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Team Ruin Defence

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Level 17
Jul 15, 2009
Team Ruin Defence
by Naro (PumpkinPirate)


Coming soon!

You start of with selecting one of many heroes to defend your team's Ruin.
Teams consist of up to 4 players.
Every round, 10 creatures will attack your Ruin from 2 spawns.
For every creature your team kills, 2 additional creatures will attack your opponent's Ruin.

When the round is done, all creatures will die and the next round will kick in, bringing in stronger units.

Your goal is to either destroy your opponent's Ruin yourself, or pressure your enemy with a massive wave of creatures which will destroy their Ruin.

More coming soon!

40 Regular Rounds / 5 Boss Rounds / 5 Team Fight Rounds
On top of defending your Ruin you have to fight of bosses, and the enemy team once the gates open.

Save/Load System
When your team is victorious you gain 1 Medal, this medal can be saved along with your inventory content to load in feature games.
Most non-consumable items are bought with Medals!

More coming soon!

I don't have much more to tell you right now, since the terrain is still under development and I'll take it one step at a time!

What do I need from you?
I am in need of good hero ideas, a couple of testers and probably some icons (we'll see how far we can get with the ones on HWS right now)

Below is the terrain how it will look at first release (The taverns and spell pedestals are still missing).


  • Global View.png
    Global View.png
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