Terraining Contest #10 - Results

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Level 32
Nov 24, 2007




PLAYABLE SURREALISM: Having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream.


Theme: 4/10
Detail: 5/10
Originality: 2/5
Technique: 6/10
Playability: 5/5
All in all, very Wc3ish, and very basic. Nothing really awe-inspiring and nothing really outstanding, I’ll admit that I like the end-of-the-world waterfall, though.

Theme: 9/10
Detail: 9/10
Originality: 4/5
Technique: 9/10
Playability: 3/5
A very inventive and interesting terrain, and portrayed with the utmost quality and style. However, I can see that poorer PC’s than mine will have a hard time playing through all those animations and pixels without lag, hence my lower rating for its playability.

Theme: 2/10
Detail: 2/10
Originality: 0/5
Technique: 2/10
Playability: 4/5
This isn’t much of a terrain, and not even much of a map. It’s really not much of anything. The Terrain Contest isn’t a place to do a first time terrain.

Theme: 6/10
Detail: 7/10
Originality: 3/5
Technique: 4/10
Playability: 4/5
As opposed to many others, I really liked your terrain. It’s simple, neat and fits the theme very well. Of course, there are flaws, and things to be touched up on, but in general, a good addition to the lot.

Theme: 5/10
Detail: 6/10
Originality: 3/5
Technique: 5/10
Playability: 4/5
A very general terrain, suitable to the contest, though at times it seemed like you’ve used more time on the triggers and the text than the actual terrain.

Theme: 5/10
Detail: 4/10
Originality: 3/5
Technique: 6/10
Playability: 4/5
It’s not much, but I like it somehow. If you’d given your terrain a bit more work I really think it could be great, alas, you did not and this is how it stands, ah well.

Theme: 5/10
Detail: 5/10
Originality: 3/5
Technique: 7/10
Playability: 4/5
The concept seems cool, literally, but just as with chilla’s terrain, it seems unfinished and could use lots of more work.

Theme: 7/10
Detail: 8/10
Originality: 3/5
Technique: 8/10
Playability: 4/5
With you, Oziris, I am really disappointed. I mean, it’s a cool terrain, but I had expected more from such a seasoned terrainer as yourself.

Theme: 8/10
Detail: 9/10
Originality: 4/5
Technique: 9/10
Playability: 4/5
I love this terrain the most, but it has one small flaw, it is more like a dream than actual surrealism. Nonetheless in my book, you are the winner good sir.

Theme: 6/10
Detail: 8/10
Originality: 2/5
Technique: 6/10
Playability: 4/5
Woah, I like this terrain. You seem to be a half-good terrainer, lad. However, you’re terrain doesn’t capture the whole surrealism theme for me.

Theme: 6/10
Detail: 7/10
Originality: 3/5
Technique: 6/10
Playability: 4/5
Loads of quality models, not very well executed though. The terrain looks messy and lack style, neither is it TOO surrealistic either, not in my book.

M0rbid's Judging
Allow me to start with some opening words before I go into detail with every single entry. I must
admit that overall this contest was disappointing in terms of how well the results fitting the theme.
What I mainly could see when looking at the maps where abysses, magical worlds (by using a lot of
special effects) and randomly spammed terrains. But that is not surrealism. Only because dream was
mentioned in the contest submission that does not mean that everything that is randomly placed is
surreal, nor does it mean that an abyss automatically turns a terrain into a surreal piece of art. One
important thing about surrealism is the overall composition and I could not really see a good one,
that fitted the theme in many entries. Also: floating things are no synonym for surrealism.
But this cannot change the fact that I have seen really pretty terrains and looked through maps that
costed every of you a lot of effort and skills to do so. And I really have to say to all of you: Good
job. I want to see you all continuing to terrain and I hope that my review can help you to improve or
show you the things which need more work for your future terraining.
Talking about my review I want to explain a bit on that. I tried to not only judge every map but to
also point out some examples so that you can see what I actually was talking about and I hope by
this I can give you all some ideas on how to improve. Some of the aspects i mentioned might repeat
during the review in different categories, that however might be caused by those aspects fitting into
more than one categorie.
But now enough of this and into the details.
Theme: 3.5/5
No question this terrain is surreal. However it's up to some point too empty so the surreal feeling is
not going through the complete map and you can take a look at different points of the map without
getting any surreal feeling, just to name two: the beach on the left downside, aswell as the huge free
space on the left. However there are some really nice surreal things in it aswell, which I'll point out
Detail: 3/10
This is a double-edged sword in your terrain. Let me first say, overall this terrain does lack details.
That's for sure. However at some points of the terrain you really got into detail. For example placing
the chair aswell as the books and the shelf next to it on a green lane. This is freaking surrealistic and
reminds me somehow of Alice in Wonderland. However those detailed parts are only rare and do
not fit into the rest of the terrain because the rest just lacks details. Overall you used to less doodads
and there is to much blank tile set visible to call this an at least average-detailed terrain.
Originality: 2/5
On the left side of the terrain we do have an ABYSS, yes. Apart from that the idea behind your
terrain is pretty average and not really fancy, but it's not BAD on the other hand. Some of the ideas
you had to represent surrealism are really nice: I already mentioned the chair, well done aswell is
this icey water with the wooden fan in it. At other places it looks like you just randomly placed
unfitting doodads to get a surrealism feeling. Overall the Abyss in this case downrates a map, which
could have been way more creative without it.
Technique: 2.5/10
Let me say: There is a lot of room to improve here. In fact your terrain is decent but could be easily
improved by working on your technique and getting more experience.
Let me point out a few things. You did a good job on the wooden platforms using the pitch roll to
rotate single wooden platforms.
As I already mentioned what really bothers me about this terrain is the lack of detail in terms of
lacking doodad use. There are huge free spaces that only do feature empty tiles. Those tiles seem to
be placed unfitting intentionally, however you do ruin this because you did the same with the
different grass tiles. This makes the whole thing look messy and unprofessional.
And for your future terrains please think of lowering all doodads that are not intended to float into
the ground, especially if you use cliffs created by the Misc data like you did.
Playability: 1/5
I have no clue wether it was intentional that I am able to walk in space on an invisible ground or if
you just forgot to add enough pathing blockers to the side. However both ways I dislike. Way one
because it's just dull to walk on a plain invisble ground in space while next to you there is a pathing
blocked wooden platform. However if it is a mistake not only the missing pathing blockers make
me feel bad but also that nearly half of the terrain is unused for any kind of gameplay. On a second
note, if you do place pathing blockers like that, abilties like blink can easily bug the gameplay.
Apart from that abyss issue, the playabilty is given but nothing fancy aswell. I would have loved to
be able to go onto the floes, but you did not include invisible platforms there.
Overall: 12/35
Overall this is an average terraining work, however it is not able to compete with the best of a
Terraining Contest at Hive by far. I hope I pointed out some things that help you to improve and I
hope aswell, that I pointed out that I see potential in your terraining.

Theme: 3.5/5
Well another terrain that is between Magic and Surrealism. However I see this being a terrain
deforemed by something like a maelstrom, which is magical maybe. However the result of
destroying some realistic looking „part“-terrains, gives the final result a nice surreal touch. So
overall your terrain does fit the theme pretty well.
Detail: 9/10
One of the fancy things about the terrain, it's well detailed. Other users can look at this if they want
to know how to improve here. It is actually not a lot, that you did. But what you did was nice. Just a
few pointers here: The stone circle looks awesome. I also like how you added plants to the stones.
A big plus is how you showed the effects of the maelstorm. This looks well done and realistic.
Rotating doodads is your friend. The church is another piece of detailed terraining.
Really a good job and there are only minor issues that could be improved slightly. Mainly some
rocks could be linked better, but that's all really minor.
Originality: 3.5/5
As I already stated this terrain is surreal and the maelstrom idea is pretty awesome even though it is
more fantastic than surreal. However it's a kind of Abyss-terrain, which is not that original in this
contest. On the other hand the three single parts (church, harbour, stone circle) are very original
created and deserve a good score.
Technique: 9.5/10
One of the things that causes this map to be really pleasing is your technique. You perfectly use the
doodad rotation to cause the maelstrom effect. All doodads were properly stacking in the ground.
You really were able to create three different regions that were consumed by the maelstrom. And all
three were of good terraining quality. Another thing that really puts this terrain up is your choose of
doodads. You really choose high quality doodads for your terrain. And so you create a nice looking
atmosphere. Technically I have to again only mark the crystals that are standing in one row which
looks a tad strange. However things like that are only minor issues and can't change the fact, that
this is a very nice piece of terraining.
Playability: 4/5
No complains about this terrain not being walkable. IT IS walkable. However it does not allowe to
place any standard wc3 buildings anywhere and is therefore limited. On the other hand wc3
buildings would not really fit this map anyways so that's not really an issue nor was it your main
job. I see no bugs about the invisible platforms at all. BUT I do love the way how you added them in
the stone location. It is really fun to walk around there. Overall another decent job here!
Overall: 29.5/35
This terrain is really well-done. I can see an idea behind it and I can see a good execution. The
circled layout is a nice thing however it limits the „map“ part of it a bit. On the other hand it
contributes to the artistical site of the creation and is therefore a nice idea. You prooved that you
really have potential and I would love to see you keeping your terraining up. This is a really contest
entry. 'nuff said.

Theme: 1/5
Well. I do know what you aim for. But honestly it's pretty obvious that you tried to created a magic
world instead of a surreal one. But mostly it looks like a map for an old console game. Or something
I would have played with my Gameboy. The only thing that differs a bit maybe is the waterfall that
looks like coming out of a different dimension in a way. But I would count that as magic, too.
Detail: 1.5/10
The detail of this terrain is not really existant. For example you created the path in the middle with
no variation at all. You could have used a different tile randomly between the others, added shrubs,
added rocks, used some differently placed trees. I suggest you to use the UTM next time, so you can
easily use more doodads. And especially next time use doodads without collison, for example by
recreating them in object editor based on the shrub (or simply UTM). This gives you the possibilty
to increase the details that you can place in a map. As an orientation of how detailed terrains should
look like. I suggest you to look at your house with the man in front of it in a very closed up few for
the first level and then orientate on the other entries with a good score in terms of details.
Originality: 1.5/5
It's mainly an abyss terrain, which is not very creative in this contest and in general aswell. But you
had some nice ideas included. Like the floating prison and adding a lot of different areas to your
Technique: 1/10
This goes hand in hand with Details. You did not really show any awesome terraining skill. But
there are a few issues that I want to point out here, that you can surely improve. First off: Using
Blizzard cliffs does look really bad in most cases. Here it does for sure. Using Misc data for your
cliffs would have touched up your terrain a lot. I cannot see any doodad which you scaled
differently in object editor, nor do I see any rotated doodad. Of course, this is not a need, but it often
gives a nice touch to the map. I suggest you to try to work with the different managers. given with
the WE more. This goes for the Import Manager aswell. Imported models, as already stated, would
have really put that terrain up atleast one level.
Another thing I strongly suggest you is to read Piwlady's tutorial on how to great good looking lava.
That would have touched up the firelord pit a lot.
Playability: 1/5
It does not allow to build normal wc3 buildings on that, but however, I won't take that into the
judgement, since it's only premium. It's is walkable. You did not make any mistakes placing pathing
blockers. But that is caused because you did not use them. Walking through the terrain is really
boring though, because you only do have one level, there's no hieght variation anywhere and
nothing fancy to walk through. The only thing that I found a bit more exciting was the path to that
prison. Here you did use invisibel platforms and just by that, you made the playbilty up there a bit.
Overall: 6/35
There is a lot of room to improve here, however some mentioned things can be inspiration for you
and future works. I really hope you do continue to train your terraining skills. And use my review to
improve! Good luck!

Theme: 3/5
Again a hard decision wether this has to be called Surreal or Magic world. However I love the idea
of the floating clocks. It does for sure remind me of Dali. So I'll call it surreal, even though, you
could have made much more out of that idea. Maybe it's also possible to put the ice blocks with the
deers in it into connection with the clocks. Since time gets „frozen“ in ice. So yeah, it is surreal but
not too clear and it could be more for sure.
Detail: 3.5/10
I would not talk off a very detailed map. However the way you created the lanes, especially the „S“
path, is not without any detail aswell. Also I really do like the deers in the ice, which I do call a
detail aswell. Apart from that, there are some randomly placed doodads like in many other maps
aswell. I do not really get a sense for the composition in them. By the fact that this terrain is being
nearly blank apart from what I have already mentioned, this cannot get a high scoring here.
However on the other hand it is not really like the terrain is LACKING detail, it quite fits the map
like it is. But that's just average.
Originality: 3/5
And another abyss terrain. However like already mentioned I like the time/clock idea as a tribute to
Dali maybe. But you did not enough put enough work into it to make it stand out really. And so it
does look like a random abyss terrain. However it still gives you some Originality points.
Technique: 3.5/10
You did use a colourful way to create your terrain. You also showed that you are able to work with
doodads, and to scroll them up and down for example. You do a bit of scaling aswell.
Another thing that mainly influences your Terrain is Pyritie. I'm not sure wether it's good or bad.
The icecube is a decent model though. I just think it's too much of it. More variation would be better
here. However the point that you did import this model is nice.
Not really more to say here, because your terrain does not really show off much technique. Not in a
good and not in a really bad way.
Playability: 2/5
Another example for a map that can be bugged by a blink ability. Apart from that, it's totally
walkable. Again no place to create wc3 buildings, but again no issue. But hell, this gets boring to
walk through fast. Of course you did add some triggers with effects, but this is a terraining contest,
so those do not count. And apart from that, there was not anything done, that would make this map
more interesting to walk through.
Overall: 15/35
Overall this map is a nothing fancy, but it's not that bad aswell. It has some nice ideas, but would
have needed alot more work to become better. The current status is not more than average. I would
have loved if you would have concentrated more on the time idea and less on other effects,
randomness and abyss.

Theme: 1/5
Another terrain in which I can hardly find any real Surrealism. Again it's mostly Magic stuff or
randomly placed doodads, here, there are also a ton of special effects. But only because the used
things do not fit each other it does not mean that the scenery becomes surreal. This is the case here. I
do not really find many things that resemble slightly with surreal but a lot with magic and fantasy.
Detail: 3/10
Your terrain reminds me a lot of my reaction when I first saw the UTM and I randomly placed the
different doodads. This may sound harsh, but hell, you seem to nearly use every doodad included in
the UTM., which gives you an average amount of detail. You DO place doodads in the different
regions to underline the atmosphere of it. As a good example I want to point out the cave like room
of your terrain. Here are quite a few doodads that make it look more detailed and more realistic. On
the other hand, especially the village or city did lack a lot of details. Apart from houses, peoples and
random trees (again you did place nearly every tree model of the UTM) there is not much that could
make the cityscape more interesting. That can be improved and I suggest you to orientate on your
cave for it.
Originality: 3/5
You did create a museum with different rooms representing some „surrealistic“ landscapes or areas.
And to be honest, I like the idea, at least it is not an abyss terrain. However as already stated, it lacks
the real feel of Surrealism. But the basic idea is pleasing.
Technique: 2.5/10
Well your terrain techniques do have a lot of room to improve for sure. First off one important
thing. Make sure, that you put down every doodad to the ground. A lot of stones and other doodads
are floating a bit over the ground, especially in the cave area.
Second important point is, that you seriously need to envelop some kind of a feeling for aesthatics
which means, that you do know which doodads you can place next to each other to create something
that is nice to look at. You tend to randomly place doodads next to each other that do not fit in
anyway, especially not aestatically. An example herefore are the trees in your village aswell as the
tiles in the entrance room. To be honest, those tiles do look horrible.
Unfortunatelly height variation is missing nearly completely. However a good point is how you used
imported models, even though you overdid it, the basic idea of it is right. Next time just do not
overdo it. You do work with different scalings, however some of those scalings do not make that
much sense or look strange because of overstretched textures.
Another tip on how you could have improved the cave would be rotating the stones in it a bit, it
would give a way more awesome feeling to it. All in all, there's quite a lot of room to improve here,
but you seem to have the basic knowledge to start off.
Playability: 1/5
First off: This terrain can only be played with a custom camera system since the normal one does
not work because you created caves. On a second note, but this won't influence the score, your
system is a pure nightmare. It was very hard to use. However I did find alot of places where you did
not place pathing blockers correctly, which allowed me to go right through doodads and other
things. The stairs in the chamber with the blood queen made me sunk in aswell. That downrates
your map for sure. Because the whole map was flat and very hard to navigate the fun factor while
going through was very limited.
Overall: 10.5/35
Unfortunatelly there was big discrepancy between idea and execution. However I do think that you
can improve your skills with further works. You just need to learn from what is lacking here and
keep it up. Overall this terrain is not able to compete with the better terrains of the contest.

Theme: 3/5
Well, quite hard to tell what this is. Is it really surrealism? To a stage it surely is. I at least don't
know what to tell what the whole composition is, even though it does feature realistic objects in it.
However this terrain gives a bit of an artistic feeling, which does surely contribute to a surreal
feeling. But it's not too surreal aswell.
Detail: 4.5/10
Your terrain is mostly plain, the only thing you did add were floating blocks, but here you really
made a good job on placing them pleasing. Apart from that your terrain mostly is made up by
standard blizzard cliffs (I'll go into detail here later on). Overall this terrain is dominated by
inhuman89. BUT there aren't many details. Of course this on one hand contributes to the artistic
device of emptiness that you were looking for, on the other hand some details would not hurt the
feeling you tried to get. (maybe some more different objects, or more exciting placed doodads).
Overall the way you did shape the cliffs and did place the floating stones gives an aestatically
pleasing result and fits your overall idea quite good. So the lack of more details is not THAT bad at
Originality: 4/5
I already mentioned the emptiness of the terrain that you aimed for, and I want to underline the
artistic aspect that is caused by it. THIS is something that not many of the contestants were able to
bring into their terrain. Another thing that makes this quite original in this contest is the lack of an
abyss. However the real SURREAL feeling is missing here aswell.
Technique: 5/10
Well, you did not really show off any awesome terraining tricks that could tell much about your
terraining skills. BUT, what you did, you did in a good manner. Nice imports, real high quality
terraining stuff, that fits your concept well. You showed that you are able to scale and increase the
height of doodads. What I seriously missed and what lowers your score for sure is a rotation of
some of the floating blocks. That would have touched up the whole map for sure. Also you did use
to less doodads, even though it is meant to be empty, you could have found more fiiting doodads to
use without destroying the effect. Now back to the blizzard cliff. The use of it is very nice, resulting
out of two facts: 1. the very good import. 2. You do manage to use it's height limit (2) in a very nice
way, which is quite hard. Good job on that thing.
Playability: 2.5/5
The basic playability is given, and as a bonus, it can also be played with normal wc3 buldings. But
let me get this straight. There is way more potential for this map to be playble. Why can I not jump
onto the floating rocks? One reason, you did not use invisible platforms for it. A second reason,
wc3's engine does not really support it, because I would not be able to walk under it anymore.
You're right, not to place pathing blockers because of this, however you could have used an idea
like for example placing deep water under the floating rocks so that I could not walk there anyway. I
think this would have give a nice touch to your terrain anyways. The gameplay overall is average,
it's nothing special, but it is not bad aswell. However there is a lot of room to do better.
Just an additional info. If you want to create a terrain where you can jump up the boxes without
having the stupid limits of the wc3 engine, this might help you: [Insert link to wc3c] (Edit: from
what I currently found out, the system I was searching for was rejected)
Overall: 19/35
This terrain does include an artistical feeling like I already underlined. It up to a specific point nicely
done. However this fact does not hide, that there is a lot of room to improve and I do suggest you to
next time use some more time to finish your terrain. There is a big difference between a completely
terrained map and a completely well thought- finished map. With some more thoughts and ideas,
you could have earned a way better score. And the second fact that cannot really be hide by the
artistic style is that it does not fit the surreal theme 100%, but this does not only go for your terrain.

Theme: 1/5
For me this is not surreal but a winter landscape without ground. It just looks like you forgot to add
it and I can really not see much of a surreal feeling except from the trees being floating in different
heights. I cannot really see an awesome idea behind it on how to represent surrealism.
Detail: 1/10
Let me be honest: This terrain is a five minute work. And not at all detailed in any possible way.
You limited yourself to quite a few doodads that do not create any effect at all but fit a winter
landscape. Nothing more. Here is really so much space open too improve that I cannot point out
what exactly you should do. My main advice, put more effort into terraining contest terrains.
Originality: 1.5/5
Quite hard to judge this. It is not the typical abyss terrain, however it does not really differ from
them aswell. It does not really underlien anything surreal and it is mostly only a winter landscape.
Nothing really original.
Technique: 1/10
I can hardly comment on that at all, because it does not really show much technique. You used some
height variation for placing the doodads. And what you did is enlarging those skull doodads so that
they are extremely strechted texturewise. Not really what you should aim for. Overall it is very
disappointing and even the composition and placement of doodads cannot be called very good. At
least you did a good job on choosing quality imports that do fit a winter theme, it would be better, if
you would have found some that could give a surreal tocuh aswell though.
Playability: 1/5
Well, this goes along with everything else. The only thing I can tell is that I can walk over the whole
map. I don't understand why the trees are under my feet, nor do I really am amazed by anything
Overall: 5.5/35
Let me again be honest with you: This was a really disappoiting entry. I have seen terrains by you
that were way better and would have gained double or triple the score you got here now.
However I would like to see you terraining in the future. But please try to firstoff get a concept, than
think about how you could make this concept become real and than put EFFORT into it. Especially
if it's a contest's terrain. Good luck.

Theme: 2.5/5
This terrain is very close to emo2loves terrain. However I cannot spot any real surreal theme in it
here. I would call this a magic/fantastic world. However the fire underneath the ice is a nice and
surreal idea, but that's only one aspect that cannot change the fact, that this is not a real surreal
terrain. Your map description underlines that this is more magic than surreal aswell.
Detail: 5/10
This terrain belongs to the more detailed terrains of the contest. I really have to point out the
villages in the ice block. They are in my opinion a very good piece of detailed terraining. However
the other parts even though they do have some details could use some more, they look mostly a bit
to blank ( see techique for why), which is not necessary ( proof: your villages). But overall this is a
terrain that shows some decent details. Another example is the „table in hell“
Originality: 3/5
You nearly had the same idea as emo2love but I could see some differences aswell. It's an abyss
terrain and therefore limited in it's originality. However you had some nice ideas to differ it from a
standard abyss terrain (table in hell, etc.), but overall it's just not tooo creative.
Technique: 5/10
Surely one of the better terrains techniquewise. But not the best. Starting with the UTM and adding
extra imports is surely a good start for a terraing contest entry. Using those imports in a good
manner like you did adds to it. You did put a lot of details as I already mentioned, but most of them
are not really visible because they are inside of ice blocks and even though they are transparent, not
everything is really visible. You did not manage to put all the details into the iceblocks so that they
are visible. That can surely be improved. Apart from that it's a decent job technically wise but you
did not use any really awesome terraining trick that would cause me to give you a really high rating
Playability: 2.5/5
Firstoff: This is quite interesting to go through. You used some platforms for heightvariation and
they do work fine, at least with the racoon's walk animation (jumps) However your pathingblocker
placement is lacking. Using blink allows me to jump into the abyss. I can walk through a lot of
doodads aswell, table in hell, walls, etc... You need to improve that. But it's still quite nice to walk
through it. Fix those things and it will be decent.
Overall: 18/35
Seriously, Oziris, you can do a lot better. Your recent terrains where way more promising than the
final result of this is. Of course this terrain is decent and did count to the better entries as I pointed
out, but still I think you could have created something better.
This does not really follow the theme and lacks in term of sophistication.

Theme: 4.5/5
For me this was the best fitting terrain for the theme. Basically a modern place (town) that contains
normally unfitting crystals which surely cause a surreal feeling. The only thing that drifts away into
magic to much in my opinion is the point were the town is turning into a sky world, here it turns
from surreal into a complete magical world. Details like the clock right in the city are surreal
highlights of this terrain though!
Detail: 6/10
Apart from the crystals, the city terrain is pretty emtpy. However this does fit the idea good and the
details that are included give a nice touch to the city (crystals, car, surreal clock). What I loved most
were the decent, not overdone use of the graffiti walls. That gave the city part a very nice touch.
However I can imagine that some sewer tubes, dirt or other small doodads would have polished the
city part of the terrain for sure, without loosing the main emptiyess of your terrain.
The „sky/heaven“ part however is spamed with clouds and crystals and gives a nice feeling wiht all
those doodads used, however, it does look a bit too messy in my opinion. I would have loved to see
the some parts of the city theme being included here aswell, for example a floating car, because that
would have given it a more surreal touch. However overall this is decent detailed, but as I pointed
out could use some touch ups to make your nice idea stand out even more.
Originality: 4.5/5
Even though we do have another abyss terrain, you managed to give it a completely different look
than all other terrains by using the clouds and crystals. Also your town is very original created and
you were the only one thinking of a real modern day surreal terrain. In my opinion you made the
best job in terms of creativity! However you might want to consider to not use those crystals in
every terrain because you are in danger of letting your terraining become boring by it.
Technique: 7.5/10
The technique used to get dimension into the sky is incredible. By scaling some crystals very small
and keeping some on a bigger level you really make a point here. Apart from that, of course I have
to point out your great imports, mostly your terrain is one big import and the good placing of the
few details in the town part. However I do miss the „real big thing“ that I do expect from a great
terrainer. Because overall the imports can not hide that this terrain is a bit too empty, even in an
artistic way.
Playability: 3/5
The playability is mainly influenced by your triggering, which was not the task of this contest and
won't incluence the judgement. Neither positive nor negative. However it's pretty obvious that this
terrain needs a custom camera system, otherwise the walls would look annyoing. The walkabilty of
the terrain is well made, but it's not really interesting to walk through it aswell. I would have loved
to be able to interact with some details of the terrain, but firstoff there weren't too many and second
and bad thing the few that did exist only stand around. A second thing that bothers me is the sky that
does not feature any pathing blockers. Of course, a ghost can just fly through it, however for a
normal play I would have like if only the crystals would have been walkable.
(Offtopic: Your camera system btw works nice in the town, but is very irritating in the sky)
Overall: 25.5/35
For me the most surreal entry, with slight drifts into magic. But there is also room to improve that
terrain and I think you do know that. If you would have polished your idea you could have got a
better scoring quite easily. But there are some flaws with this map, that result in some point losses.
And for the future, I would really love to see some terrains without crystals by you ;)

Theme: 3/5
Definetelly not the worst „surreal“ terrain. However as many others this has many aspects that could
be seen as magical better. For example the effects around the mushrooms in the upper map part.
Only placing the mushrooms there would have been quite surrealistic, but giving the effect to them
turns the whole thing into something more magic looking. Same goes for the flashing stars all over
the map. All those effects are more of magic than of surreal terrain. Overall the basic terrain has the
potential to become a quite good surreal terrain. But you just spamed magic effects over it. You
should have sticked more to objects like the candles you did plays between the archways, hell, they
are surreal.
Detail: 5/10
You really put some effort into it and placed a lot of nice details to it. Placing grass all over the
islands is a nice idea, however it could have been better executed (more about that in „technique“)
You did place a lot of doodads to get atmosphere and details into your terrain and this has to be
honoured, however you tend to overdo some parts of your terrain. There's a limited amount of
possible details. Everything above that limit looks spamed or messy. Examples here for are the
power generator, aswell as the library. Overall here's some space to improve, but it's not too bad
Originality: 4/5
This terrain seems to be pretty boring. Because it has a lot of what a normal terrain for Warcraft has.
The composition of the isles looks like any standard map for wc3. But I really like the idea to turn
something like that into a surreal place. That's surrealism! However as already pointed out, you do
not manage to completely get the surrealism working. This does not damage the fact, that it is one
of the more creative entries though.
Technique: 4/10
Here's a lot of space to improve: I already mentioned your doodad spaming at some points, however
the overall placement of doodads need to be improved aswell. Many doodads look randomly placed
causing them to have edges where they should interact smooth wiht other doodads, which again
causes the terrain to not look well made. Also: Never copy and paste doodads and place them in a
huge amount close to each other without adding variation in scale or rotation to them, like you did
at the mine. This looks horrible. Now back to your grass and shrub work. As i pointed out the grass
mostly looks nice, but somehow the edges of the grass and the normal tile don't look to good
because they are sudden. Using a second grass doodad and lowering it into the ground a bit, would
have improved that. Also you should make sure, that every grass doodad that is close to another
really touches its neighbour grass. Otherwise you get an ugly looking result like you got on the left
downisde of your terrain, next to the grave.
Your use of imports however is mostly nice and gives a nice individual touch to the terrain.
However I could not see any badass terraining tricks aswell.
Playability: 2.5/5
It would be a nice walk through some strange islands, if you would have managed to make it not so
plain. However it is plain and your touch up (searching for doodads ingame) won't influence the
scoring. Like in many other terrains an ability like blink would mess up your pathing blockers.
Make sure everything outside the trakcs you want to be playable is really unwalkable. However the
generator and library are quite interesting to walk thorugh, the rest is plain.
A second note that won't influence your score: Please next time use a faster unit, so that I do not fall
asleep while testing the map.
Overall: 17.5/35
Overall not a bad job, actually quite well done, however you need to improve for a better scoring.
Right now your scoring is mainly influenced by your good idea, but you need to work on your
I hope I was able to point out what is needed to put your terraining on the next level. Hope to see
you continuing to work on your skills.

Theme: 2.5/5
Another terrain that mainly is magic and here it is really hard to spot out the surreal things. Causing
this terrain to get a lower rating here for sure. This for me is pretty much a magical world, however
it does have the hallucinatory quality of a dream.
Detail: 6/10
This terrain is pretty detailed but tends to be spammed with wooden planks at some parts. Using a
few less would have granted you a better effect, because it would not look that messy. However
placing a lot of doodads cannot hide the fact that you mostly used the same doodads all the time.
Unfortunatelly many of your terraining work is not that visible ingame like for example the whole in
the wall with the webs hanging down on the downside of the map. However I love what you made
of the „abysses“ you added to your terrain. They are greatly executed with an eye for the details.
Originality: 3.5/5
Even though it's an abyss terrain this terrain is quite creative since it's look differs a lot from the
other abyss terrains which is mainly caused by the way you worked on getting the abysses not only
detailed but interesting. Overall this is pretty creative.
Technique: 5.5/10
I already pointed out the spamming of some doodads and of course I do have to repeat it here.
However your terrain heavily bases on your imports, which is not a bad thing in my opinion, since
you did prove that you decide wise about them. However you need to get more variation into your
rock placement, rotating, scaling, etc. Otherwise it looks horrible boring when they are placed in an
amount like in your terrain. It's always difficult to use standard wc3 units for terraining purposes
and you did not manage to use them in a very good way. Their bright teamcolour stands out of the
terrain and looks bad in a disturbing way. I suggest you to next time change their colour (neutral
passive) or to not use them at all. Apart from those issues your technique is good though.
Playability: 2.5/5
It's walkable. Quite interesting aswell, but on the other hand it's also not really fancy. Buildings
cannot be placed. But your pathing blocker work does its job. Averall average here.
Please next time don't place enemies on the map, I want to test the terrain and not my surviving
skills ;)
Overall: 20/35
A pretty decent terrain that does not really fit the theme all that great but is made with a lot of effort
which pays of in terms of quality. However you could have earned way more points if you would
have been closer to surrealism and not that magic. Overall: Decent
(Good to see someone actually thought of including the author's name in the mapfilename.)


Morbid's judging ............................Keiji's Judging...................Poll Votes
Johannesr - 12/35...........................22/40...........................1/67
Raven0 - 29.5/35............................34/40...........................27/67
Laserdude - 6/35............................10/40............................0/67
Emo2love - 15/35............................24/40............................3/67
The_Olorin - 10.5/35.......................23/40.............................0/67
chilla_killa - 19/35...........................22/40............................13/67
Offgraphic - 5.5/35.........................24/40.............................2/67
Oziris - 18/35.................................30/40............................5/67
De.Facto - 25.5/35.........................34/40.............................8/67
Evil_Redneck -17.5/35.....................26/40.............................2/67
-Kobas- -20/35..............................26/40.............................6/67

Converted score's to percentages (/100) so that they can be combined.

Morbid's judging ............................Keiji's Judging....................Total
Johannesr - 34.29...........................55.00...............................44.65
Raven0 - 84.29..............................85.00...............................84.65
Laserdude - 17.14..........................25.00...............................21.07
Emo2love - 42.86...........................60.00...............................51.43
The_Olorin - 30.00.........................57.50...............................43.75
chilla_killa - 54.43..........................55.00...............................54.72
Offgraphic - 15.71.........................60.00...............................37.86
Oziris - 51.43...............................75.00................................63.22
De.Facto - 72.86..........................85.00...............................78.93
Evil_Redneck -50.00......................65.00...............................57.50
-Kobas- -57.14.............................65.00...............................61.07

Final Scores

Johannesr: (44.65)*0.6 + (1/67)*40 = 27.39/100
Raven0: (84.65)*0.6 + (27/67)*40 = 66.91 /100
Laserdude: (21.07)*0.6 + (0/67)*40 = 12.64 /100
Emo2love: (51.43)*0.6 + (3/67)*40 = 32.65 /100
The_Olorin: (43.75)*0.6 + (0/67)*40 = 26.25 /100
chilla_killa: (54.72)*0.6 + (13/67)*40 = 40.59/100
Offgraphic: (37.86)*0.6 + (2/67)*40 = 23.91/100
Oziris: (63.22)*0.6 + (5/67)*40 = 40.92/100
De.Facto: (78.93)*0.6 + (8/67)*40 = 52.13/100
Evil_Redneck: (57.50)*0.6 + (2/67)*40 = 35.69/100
-Kobas-: (61.07)*0.6 + (6/67)*40 = 40.22/100


1st Place - Raven0 (66.9 /100)

2nd Place - De.Facto (52.13/100)

3rd Place - Oziris (40.92/100)



I also want to give out a special thank you to Chaos. and M0rbid for making the completion of this contest happening, I really appreciate it guys, and I encourage everyone that partook in this contest to lend out some rep to them. And with this thread end my days of being a Terrain Moderator, over and out.
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Congratulation Raven0 for the first place, you deserve it.
I too Keiji was disappointed with my terrain, lack of imagination and creativity. =/ But, I'll try my best on the 11# Terrain Contest and I'll make sure you won't get disappointed again. ;)
Hehe, that's some small difference chilla killa! :D Kobas was also close!

Edit: Still sucks that your leaving us Keiji, how are we going to decide our next moderator anyway?
Level 19
Jul 19, 2008
Congratz winners.
0.31 less and Raven0 would have 66.6 just like Megafyr in the last contest. 666 two contests in a row. Now that would have been bloody hilarious. Too bad
Hopefully in the next contest I will actually be able to finish my entry.
Level 32
Nov 24, 2007
Congratulation Raven0 for the first place, you deserve it.
I too Keiji was disappointed with my terrain, lack of imagination and creativity. =/ But, I'll try my best on the 11# Terrain Contest and I'll make sure you won't get disappointed again. ;)
Hehe, that's some small difference chilla killa! :D Kobas was also close!

Edit: Still sucks that your leaving us Keiji, how are we going to decide our next moderator anyway?

Thats going to be up to the admins, I guess.

I'll add a link to the poll in the main thread.
Level 9
Dec 15, 2009
wooh awsome....!!can anyone join this contest?i would like to join if they r more terraining contest :))))just asking sry if oftopic
Level 9
Dec 15, 2009
i just downlaoded 1 of the map im not sure is it kobas's or raven0's coz in my wc3 it showed up terraining contest
got voidwalker and purplelish
is that raven's?
btw about the contest do i need to put units?like u said during war?shud i make a triger that make units attack each other?
im realy never enter any contest :p just wanna try it out coz im taking a break frm my map

EDit:im asian so ur wednesday and my wednesday r not the same can u pm me if there is a contest?
Level 34
Dec 20, 2009
Please wait until the contest is set up and confirmed by Pyritie, I will link it as soon as it is up.

This thread is not about the upcoming contest but about the results of the last one.

And about your question:
Raven's terrain is a circlish abyss terrain,while Kobas terrain has a lot of a stoney area!
Level 9
Dec 15, 2009
iv learn about gmt last year and i forgot
hey another Q
do i need to put units in terrain contest?

kobas ur terrain rocks wtf how did u do dat
im gonna get my ass pawned if i join this contest hahaha

btw i think pyrtie hates me he gave me -4 repbfore he thinks im a troll

EDIT:in my country(malaysia) now is 11pm
Level 16
Apr 24, 2005
Okay i just read the rating of my terrain and i just wanna say that i could have improved it alot, but i just lost interest and time so i just posted a WIP, wasn't really expecting it to win or anything. Hopefully i'll be more dedicated next time.
Level 7
Aug 21, 2010
Congrats to all of the winners of the terrain contest. I really liked Raven's and Kobas's terrains the most, but most of the others were really nice too.
Level 9
Dec 15, 2009
hey is the contest today can i join the contest hehehehehehehe do u hav some good tips coz i dont know anything i just want some rep and the cool icon botom of my avatar :D
Level 14
Oct 16, 2010
hey is the contest today can i join the contest hehehehehehehe do u hav some good tips coz i dont know anything i just want some rep and the cool icon botom of my avatar :D

The start date has yet to be determined.

If you have never terrained before it's doubtful that you will win but the experience will only make you better. You should check our tutorial section for terraining tutorials and also look at people's submitted work in our terrain forum here:

Terrain Forum
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Dec 15, 2009
woah i saw the terrain forum many cool terrainers out there
actualy i dont think i can win this but i wanna gv it a try
1 more thing this contest will be judged by the image i captured or ingame map?


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Dec 27, 2006
A big cheer from me to all the winners. I'll be entering the next contest, although from the looks of it I'll have a hard time competing with all of you.
Also, a big cheer to Keiji, M0rbid and Chaos for making this happen.
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