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[Altered Melee] (Still a WIP) The Invasion of Vygon

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Jun 3, 2013
[unfinish post]
(obvious credit to Gluma for the lizard models, other credits i'll link later)
Techtree and Universal Stats (whether I should do more Wc1/Wc2 stats or Wc3 stats) are still in development, but I've got most of the abilities and story in place. I'll leave a test once I get a suitable map (and oil system) done. i've also illegally edited some models, so i won't publish until i contact even the modelers that might be inactive at this point

Lizards have fallen from the sky, and have set up a major base of operations here. After the lands nearby were torn apart, strikes had to be made by the unlikely combination of foes.

For the exception of buildings, and upgraded units (Glowers, Sharpshooters, Webweavers, and Battlemages), each unit has food cost of their tier.

Faction 1: Ner-Ner
Faction Color: Light Blue
Races: Lizards, Avians, Naga
This faction's techtree revolves around two main buildings, should either of them be destroyed without another intact, the player will be nearly reset. They also need to rush T2 in order to have the effective everything needed, once they have a decent earlygame army or workforce.

GreatHall-Stronghold-Fortress (Unlocks Upgrades for each tier)
LumberMill-WarMill-SiegeMill (Main Upgrade Building through all tiers, Lumber Dropoff)
Barracks (T1, Main Troop Production)
Forge (T2, Unlocks Warriors in Barracks, and has further infantry upgrades)
Totem of the Sea (T3, unlocks Sea Warriors in Barracks)
Power Foundry (T3, trains Beam Cannons)
Shaman's Lounge (T3, unlocks Battlemages, an upgrade to the Warrior, and trains Shamans.)
Beastiary (T2 unlocks Raptor Riders in Barracks, T3 trains Dragons and unlocks Skyhunters in Barracks)
Dragon Roost (T3, unlocks Dragons)
Shipyard (T2, trains Tankers, frigates, and transports, unlocks battleships in T3)
Burrow (T2, Food building unlocked by an upgrade in Stronghold, can allow garrison by an upgrade in Fortress, functions as good wall)
Wall Tower (T2, can upgrade to Guard tower in T3 to gain attack)

Peon (T1 worker unit)
Spear (T1, Long range melee unit)
Headhunter (T1 ranged unit, can upgrade to Sharpshooter in T2)
Sharpshooter (T2 ranged unit, can recieve T3 upgrades)
Warrior (T2 strong melee unit, can upgrade to Battlemage in T3)
Sea Warrior (T3 Tank and Amphibious)
Raptor Rider (T2 Cavalry unit)
Skyhunter (T3 light ranged flying unit)
Avian Scout (T2 light melee flying unit that is invisible)
Beam Cannon (T3 siege unit, can attack from a distance)
Shaman (T3 Spellcaster, will need support but is useful in casting Circle of Bloodlust, and silencing enemy spellcasters. Has a number of other spells)
Battlemage (T3 Spellcaster Warrior, can cast Brand on enemy units to freeze them, and also invisibility to hide friendly units. Arcane wave is also a good spell for line damage)
Dragon (T3 heavy flying unit with chaos damage.)
Tanker (Oil harvesting unit)
Transport (Sea transport)
Frigate (Sea Anti-Air)
Battleship (Sea Anti-Land)


Copper Forging (Main T1 Upgrade, T2 is Bronze and T3 is Iron)
Upgrade Infantry Weapons (T1 Upgrade, goes again to T2)
Upgrade Infantry Armor (T1 Upgrade, goes again to T2)
Upgrade Infantry Ranged (T1 Upgrade, goes again to T2)
Upgrade to War Mill (T2 Upgrade, requires Stronghold)

Upgrade to Stronghold (T1, requires Copper Forging, Lumber Mill, and Barracks)
Pillage (T1 upgrade, optional and expensive)


Faster Swimming (T3 Upgrade, Upgrades Sea Warrior's Water speed)

FORGE (all forge upgrades require forging of their tier)
Upgrade Raptor Armor (T3 Upgrade, upgrades Raptor Rider armor)
Upgrade Spears (T3 Upgrade, upgrades Raptor Rider Attack)
Upgrade Arrows (T3 Upgrade, improves the damage high of Sharpshooters)
Improve Broadswords (T2 Upgrade, upgrades Warrior damage)
Improve Warrior Armor (T2 Upgrade, upgrades Warrior armor value)

lumber mill upgrades
Upgrade to Siege Mill (T3 Upgrade, requires Fortress)
Sharpshooter Upgrade (T2, requires T2 ranged weapons, and Bronze Forging)

(All units excluding Tanker, Avian scouts do surprisingly good job at camo, and also fly low. Will fix ship color as it is inconsistent with the map's purple wood (though the tree bark is blue))

The upgrades are dependent on core upgrades, besides Food management, which allows construction of Burrows, and is independent of other upgrades besides the Stronghold upgrade.

Faction 2: Vyrrogoth
Faction Color: Yellow
Races: insectoids, creatures of the sea
This faction has a decent earlygame techtree, but has not much of a lategame build. Reduced repair costs, and repair building is recommended. Certain units can hide or burrow.

Core-Command (HQ and Upgrade building for T1 and T2, trains Workers and Termites.)
Recruiter-Beacon (T1 Unit production Building, can upgrade to a T3 core building at T2, whie trading unit production)
Deep Tower-[Webshooter/Doomflower/Deep Storage] (T1 Food Production building and excellent wall, can cut 1 food for defensive upgrade in T2, or be upgraded to make extra food)
Resource Storage (T1 Lumber dropoff, unlocks Demolishers in Recruiter at T2)
Goldmine Rooting (T1 Required to mine gold from a goldmine)
Obsidian Mine (T3, Upgrade building for T3)
Watercaller (T2, trains Sea Carriers, and Hydras, T3 trains Turtles and Seabodies.)
Spire (T3, Trains Windbombers, and Reborn Terrors.)

Worker (T1 Gold harvester and can work in teams to construct buildings)
Termite (T1, Lumber harvester and light warrior unit)
Devastator (T2 Heavy warrior unit, can upgrade to Glower)
Webstalker (T1 ranged unit, can upgrade to Webweaver)
Webweaver (T2 ranged unit, can use Web Throw.)
Glower (T3 heavy melee spellcaster, useful for casting Impale and Blinding Light, which reveals all hidden units and removes fog of war while channeled. Can also cast Web Throw.)
Windbomber (T3 light ranged air unit, can destroy clusters of units)
Reborn Terror (T3 heavy air unit, high damage, probably gonna be a competitive meta unit even with high food cost)
Locust (T2 light melee air unit, useful for scouting, and is invisible.)
Sea Carrier (T2 Amphibious Transport that has moderate combat capability)
Hydra (T2 Amphibious ranged unit, useful in killing Avian scouts when they are revealed.)
Turtle (T3 Amphibious melee unit that is hidden.)
Seabody (T3 Spellcaster that can deal with clusters of units, cast a lightning shield around another unit, and rise friendly dead units)
Demolisher (T2 siege unit)
Scorpion (T3 Cavalry unit with high CHAOS damage output, but low health. The only unit besides Dragons to have Chaos damage.)


Sharpen Attack (T1 upgrade that improves attack, requires Resource Storage)
Hardened Carapace (T1 upgrade that improves armor, requires Resource Storage)
Upgrade to Command (T2 Upgrade, requires Recruiter and Resource Storage)

Upgrade to Beacon (T2 Upgrade, unlocks T3 basics)

Upgrade to Doomflower Tower (T2 defense with high attack, produces 1 less food)
Upgrade to Webshooter Tower (T2 defense with low attack, and slow effect, produces 1 less food)
Upgrade to Deep Storage (T2 food production, produces 2 more food)

Glower Upgrade (T3 Upgrades Devastators to Glowers)
Upgraded Sting (Gives Scorpions more damage.)

Strength of the Sea (T3 improves Seabody stats)
Second Chance (T3 upgrade, allows Seabody to use Second Chance, resurrects a random friendly unit.)

Corrosive Acid (T3, Windbombers deal extra splash damage)
Revenge (T3 upgrade, Reborn Terrors have Dread aura, which undermines enemy preformance)


(All units and Goldmine Rooting)

The tech upgrades are less complex than Ner-Ner, but upgrading buildings will have to be done thoughtfully.

also what tags do i use when publishing this?

hive models used (most of them modified): nerubian arbalest (used for glower), plesiosaurus ( used forsea carrier), nerubian bombarder (used for windbomber), crypt guard (used for reborn terror), gluma's lizardmen (used for all things lizard), avian warrior (used for avian scout), termite (used for termite)
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Level 3
Jun 3, 2013

Full Map
You can get away without a navy, but a navy is recommended (just don't make it your army if you're vyrrogoth)
Rocks are a bit hard to see from up above, but they exist mainly in the main area in the middle, and the topright corner on the edge (and abruptly end after camera borders). They are impassable but can be destroyed. Gold Mines contain 3000 gold each.
(LMK if this breaks double post rule)
Also finishing up the techtree, patching up holes (i.e. dragon roost requires fortress and fortress requires dragon roost)
also making a few edits to the techtree post, like Battlemage shouldn't cast Bloodlust, but instead Brand (sleep clone), and Arcane Wave should be default ability instead of Brand. also putting up most of the upgrades.
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