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TD units stuck etc help :)

Level 2
Feb 16, 2012

I just started using world editor yesterday and have been checking on youtube on doing a td map.

I want to do a maze based TD, where u can/should build a maze in order to make it through the levels till the end. My problem is as i said im no expert at this. I have made so that the units spawn, walk to a checkpoint and then towards another one, on the last one they die and you lose health on each one and in the end you lose. so...

If i build a maze around a checkpoint (that i marked with an arrow on the map, as many other td makers) they first run into my maze, but when they go back, they usually get stuck, standing outside still or start attacking my towers, even tho there is a path where they can go.

Im hoping for a friendly fellow to maybe if he/she have time to take my map and help me with some triggers :) or explain it very good so i can understand hehe :)

I really hope someone can help me, cause i would love to start making Funny maps. I have played sooo many bad Td's where i come up with ideas but i need help to get me started :)

Level 16
Jun 24, 2009
Try to move the the checkpoint to other ways.
I would do this:
Just a simple example.

The creeps spawn at top. They are ordered to move to the red 1 region but if they pass the blue 1 region they are ordered to move to the red 2 regions. If they pass the blue 2 regions they are ordered to move to the red 3 regions and so on...
That could work just fine I guess.
Level 2
Feb 16, 2012
Well my map look likes this

When they enter my maze, they get crazy, either starts attacking or standing still somewhere.

Ive seen maps like this but the mobs dont have any problem getting in and out.


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