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Epic War: recruiting

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Feb 23, 2009
Hello everyone!

I am currently making an "Epic War" style game and am in need of a few partners.

_Terrain Designer
_Balance and Gameplay Tester (for ALPHA and BETA)
_"Exploit finder"

The map will be done in one or two months, the concept, triggers and units are all figured out and either already finished or on paper.

Please submit some work you have done (relevant) :)...

Honor and Glory!

The point of the game:

North vs. South
1 vs. 1 - 5 vs. 5

Create buildings that will automatically spawn units to attack the enemy fortress. You win when you have destroyed the enemy Imperial Fort.
This game is a mix of Tower Defense and Epic War, game duration should be from 15 min. to a few hours if both teams are on the same level.

Different buildings are:
1) Defensive Towers
2) Special Towers (Magic Tower allows spell cast, etc.)
3) Unit Generating Buildings (Spawns units automatically and sends them, many upgrades available depending on building)

Example of a path:

T1 - Goblin Hideout:
Generates 2 Goblins

1. God of Fertility - 5 levels - Generates 1 additional Goblin per wave
2. Broad Axes - 5 levels - Increases Goblin's damage by 1
3. Evasion - 1 level - Grants Goblins a 15% chance to dodge
4. Frenzy - 1 level - Increases Goblins attack speed by 15%

_Available buildings from this building:
1. Watch Tower - Defensive Tower
2. Training Grounds - Generates Orc Grunts - T2
3. Troll Lodge - Generates Troll Headhunters - T2

Etc... There are 4 Tiers.

Tiers work as follow:

T2 - T2
T3 - T3 - T3 - T3
T4 - T4 - T4 - T4 - T4 - T4 - T4 - T4

Every path/race will get Defensive and Special Towers at different Tiers

If I do not get back to you in a timely manner please feel free to email me at [email protected]
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