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[Tower Defense] TD map

Level 23
Apr 3, 2018
Tower Defence map
Decided to try making a tower defence map.
Never seriously tried to make one of these before. But I thought why not?
It will have a kind of futuristic theme for the towers and terrain.
If anyone has any cool ideas please post so I may steal them lol.

Key features
At least the ones implemented right now.
  • Experience: towers gain experience and level up their abilities, experience can be exchanged for wood ("tech points"), when a tower reaches 1000 experience gains an ultimate ability.
  • Block: melee towers fight enemies, stopping them, up to a certain number of enemies.
  • Target priority: you can choose how each tower selects targets - first, last, highest hp, etc.
  • Can look up a tower's range (the telescope button in the spellbook).
  • Fog of war. You must use scout towers to reveal more of the map. Other towers have limited vision. Also some waves are at night and others during daytime, affecting vision range.
  • Number of towers is limited. Building generators increases the limit.
  • Most towers and monsters have different abilities. Each player has their own road.
  • Preview - you can see what's coming next wave in the small area above the portal.
  • I'm still making it on Warcraft 1.26 like my other maps.

For now, implemented:
  • Air: may not be stopped by melee towers. Also can't be hit by some towers.
  • Blink: one time when blocked, the mob teleports to the next waypoint.
  • Boss: counts as 3 for blocking, can't be knocked back, takes 10 lives if reaches the exit.
  • Cannibalize: if slain, heals other nearby creeps with this ability.
  • Elite: takes 3 lives if reaches the exit.
  • Enrage: when down to half health, becomes faster and harder to block.
  • Explodes: if blocked, blows up and damages nearby towers.
  • Immune: unaffected by stun, cold, poison.
  • Momentum: becomes faster and harder to block over time.
  • Phase shift: when down to half health, for a duration shifts to another plane, and can only be hit by psy-damage.
  • Regenerate: regains health over time.
  • Split: if slain, splits into two similar monsters with half health.
  • Stealth: may not be attacked unless stopped by a melee tower, or revealed by a scout tower.
  • They came from behind: wave spawns and walks backwards.
  • Turret: continuously shoots at your towers while moving. Can be very annoying depending on tower placement.
  • Unity: damage to any of the creeps is spread out between all of the creeps.

For now, implemented:

Melee - built on the road
  • Fighter and upgrades - block more enemies with each upgrade, chance to reflect melee damage.
  • Hammer - does more damage with each attack.
  • Lancer - does more damage to enemies blocked by other melee towers, and increases their block limit. Upgrades to have bounce attack.
  • Phantom - drains life of all blocked enemies over time.
  • Flamethrower - ignites enemies, dealing damage over time.
  • Gas - has limited ammunition, affects all nearby enemies with one of 5 types of chemicals. Ammunition is replenished at the start of each wave.

Ranged - built on the walls
  • Burst - shoots a few shots very quickly, then goes on cooldown
  • Cannon - deals splash damage, additional shrapnel damage based on number of enemies within the area
  • Doom - makes enemies explode on death with a bouncing attack
  • Drone station - spawns attack drones
  • Flakk - upgrade of guard tower, more effective against air units
  • Lightning - bounce attack, does more damage if it has time to charge up
  • Missile pod - multi-shot
  • Plasma, fusion - deal more damage with each attack to the same target
  • Prism - multiple prisms can link together to do more damage
  • Psyonic - knocks stuff back
  • Railgun - damages enemies behind the target, does more damage if it has time to charge up
  • Scout, guard - reduces enemy armour, reveals invisibility
  • Sludge - progressively slows stuff down
  • Smite - deals more damage based on range
  • Venom - multi-shot with stacking damage over time

Support buildings - don't attack
  • Ammunition factory - aura boosts attack speed, researches upgrades
  • Generator - aura boosts damage, increases tower limit
  • Ore mine - increases ore income
  • Research facility - increases experience income, researches upgrades

  • Upgrades for each tower like talents/modules, maybe in the inventory
  • More creep skills like illusion
  • More complicated economy?



  • Tower Defence v0.1.w3x
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Level 23
Apr 3, 2018
and now that you are making in out in space then make a tower like this but make in to a battleship and somekind of spaceships comming out of it
I guess I could make the drones of the drone station move like that.

For auras currently
  • Scout towers give minus armour
  • Generator boosts attack, max level gives bonus armour
  • Ammo factory boosts attack speed
  • Ore mine max level slows down ground enemies
  • Flakk tower slows down air enemies