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Strike Ranger Mae'Hara Kastari

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Mae'Hara Kastari was an Imperial Ranger who was raised by the Elves of Elysium since her parents were abandoned since she was a child. Now as an adult, she left Elysium and join the Imperial Army to prove her worth to serve the Imperium alongside with the Commissars Sheikh El-Mahmoud Zaur and Mikael El-Moussa, and the Republic Lord Galahad and the future general Gaius Visceral to fight against not only the Orcs, but Imperial rebels, Demons, and other hostile forces of the Imperium.

Mae Kastari Icon (Icon)

Mae Kastari Portrait (Model)

Strike Ranger Mae'Hara Kastari (Model)

Level 9
Jun 25, 2014
Woman in underwear shooting arrows: win strategy.
Cause enemies losing their focus when looking at her. 😆
Jokes aside, you could change/add three things.
1. Her shoulder pads are too big so her head goes through them when she's looking sideways.
2. Variation with leather pants or something would be appreciated.
3. Spell Channel animation.
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