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Test of Fortitude v1.03

Submitted by MStylo
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Challenge your macro skills in unique pve melee scenarios.

Four teams of up to two people fight to defend the Barrow Den. If it falls, you lose.

Map contains no modified or altered units other than themed campaign units and provides large variety of enemies you get to fight against.

Features & Details

Team Difficulty Balance
-left & right players (looking clockwise from middle at player locations) have all same spawn patterns & face off same types of enemies (left players 19 north /17 west / 14 east / 24 south same & right players 23 north / 18 west / 15 east / 13 south same)

Gameplay Details
-game is split up into Phases (see details below)
-restricted tower building
-access to one stable gold source
-time between finishing one phase & start of next phase is 170/160/150 seconds

Difficulty Settings
Easy - Longer spawn timers, smaller armies, 100% experience rate.
Normal - Moderate spawn timers, average sized armies, 90% experience rate.
Hard - Shorter spawn timers, larger armies, 80% experience rate.


-trees within combat areas quickly regrow
-Barrow Den is not defenseless - has 3 abilities (passive aoe dps, temporary health regen increase & temporary armor increase)
-Barrow Den receives extra 1000 health & 3 armor before first advanced phase begin, and another 1000 if two players are in team
-check Help(F9) for useful commands


  • Game is split into phases each of whom are different. North team left player (or random if position is unused) gets to choose phases & difficulty before game starts.

    Phase marked by * can only be chosen as initial phase.

    Initial phase starts in 220/215/210 seconds, melee default resources & conditions, no towers can be built.
    Advanced phases start in 350/340/330 seconds, 7000 gold, 3500 lumber, tier 3 main hall, 2/3 technology researches, 1/2 spellcaster researches, heroes spawn with high levels, up to 7 towers per player.

  • Well rounded waves that progressively test all aspects of your army.

    One out of three variations of enemies each wave.
    Waves spawn in 90 second intervals.
    Every fifth wave contains two heroes.
    Has an option to turn on Hard Mode for each wave (+30% damage enemy increase). Triggers by destroying a Generator that spawns along with enemy creeps (rewards you with an item upon next wave spawn).

    Waves follow certain patterns:
    1. Low level neutral + low level race.
    2. Poison attack neutral.
    3. Flying low level neutral + high level race tanks.
    4. Self buffing neutral.
    5. Heroes + related armies.
    6. High level neutral tanks.
    7. Neutral summoners + race siege.
    8. Flying medium level neutral + race spellcasters.
    9. Magic Immune neutral + Siege Engine
    10. Heroes + related armies.
    11. Animate Dead neutral.
    12. Flying high level neutral + mass of low level neutral.
    13. Race tanks + race spellcasters & siege.
    14. Race ranged + race flying.
    15. Heroes + related armies.

    Singleplayer or one team:
    All enemies need to be defeated before phase ends.
    Tome of Experience received upon phase completion.

    Mutiple teams:
    First team to defeat wave 15 sets up 30 seconds survival timer & receives Tome of Power.
    Teams that finish within 30 seconds timer receive Tome of Experience.
    Teams that fail to finish receive no tome.

  • Four waves of time scaling armies with team competitive aspect.

    Force of the next wave is determined by how long it takes you to kill the current wave.
    Each wave is one of four races led by a fighter hero with orb (Blademaster / Mountain King / Dreadlord / Demon Hunter).

    Singleplayer or one team:
    All enemies need to be defeated before timer to next wave starts.

    Multiple teams:
    First team to defeat waves 1 - 3 clears all attackers off the map. Levels of undefeated enemies are added into the next wave for corresponding players.
    First team to defeat wave 4 sets up 60 seconds survival timer.

    Time between waves is set to:
    1 --> 2: 60 seconds
    2 --> 3: 50 seconds
    3 --> 4: 40 seconds

  • Chaos reigns all across the battlefield summoning demons at every corner.

    An invulnerable Dimensional Gate appears that controls pace of the phase. Has initial 350/400/450 mana (determined by difficulty) and for each level of unit it spawns it's mana decreases.

    Stage 1: (full mana) Dimensional Gate summons creatures, Infernals fall from sky anywhere on map.
    Stage 2: (275/325/375) Portals open anywhere on map summoning one demon, all of Stage 1.
    Stage 3: (175/200/225) Fel Orcs land off boats, all of Stage 2.
    Stage 4: (75/75/100) One timer Portal opens summoning 2 Doom Guards and high level Pit Lord, all of Stage 3.
    Stage 5: (0 mana) Dimensional Gate becomes vulnerable and start summoning demons at increased rate.

    One player in team:
    Dimensional Gate needs to be destroyed to complete phase.

    Two players in team:
    Both Dimensional Gates need to be destroyed to complete phase.
    Destroying one Dimensional Gate only stops spawn of enemies coming out of correspondent gate.

  • Yet to come in future patch.







-fixed major food bug after teammate leaves the game
-enemy over time growth on Enemy Hordes significantly reduced on all difficulties
-fixed Elune's Presence not dealing reduced damage when player units are near
-fixed players in "-pl" command appearing as if they are in game after leaving the game through spectate dialog
-fixed all teams being allied to each other
-Doom infernal spawn reduced with each infernal that lands
-Barrow Den now upgrades to 3500 health and 5 armor before Enemy Hordes or Doom begins (removed upgrades per finishing phase)
-increased Barrow Den health by 1000 when two players are in team
-15 Waves Hard Mode item rewards updated (mostly due to 1.32.6 patch changes)
-removed AI & Barrow Den players from endgame screen
-new loadscreen

-player 13 (dark red - south right position) is now the primary player who selects game settings (player 19 top left before)
-fixed neutral buildings appearing as hostile (15 Waves hard mode generator & taverns)
-fixed all teams being allied to each other
-removed "Player # was victorious" message after player qiuts through spectator dialog
-fixed Enemy Hordes timer between waves showing wrong number

-complete renewal of an old map concept (Lava Defense)

Videos & Thanks

Video of an old map version to get general idea. New video coming up in couple weeks.

All featured music & modified images created by Blizzard Entertainment.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me on emstylo@gmail.com.

If you enjoy my maps, consider supporting me on Patreon. Allows me to spend more time balancing and creating new maps.


Check my other maps revolving around melee of the Test series.



Test of Fortitude v1.03 (Map)

  1. Otherknownoise


    Feb 23, 2015
    Wait, what? It becomes 12m?
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2020
  2. MStylo


    Apr 18, 2012
    up to 8 players
  3. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    Map Moderator

    May 6, 2009