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Submarine Warfare 0.3

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Latest Development version on GitHub:

Warcraft III Reforged funmap in which you control your submarine and have to destroy the other submarines.

Destroy the enemy underwater base to win the game.

  • Diving system which allows you to move with your submarine under water with different levels of depth shown in a multiboard.
  • Pressure and Oxygen systems which affect the health of your submarine.
  • Torpedoes, water bombs, water mines, optional auto targeting and submarine missiles allow interesting water battles.
  • Underwater bases which must be defended and spawn armies.
  • Auto spawn of crystals and fishes.
  • Fish kills which increase your gold and XP.
  • Crystals can be exchanged for gold.
  • Auto revivals of submarines.
  • Custom items which improve your submarine and help you to hunt down hostile submarines, fishes and ships.
  • Random events like storms which damage units not under water.
  • Interesting locations under water with custom models.
  • Custom music.




  • Fix spelling.
  • Reduce the number of fishes.
  • limit the number of water mines from battle ships.
  • Link YouTube video
  • Decrease some limits.
  • Make filter black at the deep level of the sea.
  • Increase the transparency at deeper levels of the sea.
  • Headlights increase the transparency of the filter under water.
  • One extra shop per player.
  • Turrets belong to both players now.
  • Add flare gun as purchasable item.
  • Add to the submerged tooltip the effects of killing fishes and making the submarine
  • Add Kraken.
  • Increase transparency under water.
  • Add second water texture to prevent you from seeing what's happening under water.
  • Scale custom water textures bigger by default and recalculate their extents.
  • Add more Doodads.
  • Remove Submarine Pens of not playing players.
  • Add auto spawns with waves to attack the enemy base to make the game more interesting.
  • Add entry for Underwater Bases to the quest log.
  • Add blockers against flying units around the island to prevent Torpedoes and other units
    from moving through it.
  • Fix Torpedoes damage radius.
  • Increase gold per crystal to 60.
  • Reduce maxium hero level back to 10
  • AOE damage affects Wards as well, fix spelling mistakes

2021-05-14 Version 0.3:
  • Add unit type to be trained to the underwater base
  • Make underwater base unmovable.
  • Increase HP of the underwater base.
  • Add standard Warcraft camera.
  • Disable camera movement when deselecting camera.
  • Disable movement for camera.
  • Include air units as targets for Water Bombs, Torpedoes and Water Mines.
  • Call airstrike to the current location of the submarine.
  • Add more Doodads.
  • Uneven ground of the seabed.
  • Fix Call Air Strike.
  • Fix Compass floating text removal.
  • Try to recreate Submerge ability.
  • Fix initial rally points of the underwater bases.
  • Simplify the creation of timers.
  • Add Oxygen supply items.
  • Fix metal plating for extreme danger.
  • Limit camera angles under water for free look.
  • Rename Call Air Strike item.
  • Try to fix the spawn and effect.
  • Increase the depth of fishes to different levels.
  • Deeper fishes give more gold and XP.
  • Increase the HP of fishes to avoid kills from machine gun.
  • Add underwater creature which gives more gold and XP than other fishes.
  • Give Sonar item a reveal ability.
  • Add different types of battleships.
  • Improve the underwater filter and make it less transparent
    if you are deeper
  • Fix heights of the fishes.

2021-05-13 Version 0.2:
  • Add hostile submarines to the map.
  • Remove "alternate" tag on the first level of submerge.
  • Remove neutral minimap icons.
  • Select the revived submarine immediately.
  • Reduce gold bounty from fishes.
  • Add compass item.
  • Reduce default water transparency to 0 %.
  • Add collectable gold ingots.
  • Add Gatling turrets.
  • Add Traps.
  • Add a base for each team.
  • Killing the base ends the game.
  • Damaging the base leads to a warning message.
  • Fix restoring the underwater effect when the submarine is being revived.
  • Fix some collisions -> to zero.
  • Reduce the far Z under water to make the game more interesting.
  • Hide unit types on the minimap to make the game more interesting.
  • Add purchasable Fishing Nets.
  • Add Engineer Walker under water with Laser attack.
  • Decrease multiboard item width.
  • Make neutral hostile Submarines invisible.
  • Reduce fade time for the Periscope.
  • Update map description and loading screen text.
  • No more negative life regeneration for Torpedoes.
  • Torpedoes have less maximum life.
  • Only enable/disable Storm weather for submarines over water.
  • Add Rudder item which increases the rotation speed.
  • No neutral players on score screen.
  • First storm after some minutes (avoids confusion).
  • Message how to control your submarine.
  • Initial free camera view support.
  • Set array sizes to 8.
  • Ancient Hydras gain heads from kills.
  • Place more Ancient Hydras.
  • Decreased fish and crystal limit.
  • Decrease XP rate.
  • Revive submarines at the player's start location.
  • Add download link to Hive.
  • Underwater bases are hero icons now which makes them easier to select and control
    and see their stats.
  • Replace Sonar hero ability with Drop Water Bomb.
  • Add Sonar back as item.
  • Add Locust to Water Bombs, Mines and Torpedoes.
  • Reduce hero ability cooldowns to make the fighting more intense and fun.
  • Add more Doodads and decoration stuff to the North.

  • 01 - Hymn To Red October (Main Title).mp3 - Basil Poledouris, The Hunt For Red October
  • 02 - Das Boot.mp3 - Klaus Doldinger, Die Original Filmmusik Das Boot
  • Gnomish Submarine - Kam, Xaran Alamas, Dmitry Rommel, Tufy
  • Shark models - olofmoleman
  • HammerheadTorpedos - MiniMage
  • SystemCom icon - Captain_Rufar
  • BTNGnomeEngineer - Scias
  • BTNLaptop - Zombie
  • Destroyer - Illidan(Evil)X
  • WaterMine model - Teaspoon
  • Flashlight Omni - Grey Knight
  • BTNGaussRifle1 - The_Silent
  • Gnome Engineer - Pvt.Toma
  • Gnome Brassman - Pvt.Toma
  • Murray in Rock-Cave - Uncle Fester
  • Light House model - GrimShaman
  • HQ Treasure Chest - HammerFist132
  • BTNMotor - The_Silent
  • Coral Tree - waveseeker
  • Translated LUA Camera Offset System - kovadarra
  • Loading Screen - https://img.8wallpapers.com/uploads/2019/12/0daf4e9c0e2f42baa7c6bb19.jpg
  • BTNFishDish - darkdeathknight
  • BTN3HookGRAY - PrinceOfFame
  • Dolphin - olofmoleman
  • Fish Vending Stand - Sunchips
  • Fillet Knife - Sunchips
  • Salmon - Sunchips
  • OinkerCyl8 - MeteORA
  • Wooden Fishing Rod - MeteORA
  • FishingBobber - karland90
  • BTNFishing1 - KelThuzad
  • BTNDamagedKnife - HammerFist132
  • Stingray (variation 1) - Kuhneghetz
  • Stingray (variation 2) - Kuhneghetz
  • BTNStingray01 - Kuhneghetz
  • BTNStingray02 - Kuhneghetz
  • BTNSkyRockets - Narandza
  • BTNearth - AlienArsonist
  • BTNMotorBoost - The_Silent
  • Sunken Ship with Treasure - Uncle Fester
  • Console - Fingolfin
  • Console - Fingolfin
  • PoA Navigation Depot - Fingolfin
  • Space Radiator - Fingolfin
  • Autumn Wall Section - Fingolfin
  • Modern Plasma Screen - chilla_killa
  • CannonNaval - Mechanical Man
  • Modern Barrel [4 Variants] - The_Silent
  • Gate (Demon) and Derivatives - Ujimasa Hojo
  • Force Shield(Team colour) - ApeJI
  • Mermaid model - Hexus, http://wc3-maps.ru/load/modeli_dlja_warcraft_3/modeli_nagov_dlja_wc3/ehnniehlla/55-1-0-18874
  • Fish - MiniMage
  • Dead Fish - MiniMage
  • Nautilus - Uncle Fester
  • Piranha - Misha
  • Sheltered Raft - The_Silent
  • Lava (used as water), HappyTauren https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/lava.222317/
  • Muti-Tier Hydra - frostwhisper
  • BTNTarget - ChirusHighwind
  • SnipingTarget - ChirusHighwind
  • OinkerGeosphere2 - armel
  • Orange & Purple Crystals - Uncle Fester
  • Blue & Green Crystals - Uncle Fester
  • Red & Yellow Crystals - Uncle Fester
  • Su-35 Super Flanker - Su-35 Super Flanker
  • NuclearExplosion - WILL THE ALMIGHTY
  • Aircraft Carrier - Illidan(Evil)X
  • BTNDestroyer - Null
  • BTNMetalPlatingLevel1, BTNMetalPlatingLevel2, BTNMetalPlatingLevel3 - The_Silent
  • Cannoneer Team Kul-Tiras HD/Age of Colonization - Asssssvi
  • RocketMissile-2- - Kofi_Banan
  • BTNrocket - Zombie
  • BTNBubbles - Golden-Drake
  • Elevator model - bisnar13
  • Whirlpool - Mc !
  • U-Boat - Illidan(Evil)X
  • BTNSimpleCompass12 - Solu9
  • BTNGoldIngot - Kenathorn
  • Gold Ingot - Kenathorn
  • Gatling Canon - Shardeth
  • BTNTurret - ikillforeyou
  • Gnome Castle - Pvt.Toma
  • Gnome Turret - Pvt.Toma
  • Guardian (Variations) - Mister_Haudrauf
  • Red Laser - Champara Bros
  • BTNPieceOfShip - NFWar
  • BTNCamera - darkdeathknight
  • BTNCameraFar - darkdeathknight
  • BTNCameraClose - darkdeathknight
  • BTNINV_Misc_Bomb_01 - Blizzard Entertainment
  • BTNINV_Misc_Bomb_02 - Blizzard Entertainment
  • BTNRocketFlare - 4eNNightmare
  • BOMB! - Kitabatake

Submarine Warfare 0.3 (Map)

Needs more work but can be approved.
Level 26
Feb 2, 2006
Yes, I am playing around with it a bit. There is an item called "Submarine Headlights" (maybe not in the current version) which you can buy and it increases the transparency of the filter and adds some light to the submarine (unfortunately the current model's attachment points are too high for the diving version). I want to make the sea more accessible via better items but I might increase the transparency by default.

The skybox cannot be changed for players only (desync), so maybe I have to add a model around the submarine which sets some borders to hide the skybox underwater. I still want to use the skybox for good and bad weather if you are not underwater. I also want to add some sound loop under water of the ocean sound. So many ideas but not enough time :(
Level 26
Feb 2, 2006
thx I never knew that. Is it because the standard or no terrain fog means it starts before 10 000?

I have tested the map multiple times now and some stuff with the cine filters led to desyncs. I am not even sure if cine filters work in multiplayer. I can show them for a player only but I am not sure if it overrides the cine filters of other players. Ideally for the underwater effect some model for the player would be ideal which could also limit the players view.


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
Ships should turn slowly not like they are professional athletes.
Field of view is really bad, stuff appears and disappears. Most things are too far away.
It's not really clear what stuff is on the same level as your submarine and what isn't.
Things like mounds of soil can get in the way of the camera and vision is blocked unless you get over the mounds. Generally, the camera needs some work/enhancements/more customization options.
It's also not clear who attacks you and where from or how you can attack something or (if you can) hit it.

Tried it solo and for some reason the team I'm on wins. I think the naga might've done it?
By the way, moving with the mouse still works.

Waiting for some clarifications.
Level 26
Feb 2, 2006
I will try to improve it when I got more time. There are two underwater bases which spawn units automatically, so your units probably destroyed the enemy underwater base. I could show the HP percentages in the multiboard to make it clearer.

I am also not really happy with the camera and targeting. Something from underwater might attack you while swimming, so you have to look underwater and check the level. I am not sure how to improve it. I could add the level with floating text to the units under water and maybe somehow list which units from which levels are attacking you or when torpedoes are following you. I don't want to make the water transparent since it should be part of the gameplay to have two different world one over the water and one under which can interact with each other.

There is a Z limit of 10 000. I have changed the fog Z to 10 000 as well in my development version on GitHub which removes the black borders but stuff will still appear/disappear. To fix that I will have either to change the angle of attack, so you cannot see everything in the distance or make the map rather small.

To fix changing the heights when under water there is a cliff I need to manually set the Z values or make some system which scans the heights under the water. I can only think of some system in which a dummy attacks the unit on the water and I measure the time the attack takes. There is no function to get the actual Z value under water. All functions return the Z value of the water surface.

Moving the mouse was intentionally left in since you might want to sell items from the inventory etc. but I think you are slower than using arrow keys. I might readd some Warcraft camera with a higher distance.

There is a hero icon for free camera view but if you deselect it, the camera will be reset. You can use the camera hero icon to look around your submarine. I want to change it, so your settings are kept and you can change the angle and distance a bit.

The different water depths and levels are part of the gameplay but I could reduce distance units and only allow you to attack units at your current level and only be attacked from units at your current level. This might avoid confusion, however I like the idea of being attacked on the water from some shooting creature under you. The whole map is a bit confusing because of the different units etc.

You cannot see what's going on under water but you have to protect your base under water etc. I am not sure how to improve this. I was also thinking about adding the ability to move to the left and right instead of rotating your view, so you can avoid torpedoes without auto target.

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