5 random researches
-(4) Sacred Pillar 6% repair next week (restores 6% health every day)


Day 1

(1) Level 3 Forces
(2) Level 3 Forces with Heal ability
(3) Aid
(4) Research
(5) Spend Restore charges to summon level # Divine Guardian
(6) Items (Items mode)

Day 2

(1) Level 3 Forces
(2) Level 3 Forces / Random Level 3 Forces / Replace
(3) Aid
(4) Research
(5) Defensive Spells
(6) Items (Items mode)

Day 3

(1) Level 4 Forces
(2) Level 4 Forces / Random Level 4 Forces
(3) Level 6 Forces at cost of food supply
(4) Aid
(5) Research
(6) Items (Items mode)

Day 4

(1) Level 3 Forces
(2) Level 3 Forces / Random Level 3 Forces / Replace
(3) Aid
(4) Research
(5) Sacrifice all units to summon high level neutral
(6) Items (Items mode)

Day 5

(1) Level 3 Forces
(2) Level 3 Forces / Random Level 3 Forces / Replace
(3) Aid
(4) Research
(5) Enemy spawns at half health
(6) Items (Items mode)

Day 6

(1) Level 4 Forces
(2) Level 4 Forces / Random Level 4 Forces
(3) Aid
(4) Research
(5) Defensive Spells (before week 6), Day 7 enrage for extra supply (after week 5)
(6) Items (Items mode)

Day 7

(1) Level 5 Forces
(2) Level 5 Forces / Random Level 5 Forces
(3) Aid
(4) Research
(5) Items (Items mode)
(6) Divine

Game Modes

Sacred Pillar Destructible:
Makes it necessary to defend. If it falls, you loose. Starts at 2000/1500/1000 health and gains 20/15/10 at the end of every day.
Turned on increases starting food supply by 2.

All units possess inventory. Adds an item reward option every day. Occurence of items that cost food have week requirement (no food cost since week 1, 1 food cost since week 2, 2 food cost since week 4, 3 food cost since week 6).
Turned on decreases starting food supply by 2.

Supply Management:
At the end of every week adds 1 food if player has food to spare, subtracts 1 food if player has no food to spare.
Turned on increases starting food supply by 2.

Every week challenges you to fulfill a task. Sucess is rewarded (opens up new dialog with options), failure is punished temporarily increasing enemy strength level. New challenge can be declined every week by killing off first an enemy creep with explanation mark on day 1.
Turned on increases starting food supply by 1.

Advanced Spellcasting:
Enhances AI to utilize most of it's units spells rather than dying with no cooldowns.
Turned on increases starting food supply by 3.

All campaign naga units & researches become available for the player as well as for the enemy.

Race Focus:
First forces option & first research become tied to your starting race. Lasts until all race researches are owned. Removes day 7 divine option for the time being.
Turned on decreases starting food supply by 4.

Army Customization:
Gives player opportunity to select units & researches into his starting army replacing default composition of units.
Turned on decreases starting food supply by 1-4 (depending on race - nullifies race food bonus +1).

















-fixed declining some challenges causing long-term issues
-fixed game not pausing cooldown of long cooldown abilitites in multiplayer
-fixed mechanical units not decaying properly
-fixed berserkers spawning at default movement speed
-fixed some racial units spawning on day 5
-Challenges mode - "Kill 2 units within 2 seconds # times" challenge can no longer scale infinitely based on player's army (could become an impossible task)
-fixed Divine Guardian's health & mana not being affected by game pause
-improved bug prevention regarding ethereal Spirit Walkers & burrowed Crypt Fiends
-improved deactivating auto-cast spells when manacost challenge is active (featured only couple spells)
-removed Orb of Darkness & Orb of Lightning pick up warning message on units with splash (for some reason the procs work now)
-tech info multiboard now updates as day ends (charming or possessing sometimes ends up researching it's researches)
-fixed Queen of Suffering event not displying end message data correctly

-fixed corpses remaining on the battlefield indefinitely
-Challenges mode - challenge failed result reworked - no longer causes permanent enemy level increase but temporary (+2 levels next week)
-Challenges mode starting food bonus reduced from 2 to 1
-added floating text above units restored by rewards & Restore (displays how much health/mana have been restored)
-level 2 units special 100 heal to 3 random units increased to 125
-level 2 units special 100 mana to 3 random units increased to 125
-level 2 units special 30 heal to all units increased to 40
-level 2 units special 25 mana to all units increased to 40
-Army Customization mode - easy difficulty pillar starts with 12 mana, normal with 11 (hard remains 10)
-fixed night elf starting with 2 huntresses instead of 1 huntress & 1 claw druid since v1.6
-added enemy AI Animate Dead restriction - will no longer be used if unit is above 60% health
-Taunting Shards taunt effect AoE increased by 50
-fixed Possession causing issues so game would not progress
-fixed Divine Encouragement not activating immediately when player starts with less than 4 units
-fixed Advanced Spellcasting mode forcing usage of Roar on Divine Forces controlled units
-day 7 creep auto-speed reset takes 2 seconds longer
-fixed couple Challenges mode bugs
-fixed bug when game would not progress after viewers voted on challenge result
-fixed observer mode (-obs) for viewers showing voting dialog while being off
-fixed "-air" command not recognizing Faerie Dragons as magic immune fliers

-new game mode -
Army Customization
-odds of receiving heal all units option within Aid reward increased significantly for each injured higher level unit (level 4 and above)
-increased food supply bonus for selecting Advanced Spellcasting mode from 3 to 4
-allied divine units now use spells just like Advanced Spellcasting does for enemy
-week 1 will no longer spawn magic immune units if player has more than 3 levels worth of units with magic attack
-day 6 will no longer spawn either Gryphon Rider, Frost Wyrm, Destroyer or Chimaera within the week of sacrifice
-Challenges mode - "kill 2 units within 2 seconds xy times" challenge now includes player and divine units into count
-improved Taunting Shards reaction time aggro from 0.3 to 0.2 seconds (units with 0.3 attack animation time will no longer hit before switching target)
-replaced units now spawn with full health & mana rather than keeping % of it's predecessor
-Replacing into Naga Royal Guard food cost increased from 3 to 4
-fixed day 1 enemy spawning with Explanation Mark with Challenges mode off
-fixed Restore 4 & 5 charges being gathered in wrong order
-fixed enemies walking away sometimes while having no vision over player units when playing with Sacred Pillar mode off
-fixed cooldown abuse on long cooldown spells while units are paused (multiplayer)
-fixed corpse timers not being paused during reward selection (multiplayer)
-fixed new units voted by Viewers not spawning paused
-Destroyers no longer count into the odds of rolling all units mana restoration Aid reward when low on mana
-creeps with Raise Dead now spawn with ability being on auto-cast during when Advanced Spellcasting is on
-added missing Advanced Spellcasting Unholy Frenzy intelligence
-fixed missing variety on day 5 not spawning northrend version of wolves
-removed double undead dissipate effect on Sacred Pillar when it gets destroyed

-reduced amount of enemy siege units spawning
-fixed level 7 Divine Guardian sometimes not spawning properly
-fixed higher odds of day 7 level 7 creep and sacrifice all units level 7 to be Razormane Chieftain or Nerubian Queen & added missing Wendigo Shaman
-Challenges mode - "Do not lose more than 1 unit to the enemy" now scales with enemy level strength (at 30 goes to 2, at 45 goes to 3)
-day 7 creep no longer reduces Decay timer while attacking Taunting Shard
-fixed rare bug when Crypt Fiend would remain burrowed

-fixed major bug with units dying instantly after getting picked by a viewer
-Challenges mode - added possibility of declining a challenge - on day 1 random enemy spawns with an explanation mark. Killing it first off declines a challenges.
-Challenges mode starting food bonus reduced from 3 to 2
-player will no longer get offered more Couatls if already owns 3
-Draenei Seer day 3 option food cost increased by 1
-fixed bug when most of naga unit types could get offered twice the same day (also were caused to have higher odds for roll over any other race research)
-fixed units player units spawning with auto-cast Raise Dead when "Spend no more than # mana challenge was on"
-Taunting Shards trigger AoE increased by 25 (now sucessfully catches units with 500 attack range)
-chance of Taunting Shards option being rolled slightly increased

-added new feature -
Viewers - possibility of other people join the game and vote on player rewards instead of player choosing for himself
-Supply Decay mode replaced by
Supply Management - at the end of every week adds 1 food if player has food to spare, subtracts 1 food if has no food to spare (+2 starting food when turned on)
-Challenges mode failure result reworked - no longer opens up window to choose from but increases enemy strength by a linearly growing amount (+1 first, +2 second, +3 third...)
-Challenges mode success result option "4 random researches" increased to 5
-Challenges mode success result option "Sacred Pillar 5% repair next week" increased to 6%
-Challenges mode starting food bonus increased from 2 to 3
-Items mode starting food cost reduced from 3 to 2
-Race Focus mode starting food cost reduced from 8 to 4
-reduced starting food supply of all races by 5
-Replace units option now takes player researches into account (now way more reliable to get Mountain Giant / Frost Wyrm / Naga Royal Guard)
-fixed summoned units keeping guard positions (summons now chase less & split hydras do not change targets to spread poison)
-Aid reward option "Sacred Pillar 100 armor next day" removed
-new Aid reward option "Taunting Shards next day" - randomly spawns 8 immobile allied units with hero armor and 20 + Enemy level * 10 health that automatically use taunts whenever a defender within range is attacked
-Offensive Spells reward options on day 5 removed
-new day 5 reward option "Enemy spawns at half health"
-Divine race rewards now grant 1 hp/s & 0.25 mana/s for all units of that race while active
-Divine Encouragement now also grants 5/10/15 armor (3/2/1 units) to Sacred Pillar
-added two new challenges to Challenges mode "Do not spend any Restore charges" & "Do not lose more than 1 unit to the enemy"
-Challenges mode "Kill 2 units within 2 seconds from one another # times" challenge now scales on difficulty if player has way bigger army than enemy
-enemy no longer uses heals or mana restoration abilities before their movespeed is reset
-day 7 can spawn Infernal Juggernaut week 5 earliest & Ancient Hydra week 6 earliest
-day 1 Sacrifice random unit to restore everyones' health & mana reward replaced by new reward - Spend Restore charges to summon level # Divine Guardian (unit that behaves like Divine Aid but remains until it dies - level is based on how many charges are being spent)
-Items mode - added week roll requirement to items that cost supply - 1 supply cost req. week 2, 2 supply cost req. week 4, 3 supply cost req. 6
-new items added to Items mode - no food cost = Potion of Invulnerability, 1 food cost = Potion of Restoration, Scroll of Restoration, 3 food cost = Scepter of Mastery
-food cost of some items in Items mode increased - The Lion Horn of Stormwind, Alleria's Flute of Accuracy, Scourge Bone Chimes from 1 to 2, Khadgar's Pipe of Insight, Warsong Battle Drums, Ancient Janggo of Endurance from 2 to 3
-food cost of some items in Items mode reduced - Wand of the Wind from 1 to 0, Khadgar's Gem of Health, Pendant of Mana, Staff of Negation, Scroll of Animate Dead from 2 to 1, Orb of Darkness, Cloak of Flames from 3 to 2
-enemies on first week spawn at 50% mana
-week 1 day 1 can no longer spawn Murloc Nightcrawler, Spitting Spider & Gnoll Assassin
-week 1 day 2 can no longer spawn Naga Siren & Snap Dragon (Naga mode)
-week 1 can no longer spawn more than 1 type of creep with Raise Dead ability (Necromancer & Nerubian Webspinner)
-added two new Defensive Spell options - Mass Rejuvenation & Mass Unholy Frenzy
-starting food supply bonus for playing on easy difficulty reduced from 4 to 2 & normal from 2 to 1
-Replacing into Naga Royal Guard food cost increased from 1 to 3
-reduced amount of spawned enemies with entangle (treants)
-slightly reduced level of air attackers (even more within week of sacrifice)
-fixed enemy behaviour issues on spells like crushing wave or purge
-fixed Challenges result "4 random researches" option not increasing the odds of rolled unit being tied to owned research
-using Restore manually or using F1 no longer returns selected group of units
-fixed Advanced Spellcasting Force of Nature intelligence
-improved Advanced Spellcasting Lightning Shield intelligence (now will be cast also on ranged enemies)
-fixed "Sacrifice all units for high level creep" Harpy Queen & level 10 dragons to have same week requirements of being randomed as day 7
-"Sacrifice all units for high level creep" bonus on easy & normal difficulty reduced by 1 (now easy - +2, normal - +1)
-removed extra 2 seconds between days on easy and 1 second on normal difficulty (2 seconds for all difficulties)
-fixed Restore generating charges when unit gets killed by "air" command damage distribution
-Challenges result now pops on screen as text to the player
-fixed Scroll of Resurrection not triggering Divine Encouragement unit count check
-fixed observers not having correctly set camera bounds
-Decay now damages Divine Forces units
-fixed Harpy Queen not showing up warning message when picked up orb of lightning/darkness/corruption (splash attack)
-couple challenges on Challenges mode rewritten
-fixed rare occasion when Divine Aid level 1 melee would not spawn
-re-added menu minimap image

-added new mechanic -
Restore - ability that heals all units based on available charges to spend. Gains charge when player survives day without losing unit or denies own unit. Loses 2 charges if a unit is killed by the enemy. Starts at 10 + 0.5% max health at 1 charge and doubles for each additional charge.
-reduced overall health & mana restored by Aid rewards (200 health to 150, 125 mana to 100, 40% max health to 30%, 50% mana to 40%)
-night elf starting supply reduced from 19 to 18
-night elf now starts with Druid of the Claw instead of second Huntress
-completed challenge unit pool - replaced Druid of the Claw with Dryad
-player will no longer get offered more Naga Sirens if already owns 2 (same as units with Healing Wards spell which was implemented couple patches ago)
-reworked day 7 exploit timer (had tendency to skip ahead of time warning) - now takes maximum of 90 seconds until decay starts which counts down quicker if player doesn't fight
-day 7 unit movespeed reset timer increased from 8 to 10
-Couatl now can spawn week 4 earliest (was week 2)
-maximum of one Naga Siren can spawn first 3 weeks
-fixed Cloak of Flames being offered for 2 food
-slight buff to couple spells of Advanced Spellcasting AI
-fixed "-" being shown next to Sacrfice random unit to restore everyone's health & mana reward when Do not increase food supply challenge was on


-removed "-allcreeps" command - all creeps are now included in waves and rewards
-improved system on spawning flying enemies - much less punishing early, reduced necessity of using "-air" command
-new terrain - Icecrown Glacier
-added decay timer on day 7
-day 7 unit now resets to default movespeed within 8 seconds (prevents kite of lowspeed unit)
-night elf starting supply increased from 18 to 19
-units upon replace are healed to minimum of 40% max health
-reduced Staff of Silence food cost from 3 to 2
-enemy destroyers no longer spawn at 50% mana
-fixed player summoned Deeplord Revenant not spawning with full mana
-fixed Advanced Spellcasting Necromancer Cripple intelligence (was still utilizing triggers for Incite Unholy Frenzy)
-added missing Advanced Spellcasting Hex & Polymorph intelligence
-increased Advanced Spellcasting Animate Dead AoE intelligence
-Challenge to spend less than xy mana rephrased
-health & mana of units are visibly frozen during rewards selection
-couple bug fixes

-Spells rewards reworked - details below
-added new Spell options - Mass Spirit Link & 80% enemies spawn Cursed
-Mass Dispel moved back from Spells to Aid (requires at least 3 units to be negatively affected for chance to show up)
-day 1 Spells replaced by "Sacrifice a random unit to restore everyones' health & mana"
-day 2 Spells rolls from positive buffs only (Mass Bloodlust / Frost Armor / Inner Fire / Spirit Link)
-day 5 Spells rolls from negative buffs only (enemy spawns Polymorphed / Rooted / Crippled / Faerie Fired / Cursed)
-day 6 week 1-5 now offers Spells (positive) instead of Enrage - from week 6 onward Enrage
-increased 60% enemies spawn Polymorphed to 70%
-improved chance to receive heal all units option when units are injured
-increased food reward for selecting Challenges mode by 1
-removed food cost when selecting Naga mode
-fixed sometimes receiving options to research naga upgrades whilst playing with Naga mode disabled
-fixed Frost Wyrms, Naga Myrmidons & Naga Royal Guards not having inventory when replaced unit was carrying items
-fixed Resistant Skin & Hardened Skin not being highlighted green on multiboard when researched
-fixed slight issue with Divine Encouragement after unit gets replaced
-supported graphics set to classic only (reforged did not work anyways)

-new game mode -
Race Focus
-fixed major bug Divine Aid not working
-fixed Naga forces next week never being available
-fixed selecting Naga mode giving +1 food intead of taking
-race spellcasters are no longer considered as air attackers by "-air" command (means you don't have to loose them to use the command) - includes Spirit Walkers & Statues
-Supply Decay mode subtracts 1 food every week (reduced from 2/week)
-Sacred Pillar Destructible mode supply activation grants 2 supply (1 before)
-Reincarnation & Ankh proc on sacrifice all units to summon high level neutral
-Orb of Corruption supply cost increased by 1 (2 now)
-Naga Royal Guard can now spawn at enemy difficulty of 17 earliest (15 before)
-fixed manacost challenge counting 2 more mana when 5 units are healed by Essence of Blight
-added missing warnings upon picking up Orb of Darkness & Orb of Frost on splash units (auto-drop on Gryphons and Hntresses)
-returned Cannibalize, Burrow & Stone Form for the enemy
-fixed bug with some items costing supply occuring more than once
-fixed Advanced Spellcasting AI for Dragon Turtle Crushing Wave
-fixed terrain shifting back to snowy default after loading saved game
-improved behaviour on flying enemies which are unable to hit ground
-starting supply is now shows as text at start
-fixed sky types on different terrain presets
-many bug fixes

-fixed major bug with challenge complete units reward instantly dying

-new game mode -
introduced terrain variations - Ashenvale, Barrens, Dungeon (Northrend temporarily removed)
-added new mechanic -
Divine Encouragement - a Sacred Pillar aura that increases health regen and armor of nearby allies. Gets more effective less units player has (disabled when more than 3)
-different races now start with different amount of supply - Human(16), Orc(15), Undead(17), Night Elf(18) (previously all were 15)
-disabled health & mana regeneration while reward window is open (health & mana for every unit gets stored and then returned)
-new items at cost of 2 supply - Legion Doom-Horn, Khadgar's Gem of Health, Pendant of Mana, Scroll of Animate Dead
-new items at cost of 3 supply - Cloak of Flames, Orb of Darkness, Orb of Frost, Staff of Silence, Scroll of Resurrection
-Day 1 second force reward being a neutral healer is now tied only to first 3 weeks (after behaves just like rewards on days 2/4/5)
-added limit to amount of Witch Doctors & Razormane Meidice Men you can have - maximum of 2
-items that cost supply are now considered unique - after chosen once they cannot be rolled again
-added new replace options - replace Knight/Abomination/Tauren/Claw with Frost Wyrm or Mountain Giant "or Naga Royal Guard - Naga mode" (unit type that will be replaced is known ahead)
-added Hardened & Resistant Skin researches
-late game day 6 buff - included spellcasters units for the enemy after level difficulty gets over 14 (maximum only one of each type though to keep it different from day 2)
-removed 1 level bonus into counter on hard difficulty at week 3 for Sacrifice all units to summon powerful creep (result is level 8 creep on third week instead of 9)
-added Spirit Walker into pool of rollable casters when challenge is complete
-fixed 60% units spawn polymorphed reward attempting to affect level 6 creeps
-Advanced Spellcasting: fixed units using dispel abilities on negatively affected enemies
-AS: fixed units using Dispel Magic, Disenchant & Devour Magic on all non magic immune units instead of summons
-AS: fixed Animate Dead & Inferno
-AS: fixed units using Ensnare on already ensnared units
-AS: added Abolish Magic, Healing Wave, Ray of Disruption, Inner Fire & Frost Armor intelligence
-AS: sligthly improved Charm & Berserk intelligence
-improved Devour AI - units now stop chasing after few seconds (too much kite was possible expecially against day 7)
-improved Druid of the Claw bears AI - once enemy researched Master Training they would immediately turn into elf form as they spawn
-flying attackers that can't hit ground will now attack any visible flying enemies instead of just standing next to pillar
-fixed Obsidian Statues mana use not being counted properly during manacost challenge (attempt to fix it at patch 1.09b failed)
-fixed Queen of Suffering event not working
-added reminder message about Cannibalize getting interrupted by reward windows (pops up when researched)
-"-reward" and observer message now mentions what unit was replaced (Replace random unit with Knight/Abo etc.)
-fixed observer message on long length challenge units reward
-couple of minor fixes

-units now become paused during rewards selection - harshly impacts caniballizing units as it interrupts their eating
-added few second preloading sequence before game starts to reduce ingame lag
-starting supply increased by 1
-Spell rewards affecting enemies now prioritize units it can affect (fe. 80% spawn rooted on wave of 3 grunts and 1 dryad will always root grunts instead of possibility trying to root dryad)
-reward Sacrifice all units for powerful neutral now forces units to drop Ankhs of Reincarnation instead of spending them
-fixed major bug with summoned unit being devoured while all enemy units get killed (game would not progress)
-fixed "-air" command not working when ranged unit is being devoured (only happened on day 7 against dragons)
-improved AI usage of some abilities on Advanced Spellcasting mode
-added supply modification messages upon selecting modes & difficulty
-added new command "-circle" - changes outer circle effect into second variation (reforged doesn't show first one)
-resource trading turned off

-new game mode -
Advanced Spellcasting
-reworked combinations of attackers spawning on days 1/3/4/5 (endless variations instead of several preset combinations but still follow same rules as before)
-default starting food supply set to 14
-game modes & difficulty now modify starting food supply
-new command "-allcreeps" - answering the call to bring Queen of Suffering back - opens up possibility for all other creeps aswell
-observers & referees get shown info about player's rewards
-attacking enemies no longer have vision of entire map
-siege units spawn 200 range farther
-Challenges mode quality of life improvement - rewards that directly affect challenge are now marked by a +/- sign
-Challenges - scaling on "Spend maximum of xy mana." increased from 300+((EnemyLevel/3)*50) to 300+((EnemyLevel/3)*100)
-Challenges - scaling on "Kill 2 units within 2 seconds from one another xy times." increased from 2+(EnemyLevel/6) to 2+(EnemyLevel/3)
-completed challenge reward option 3 random researches increased to 4
-removed chance to recieve same challenge twice in row
-hippogryph added into day 6 enemy spawn pool (only one can spawn)
-added Exhume Corpses research into the pool (for the enemy aswell)
-Divine Aid now spawns one ground attacking & one air attacking unit every day instead of random
-added all neutral units into Divine Aid pool (level 5 max)
-reward penalty -3 food supply for level 6 unit takes over when your army level is 15 levels higher than enemy (10 before)
-Battle Golem(3), Enraged Elemental(4), Infernal Contraption(5) added into daily reward pools
-all supply requiring items are now twice as rare as regular items
-added following items - Boots of Speed, Cloak of Shadows, Wand of Neutralization, Pendant of Energy, Wand of Mana Stealing, Runed Bracers, Claws of Attack +15(-1), Ring of Protection +5(-1), Staff of Negation(-2)
-enemies with Raise Dead now spawn with ability on autocast
-Mass Dispel option now contains number on how many units are debuffed
-Dryad Slow Poison & Slowed(Frost Armor debuff) no longer considered as debuff in Mass Dispel option calculation
-command "-reward" after using random forces now includes what have been randomed
-fixed interation when player's Crypt Fiend with Burrow gets possessed/charmed (enemy fiends started burrowing)
-fixed 70% enemies spawn Faerie Fired option progressing manacost challenge for every dummy spellcast
-fixed ankh of reincarnation bug when you were able to continue to play after pillar being destroyed
-fixed possessed units being stuck at 150 movement speed if used before enemy speed is set to default
-units with Abolish Magic/Heal/Raise Dead now spawn without spells on autocast during manacost challenge (to prevent immediate use)
-fixed Obsidian Statues mana use not being counted properly during manacost challenge
-slightly improved behaviour on flying attackers unable to attack ground
-improved behaviour on summoned units (they used to chase alot)
-fixed Destroyer & Dragon Whelps not showing warning message to the player upon picking up Orbs of Lightning and Corruption
-fixed Sum of levels of defending units showing 14 instead of 12 in the beggining on hard difficulty
-new command "-debug" - serves as anti-stuck help in case enemy becomes somehow untouchable (Ethereal Form, Burrow etc.)
-new command "-roll" - rolls a random number between 1 and 100
-new command "-clear" - clears up the screen from all text messages

-fixed Spells options being broken
-added in-game hint about "-air" command when becomes viable first time
-some minor tweaks fixed & improved
-fixed "-color r" command sometimes randomizing same colors

-new game mode
-items now drop on the ground upon death
-Items mode reworked - now offers an item reward every day. Many new items added to the pool. No longer level day specific, instead some items are offered with supply penalty
-decay timer increased from 40 to 50 seconds
-decay damage rescaled from 2% of max health to 3 + 1% of max health (same for mana)
-day 6 Enrage option strength from 50% to 40%
-option enemies spawn Crippled increased from 40% to 60%
-option enemies spawn Polymorphed increased from 30% to 60%
-option enemies spawn Rooted increased from 50% to 80%
-option enemies spawn Faerie Fired increased from 60% to 70%
-added all missing level 3 neutral units to the forces pool except Battle Golem (chance to roll race units in comparison to neutrals increased)
-added all missing level 4 neutral units to the forces pool except Enraged Elemental (chance to roll race units in comparison to neutrals increased)
-added all missing level 5 neutral units to the forces pool except Infernal Contraption (chance to roll race units in comparison to neutrals slightly increased)
-added all missing level 6 neutral units to the forces pool except Draenei Seer
-added all missing level 7 neutral units to the forces pool except Harpy Queen (Day 7 attackers pool included)
-added all missing level 8 neutral units to the forces pool except Infernal (Day 7 attackers pool included)
-added all missing level 9 neutral units to the forces pool (Day 7 attackers pool included)
-modified warcraft 3 bug - parasite lasting forever on high level creeps
-fixed "-air" command not working properly while devouring ground unit
-fixed few bugs with possession
-fixed Gargyole not keeping inventory after leaving Stone Form
-fixed rare bug with glaive thrower occuring twice as option

greatly improved reward system - every option except Items now considers player's current state increasing chances to offer more appealing options (used to be pure rng)
-removed Sacrifice options on days 2 & 6
-added +40% of missing health to all units, +50% of missing mana to all units, Sacred Pillar 100 armor next day to Aid options
-added new Spells options on days 1/2/5
-removed Mass Dispel from Aid options (now contained in Spells)
-added new Enrage option on day 6
-added health & mana loss decay to prevent from exploiting in order to regenerate
-added limit of how many siege units can spawn in a single wave (to prevent too many spawning especially in the early game)
-level 6 creep reward no longer costs 3 supply but 2 (unless your army strength is high)
-reworked notification warning about orbs (Gryphons & Huntresses can no longer carry them)
-fixed orbs modifying units attack indexes (fe. flying machine wouldn't need Bombs research to attack ground)
-if Sacred Pillar Destructible is on, idle enemies will now attack the pillar instead of chasing player units
-added all different types of neutral trolls & wolves into reward pool (keeping the same chance to roll)
-fixed replace abom/druid/knight/tauren not keeping items
-enemy no longer researches cannibalize/stone form
-fixed enemy Spirit Walker occasionally using Spirit Form
-fixed several issues with "-reward" command
-fixed some minor issues

-added sound effect 1 second before reward window appears (should help to prevent accidental picks)
-fixed losing benefit of picking "race units next week" as soon as double research shows up
-items now spawn closer to the pillar

-fixed recieving same research twice as an option
-fixed reincarnation issue messing defenders level counter (occured when unit died while another unit was reincarnating)

-added extra research option when your current food is equal or higher than your food cap
-using Sacrifice all units for a powerful neutral will now cause to spawn no flying units on following day 6 and maximum of 2 units on day 3
-hard difficulty Sacrifice all units for a powerful neutral week 3 is now 1 level higher (8 to 9)
-added Rock Golem & Elder Sasquatch to level 6 unit reward pool
-added all 4 other types of Dragon Whelps into level 3 rewards (however chance to roll remains the same as it was one unit - previously only Red Whelp)
-added "-color r" command
-multiboard now stretches wider upon selecting rewards (no longer overlaps orc researches)
-some UI & Info(F9) text updates

-new game mode
Supply Decay
-added new reward on day 3 - level 6 neutral at cost of 3 supply
-enemy strength on all difficulties now grows faster (hard affected mostly)
-hard difficulty Sacrifice all units to summons high level neutral level advantage removed
-pillar health on easy & normal difficulties reduced to 2000/1500 (20/15 growth)
-fixed bug with health/mana specials not working properly in every case
-health/mana specials are now being randomed every time a level 2 unit is rolled instead of being fixed (for example Batrider always had 85 heal to 3 units)
-aid option 150 mana to all units reduced to 125
-level 2 units special 85 heal to 3 random units increased to 100
-level 2 units special 50 mana to 3 random units increased to 100
-level 2 units special 20 heal to all units increased to 30
-level 2 units special 15 mana to all units increased to 20
-removed Bronze Dragon Whelp & Nether Dragon Hatchling from level 3 unit reward pool
-added Fire Revenant & Quillboard Hunter & Gnoll Warden to level 3 unit reward pool
-removed Tuskarr Trapper from level 4 unit reward pool
-added Giant Spider & Eredar Sorcerer & Giant Sea Turtle to level 4 unit reward pool
-removed Satyr Soulstealer & Ogre Magi from level 5 unit reward pool
-added Tuskarr Sorcerer & Unbroken Darkweaver to level 5 unit reward pool
-removed Queen of Suffering from Sacrifice all units reward pool
-added Razormane Chieftain & Nerubian Queen & Ancient Wendigo to both enemy day 7 spawn pool and player Sacrifice all units pool
-added Magnataur Warrior & Elder Sasquatch to enemy day 5 spawn pool
-removed Staff of Negation from level 3 item reward pool
-added Scroll of Protection to level 3 item reward pool
-added Scroll of Healing & Scroll of Mana to level 5 item reward pool
-fixed several inventory issues
-added "-modes" command
-removed slightly advantageous chance to roll some level 2 units in rewards (Archer, Priest, Shaman...)
-fixed reincarnation bug when you were able to continue to play after pillar being destroyed
-divine aid units now head back faster if forced out the circle by flying enemy units
-added lightning effect on wards being killed outside the circle

-introduced game modes: added
Sacred Pillar Destructible & Items
-removed -tech command. Research Status board is now visible at all times also showing current week and day
-bonus 85 heal or 50 mana to 3 random units can no longer pick just spawned unit

-food supply reward is now reduced from 2 to 1 if your units level is higher than enemy+10
-added commands to change player's, ally's, enemy's color (-color # / -color ally # / -color enemy #)
-time before 1w/1d wave spawns increased by 2 seconds
-bonus 65 heal to 3 random units increased to 85 (Gargoyle, Batrider, Hippogryph reward)

-fixed a major issue with map not showing in game
-first two weeks now spawn maximum of 1 air unit (0 if you have less than 2 units able to attack air)
-faerie dragons can no longer spawn first week
-no longer spawns more than one kodo/destroyer on the same wave
-added lightning effect when killed for leaving the area
-improved endgame message now also showing difficulty you played on
-new loadscreen image


Videos & Thanks

PBDS System by J2Krauser Proper Bone Decay Suspension System
BTNFrostShield icon by Darkfang
BTNFireSwordBlue icon by 67chrome

Origin idea from a custom map in my beloved PC game of my childhood Celtic Kings: Rage of War <3

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Check my other maps revolving around melee of the Test series.


Test of Faith v1.17b (Map)

This is not altered melee (please remove this tag). It's Strategy/Risk and Defense/Survival, more of the latter. No player colour change? Could work better with more players too. "Our allied town is under siege!" spam. Does food supply count? I mean...
Greetings, Stylo. Since you linked this the other day again in discord, I decided to give it a try myself after having watched it in the past. I gave it a few runs (around 7 or so), and I'll have to admit I didn't get too far, but I only played on...
  1. Kerael


    Aug 6, 2014
    You're welcome! I'm glad to help. :)

    2. In that case, you could forcibly drop the items from the troublesome units with a warning message telling that it's for the better. That way there will be no need in the general warning when an Orb is picked the first time. This technique would require a list of items as well as a list of unit-types. Also it's generally better to drop the item to the exact spot where it's been on the ground by storing it's coordinates upon pick up so it will not move anywhere when spammed to pick up.
    4. Both. Either it's very close to the Pillar's foundation or it is obstructed by the Pillar, when the item spawns to the north of it. I think that moving the spawn circle/rectangle to the forefront of the Pillar will make it more clear in general.

    I've tested the reincarnation thing and attached a test map (jass). DeathEvent fires before the UnitEvent, so the latter acts as a lock for the decision about the reincarnation-death.
    However it doesn't account for multiple units of this kind. You'd just need an array for that.

    Attached Files:

  2. Blasterixx


    Mar 4, 2014
    Just a quick thing to say, i really dislike the fact that items vanish when a unit dies with them, it makes the game really annoying especially in the late game when everything is so chaotic and u can lose units very easily.

    It pains me to see that for exemple even tho i managed to beat a hard level having lost only 1 unit, only to notice the fact that unit had lots of items on it resulting in me losing half of my total sum of items i managed to gather in the whole game/round, losing lots of progress.:ogre_rage:

    I suggest making the items drop on the ground when the units die, similar to when you choose to sacrifice them.

    I replayed the game on this latest patch, on hard with everything ON, the game is sure harder now, my highest "score" was getting to week 8, day 6 so far.

    Another thing i noticed is the fact that the "random forces" choice has been nerfed somehow, from picking this reward 10 times, i only got 1 good unit from it once (chimera), the rest 9 times i only got low level useless units like murlocs,footman,banshees,etc.
  3. MStylo


    Apr 18, 2012
    You're not the first person to mention these items not dropping on death. I will probably do it as you suggest and make them fall on the ground.

    Random forces have not been touched. The way it works it has fixed level of units it randomizes from. Days 2,4,5 are level 2 or 3 (level 2 always includes healing or mana), days 3,6 are level 4 and day 7 is level 5. That means you can random chimaera only on day 7.
  4. Arthas-23


    Jun 21, 2017
    hello is there a version that works with older versions of Warcraft 3? 1.26/1.27
  5. MStylo


    Apr 18, 2012
    Sorry there isn't right now. But perhaps i will make one after I finish work on 1.8.
  6. Arthas-23


    Jun 21, 2017
    No worries! I decided to get the current version!

    if you don't mind me asking, what is the difference between the difficulty levels?
  7. MStylo


    Apr 18, 2012
    Easy raises enemy level every 7 days, Normal every 5 and Hard every 3 levels. Plus enemies get researches faster. It's said up here in the Features & Details description ^^
  8. Otherknownoise


    Feb 23, 2015
    Nice map. Looking forward new updates! (co-op mode or victorious mode could be the best)

    Also, I don't find decay timer, which I read in F9 "Good to know" list, what is it anyway?
    Some units like chimaera can't trigger corrupt orb effect.
    "-air" deals lots of damages, but hope to add a tip in game. I don't know this command and quit the game first time.

    other things:
    My best hard record is week 7 day 3. But I always stuck in week 6.
    I need a lot of luck to survive, once some high level units spwan it'll be very hard to defend, like gryphon riders and level 10 creeps.

    And when i use undead i always get "cannibalize" instead of "web" tech, which is very strange, without web ud can only type -air.
    So I recommend "orc" race because berserker upgrade is very common, which makes orc very easy to defend the first 2 weeks, and "200 heal" keeps berserkers good states.
    About sacrifice I only recommend "satyr hell caller" bacause he is chaos melee+animate dead+unholy aura+bloodlust. Melee unit can use vampiric aura to heal itself. After sacrifice the defence force is weak, the only thing should do is recruit units.
  9. MStylo


    Apr 18, 2012
    Thanks for feedback.

    Decay is just a mechanism against exploiting in order to regenerate. You don't need to be bothered by it's unless are unnecessarily extending the fight.
    Thanks for pointing out the chimaera. There is a warning about orbs for every unit that has splash or bounce within it's attacks I just forgot to include chimaera.
    "-air" was thinking about that before. Will add it.

    Week 7 day 3 is not bad all. Yes game can get difficult and rng can screw you over at that point :D

    Chances to get any research tied to your units are equal. You must have gotten unlucky getting cannibalize alot.
  10. Onholyservicebound


    Aug 6, 2014
    Devouring unit with Kodo causes round to not move forward, eventually resulting in all units dying from decay
  11. MStylo


    Apr 18, 2012
    It works for me in every case. Have you got a replay?
  12. Onholyservicebound


    Aug 6, 2014
    No replay saved, but it may have just been an unlucky rare bug, I'd devoured a unit beforehand and the round went forward.
    Then the second time it stopped, which is when all units died from decay.

    Maybe add in a command to simply progress the round in rare cases like that?
    I was using latest version of War3 and the latest version of the mod I had DLed the same day I posted the comment, for reference.
    Items were on, food decay was off, health for obelisk was off... and difficulty... well, that's not really important...
    It was easy.

    I'll make sure to get a replay if it happens again . But yeah, a command to force end a round would definitely be nice.
  13. MStylo


    Apr 18, 2012
    Sucks I can't tell what caused it. And even if I add command for instant clear it could keep happening :/ Will keep an eye out tho.

    You acually made me laugh about mentioning the difficulty :D I was thinking to make obelisk permanently destructible but I can see people are playing it.
  14. CGminded


    Aug 24, 2018
    Can you make a version where you always get queen of suffering for sacrificing all units? It would be so much fun try it :D
  15. Tuonela


    Mar 6, 2015
    I love the map! It's sad that orbs don't give units chance to attack air. Options for range attackers are a bit rare. Can we get super easy mode as well?
  16. MStylo


    Apr 18, 2012
    You are on point it is often tricky to have enough anti-air especially after you sacrifice all units. I will think of something to improve it. Yes I can add an extra difficulty.

    The queen is back but not in such glorious fashion as to have her every week. :D Added "-allcreeps" command which opens up possibilities to get all the rest of creeps.
  17. Kino


    Oct 12, 2008
    Very entertaining map.
  18. Anachron


    Sep 9, 2007
    I've played this map and although its fun to play it needs quite a balance update.
    In my testing I've loaded specific savegames several times before a wave spawn to see how balanced they are,- it doesn't seem to be quite fair.
    Sometimes you get like 5 small units which are easily manageable, another time I get a mountain giant, chimera and casters which hex my army and kill it shortly.

    If I were to update this map to make it more fair I guess I would try to randomize spawns not on the food capacity but rather on the gold cost, which is a better indicator. (Food cost is too inaccurate)
    Another thing would be to only unlock high food units after specific waves, which makes it a bit more fair.

    Overall an excellent idea and well executed map.
  19. MStylo


    Apr 18, 2012
    It randomizes based on level. Sure two footmen are way easier than a knight in lategame scenario but overall it's fair on average. And you have to get punished by rng at some point that's how the map in it's core works.

    That's exactly how it works. Mountain Giants won't spawn anytime sooner than enemy level is at least 15. So on hard it's at least week 4 day 6 you get a giant earliest (unless you increase enemy level yourself by failing a challenge).

    I get your point but I feel like the map accomplishes something that not many other maps do. You get to face nearly any warcraft 3 unit in always unexpected fashion. A bit of rng Chimaera is a reasonable price for all the replayability.
  20. andrejoss


    Jul 8, 2014
    Is it possible for me to edit the map to add in a starting hero ? I've played the map a lot and really like it but i wanted to see what it would be like if i had a hero at the start, i've tried editing the map in wc3 editor (i've never made/edited a map in my life) and the problem i was running into was that everytime i tried to save the map it wouldn't save because it needed to generate starting locations and if i do that the map just breaks

    Is it possible to somehow bypass that or is that something that isn't allowed ? Sorry if it's a stupid question, i have no idea how wc3 maps work.

    I would ask if you could add a "hero" gamemode but i don't want to bother you with things like that since it might be too hard to implement/something you don't want to do.