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Table Top WarGaming! For Warcraft

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Dec 14, 2004
Table Top Strategy Warcraft!!!

Hi I'm Zergleb and I've been working on developing an engine for a Table Top Strategy game for use in Battle.net. It will be based on Warcraft races, but not just copies from the game, races will be redesigned for the game. With new unit types and spells and more.

Anyone who has played Warhammer the Table Top Board game will be familiar with the type of game-play this is. But I assure you this is Not a Re-Creation of Warhammer or any other table top game.

Key points-

-Table top gaming in warcraft 3.
-Redesigned existing races in warcraft 3, along with new race concepts.
-More functionality than a non-cpu based Table top game.
-Turn based gaming allows for more in-depth strategic game-play.
-Will give animation to table top gaming.
-Unit customization making the each race play differently for each player.

What is a Table Top Strategy Game? Is a form of war gaming played on a table top.(The game will use a warcraft 3 map to work like a table top) using models to represent units(a lot like war3) played in a turn based environment. One player will make all the moves for his army these moves could be movement, attacks, enabling abilities. And the next player will do the same there can be any number of players in a game(This game will most likely focus on 4 as a maximum) The use of turn based combat is aimed towards creating a more strategic environment and this game will be developed to be able to incorporate more in-depth strategies than Warcraft, and with the use of a computer will have much functionality that Warhammer could not such as arc measurements, some cool artillery spells that will work differently from Warhammer forms and also the visual effects will be superior(Knowing how real life models do not move or make effects that would be obvious).

Why Make a Table Top Strategy In Warcraft 3? if you didn't read some of my reasons above, the main for me is because it will be a fun new table top game concept. in which all team members will be invited in discussion of development of. Furthermore as stated above much more functionality will be possible in the war3 game engine than in a regular table top game.

Some Key Points of the game's current design.

-Will include redesigned existing races in warcraft 3, along with new race concepts(My favorite being a troll race)
-Unit customization along with standard unit equipment(Mainly Armor and Weapons for standard) enabling armies to form specific strategies for their army even using the same race.
-Realistic strategies taking advantage of the 3 dimensional aspects of warcraft 3 finally making the terrain height and other features feel real.
-A measuring system giving the users an easy way to develop their strategies by measuring distances across points, it will also give them data such as visibility from the 2 points at certain heights, along with path collision information for various arcs to correctly measure archer attacks.
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Jun 21, 2007
I'm currently working (having rest from working on my old LoaP I started making long ago and tired of) on a nearly same project that imitates Heroes of Might and Magic V - Design Writing (overall gameplay design) is already done, now I'm writing Technical Design (how it will be looking like and some technical writing) and then I'll write Technical Writing so as to make everything right, after that I'll begin working on my map using the big copybook I will write all writing at. I will use there multiboard and permanent cinematic mode so as to hide interface and force player to move his hero with keys and use the mutliboard. 3% of the whole map is already done. I'm trying to make the game not too interesting and thanks to Design Writing it looks kinda acceptable for average people, now by Technical Design I will write the more detailed Design and how it will look like. The Design Writing in simple shortcut is: Move and rise your general, manage settlements, gather and produce resources, keep people happy and set taxes to equip and recruit an army, conquer neighboring towns, eliminate opponents or just rule your empire (single player allowed), up to 4 players in the game. I had many ideas but they finally all got simplyfied and grabbed to this large one. Your idea goes here TOO. +most people wouldn't like playing a turn-based card game, and finally you should have moved this to Idea Factory! When I begin recruitment for my map... after I finish Technical Writing... and I think I can do that alone, I know everything but JASS, I know very little of it... err.. so if you are talent mapper I would add everyone who owuld make a turn-based game and with those people we'll enchant the map with additional ideas and will split up what every one will do, give him that Technical Writing... just... it will take too much time making such a serious project alone! May be above 2 years! And no one understands me... Well, I'm not such a high-initiativeful (mapper that for example makes a map every day passed, I have currently released no maps) mapper, but I'm good Technical Writer, systimatizator, idea tosser, Design Writer... If I would make that map I would have made a separated game, new one, but it would be in a form of warcraft 3 scenario! RAWR! Good idea, good if someone accepts it and makes it.. but it's too hard so it shall better join my 3% finished project with 35% (every day I can make 20% of it) PreWriting! ;)
P.S. thing with multiboard is already done, now I can't make the hero move with keys and also move diagonaly +you can't order it to move while it's moving and while it's moving it will save the orders you give it +when the moving is finished and there's saved orders the hero will move again instantly until it will be out of movement points or there will be no saved orders.
P. S. you may have multiple generals.
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