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Sudden Death Tournament - SC II Key Award Prize!

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Level 19
Nov 16, 2006
Hive Workshop presents:
Sudden Death (Free for all) Tournament


Welcome to another unique tournament of The Hive workshop!
This tournament is only for THW users which can win an awesome prize!

This tournament only exists out of one game and can have up to 10(12) players!
The game type is free for all, which means all players battle each other.
The winner earns the prize!

The game will be played at monday 24/05/2010 straight at 01:00pm on northrend. You can sign up until 23/05/2010.

The prize of this tournament will be a stunning Starcraft II key for the winner.

To join, you'll need to make a post in this thread. Remember to first check out the rules.
If you already have a Starcraft II key, you are not allowed to join.
Also, mention your battle.net account name.
I accept up to 10-11 players so I can host as an observer and take care for a good connection.

  • You accepted the website rules when joining this tournament.
  • By joining you agree that your account has more than 50 posts around the website or your registration date is before the month April or your reputation is more than 30. *In the end I take the decision if you join or not depending on those factors.
  • Cheating, hacking and the use of bad third-party programs is not allowed in any way. When detected, you will be directly removed out of the tournament and reported to blizzard.
  • Observers may be included. Their state should be "observer" and not referee. Cheating through observers will permanently remove you out of the tournament.
  • The use of Teamspeak or any way to communicate with any member that has to play will instantly ban him out of the tournament, and future tournaments.
  • Nobody else can replace your playing. If we notice when someone else is playing for you then we will ban you out of each melee tournament found on THW and eventually heavily punish you.
  • Games are played on Battle.net using LC, or will be played on Garena.
  • Draw is not possible.
  • Forfeits are accepted, once given you're out.
  • I decide on which map you play.
  • Insults and no respect is not tolerated and may result into punishments.
  • If you drop duo several reasons a rehost will not been taken.
  • To confirm your victory one replay or multiple replays are required in this thread.
  • You are free to pick your preferred race.
  • It is on your own responsibility being there on time. If not, you are disqualified.

coming soon
Level 7
Mar 6, 2007
Sounds cool, I might join depending on the time, I'm not sure when it would be for me though, I'm from New Zealand (GMT+12), could you help me an estimate time :)?
Level 13
Feb 18, 2009
Sounds cool, I might join depending on the time, I'm not sure when it would be for me though, I'm from New Zealand (GMT+12), could you help me an estimate time :)?

You are 10 hours in front of us (1 PM for us is 11 PM for you (23:00))
Level 7
Mar 6, 2007
aww that sucks, wont be on at 11 pm lol, oh well good luck to everyone else.

Atleast it's only under 2 months till i can get starcraft 2 :D
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